Spot the Reference



Flash logo grave in UDL, marking the end of flash player support for rotmg

Paintings in Pirate Cave:


Swatsec spawning bosses in nexus


Refers to this meme video


Refers to this screenshot


Fan art by Verticae


Refers to Oryx spawning on the beach in earliest builds of RotMG (0:25 of this video)


Wildshadow logo


Original Ivory Wyvern sprite


Old Dreadstump sprite

Pirate cave references

ivory wyvern wasn’t always a fat blob with a hat wow



Leaderboard (last updated 10/12/2020)

Zquidx : 84
Mizumi : 69.5
Moobattle : 34.5
Wilhuff : 33.5
Nevov : 31
Piggby : 17
Crystalpx: 15
GammaGamer : 15
LudwiGa : 15
Twitchystr : 13
Ezie: 11
Lily : 10
Pentaract : 9.5
Seelpit : 7
Glawi : 6
IYN : 5
Laserquest : 5
Dappertron : 5
Mynamerr: 4
Demonseye : 3.5
EddyOrk : 4
Inrigo: 3
Unfocused : 2.5
Toastrz : 2
Helblox: 2
Avokato: 2
Dragon : 1
Nameness : 1
Niegil : 1
RJEleven : 1
RMGnoob : 1
RyanYoon : 1
Vayizor : 1
ZenoOfElea: 1
Kevzero: 1
Bluford: 1
Atrapper: 1
Platformz: 1
Nyangamer: 1


Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum isn’t directly a reference to How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It might be in that movie, but I’m pretty sure this is a reference to the fairytale Jack and The Beanstalk where the husband giant makes those noises when he’s coming home to wife giant xd


I don’t know if anyone found this yet but Dreadstump’s new quotes seem to reference Captain Haddock from the Tintin series


This line when a Gigacorn spawns is a reference to the Skittles tagline “Taste the Rainbow”


And the pest control tagline, “Don’t taste the rainbow”


This pirate cave painting of references the iconic trickster set from Henez’s pro as heck guide to the trickster

Description references Thor’s hammer

Description references split raids in old Lost Halls

Description references The Realm Eye

Hooded skull’s description references Barry the Chopper from Fullmetal Alchemist


I’m gonna do a little exclusive challenge here: whoever finds out all the remaining references I made on some pet skins/char skins (minimum of 3) gets a prod skin request for january (and you’ll get it when it gets in the game).

Skin/pet skin basis, description and titles, everything works

I cannot add fanmade skins, btw.

dm me on Discord bonk#0438

Just to clarify: there’s still 2 vanity drops until january so there’ll be more to come


I’m sure all of these are found, but just in case:
The 10th rogue description could be a reference to this:
Mini pirate st set skin: reference to the lyrics of pirate king by David wise
Presidential paladin: description could be a reference to bob the builder.


nope, these are perhaps true but already found

i already found one reference out of 3 :eyes:




1st one is yep


K these are probably found too, but ya never know:
Dante trickster skin is obviously a reference to the book Dante’s Inferno
Playful demon trickster could be a reference to a two book series playful demons.
Rom trickster: sprite looks like somebody from the emo music genre
Virgil rockstar of the abyss description is a Latin proverb fortune favors the bold. Who knew learning Latin would come in handy…


Actually, Virgil rockstar of the abyss is a Yugioh reference. Dante might also be one, but I am not completely sure.


Yeah I saw that but the description of it is Latin for fortune favors the bold


they reference both (yugioh and dantes inferno) so its even


This may have been mentioned, but the lucky clovers are a reference to the belief that 4 leaf clovers bring good luck


It’s got the hair and hat, but not the dress or absence of visible eyes