Pet Skins

Last updated: Release X.15.0.0

Pet Skins are consumable items used to change the appearance of your pet. The appearance, Pet Family, and name of your pet is changed. Pet Abilities and Pet Rarity Levels will stay the same. All of these pet skins can also be unlocked with pet fusion in the appropriate family, but the chance of obtaining one of these through fusion is extremely low.

A Pet Skin can be used on any pet of any rarity level. The process is not reversible and the skin item is consumed with use. Please note that the appearance change associated with fusing your pet will replace the pet skin given by the skin item.

Name Pet Skin Pet Family Drop Location Description Feed Power
Marid Marid Humanoid Mystery Box
Ocean Trench Chest Event
- 5000
Jaco Jaco Spooky Puppet Master’s Encore - 5000
Giant Vampire Bat Giant Vampire Bat Spooky Halloween Haunted Cemetery
Mystery Box
- 5000
Pumpkin Head Pumpkin Head Spooky Halloween Haunted Cemetery
Mystery Box
Halloween Package
- 5000
Sir Bagston Sir Bagston ? ? ? ? Mystery Box
Bagston Game Events
Thanks to : MillSup 0
Goldy Goldy ? ? ? ? Mystery Box - 0
Christmas Tree Christmas Tree ? ? ? ? Mystery Box
Puppet Master’s Encore Chest Event; Dungeon Opener Raffle
Ice Tomb Chest Event
(2016/12/9 - 2017/1/2)
- 5000
Red Nose Red Nose Woodland Ice Tomb Chest Event
Mystery Box
- 5000
Red Bagston Red Bagston ? ? ? ? Mystery Box
Ice Tomb Chest Event
- 5000
Helper Bagston Helper Bagston ? ? ? ? Shatters Opener Raffle (2016/12/16 - 2016/12/19) - 5000
Red Helper Bagston Red Helper Bagston ? ? ? ? Winter Mystery Box - 5000
Muddy Tidechaser Muddy Tidechaser Humanoid Mystery Box reward; (Hatch Common/Uncommon Humanoid Egg) - 50
Frilled Lizard Frilled Lizard Reptile Mystery Box (Hatch Rare/Legendary Reptile Egg or fusion) - 500
Fire Rooster Fire Rooster Farm Mystery Box Celebrate the 2017 Lunar New Year of the Rooster! Thanks to: Beige 5000
Rooster of Good Fortune Rooster of Good Fortune Farm Mystery Box Lucky you! You’ve been blessed by luck for the entire year of 2017! Thanks to: Beige 5000
Mini Chinese Dragon Mini Chinese Dragon Reptile Mystery Box Smaller than his Western counterpart, but no less dangerous! Thanks to: Beige 5000
Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man ? ? ? ? Mystery Box Don’t eat me! Don’t eat me! Thanks to: Nmin 5000
Mini Polaris Mini Polaris ? ? ? ? Mystery Box Little Polaris didn’t want to become a boss like Papa Polaris. Thanks to: Poshun 5000
Mini Paper Lantern Mini Paper Lantern ? ? ? ? Mystery Box - 5000
Paper Lantern Paper Lantern ? ? ? ? Mystery Box Light it up and get ready for the festivities! Thanks to: Beige 5000
Chinese Dragon Chinese Dragon Reptile Mystery Box Smaller than his Western counterpart, but no less dangerous! Thanks to: Beige 5000
Desert Cobra Desert Cobra Reptile TBA (Fusion) - 5000
White Bounsheep White Bounsheep Farm Mystery Box Boing Boing! Made by Beige 5000
Grey Bounsheep Grey Bounsheep Farm Mystery Box Boing Boing! Made by Beige 5000
Brown Bounsheep Brown Bounsheep Farm Mystery Box Boing Boing! Made by Beige 5000
Bes’ Artifact Bes' Artifact ? ? ? ? Bes Awe at its wondrous defense! Made by Poshun 5000
Geb’s Artifact Geb's Artifact ? ? ? ? Geb It shall destroy your foes from their soul to their flesh! Made by Poshun 5000
Nut’s Artifact Nut's Artifact ? ? ? ? Nut It shall make your foes’ lethargic lives end much more swiftly! Made by Poshun 5000
Mini Sphinx Mini Sphinx ? ? ? ? Grand Sphinx You hide like cowards… But you can’t deny its cuteness! 5000
Mini Crystal Steed Mini Crystal Steed ? ? ? ? Crystal Prisoner Call all your friends to help you pet this little steed! Made by Poshun 5000
Carnivorous Plant Carnivorous Plant ? ? ? ? TBA (Fusion) This little plant loves to chew on insects! Made by Kingged 5000
Knight Companion Knight Companion ? ? ? ? Unobtainable i’m a ppe btw lel xd Made by Poshun 5000
Mr Cactus Jr. Mr Cactus Jr. ? ? ? ? Cinco de Mayo Food Box Bueno pa’ gozar, Mulata. Made by Beige 5000
Mr Cactus Mr Cactus ? ? ? ? Cinco de Mayo Super Pack ¡Oye Como Va, Mi ritmo! Made by Beige 5000
Mini Limon Mini Limon ? ? ? ? Mystery Box The smallest and fastest Limon alive! Made by Beige 5000
Killer Bee Queen Killer Bee Queen Insect Killer Bee Queen Transform your pet into the Killer Bee Queen of the Insect family, once the ruler of a mighty insect kingdom. 5000

Classic Pet Skins

These skin items are for some of the original skins when functional pets were first introduced. The items were added in Release 27.7.X10, and there is currently no way to obtain most of them.

Name Pet Skin Pet Family Drop Location Feed Power
Turtle Turtle Aquatic Mystery Box
Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze)
Robobuddy Robobuddy Automaton Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze) 50
Cardinal Cardinal Avian Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze) 50
Sheepdog Sheepdog Canine Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze) 50
Elephant Elephant Exotic Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze) 50
Duck Duck Farm Mystery Box
Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze)
Tan Cat Tan Cat Feline Mystery Box
Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze)
Red Ant Red Ant Insect Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze) 50
Penguin Penguin Penguin Mystery Box
Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze)
Dino Dino Reptile Mystery Box
Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze)
Spirit Spirit Spooky Mystery Box
Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze)
Hamster Hamster Woodland Mystery Box
Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze)
Sprite Star Sprite Star ? ? ? ? Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze) 50
Peppermint Snail Peppermint Snail Aquatic Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze) 500
Redbot Redbot Automaton Puppet Masters Encore chest event
Mystery Pet Stone (Silver)
USA Eagle USA Eagle Avian Mystery Pet Stone (Silver) 500
Gold Bulldog Gold Bulldog Canine Mystery Pet Stone (Silver) 500
Panda Panda Exotic Mystery Box
Mystery Pet Stone (Silver)
Mallard Mallard Farm Mystery Pet Stone (Silver) 500
White Lion White Lion Feline Mystery Pet Stone (Silver) 500
Leprechaun Leprechaun Humanoid Mystery Pet Stone (Silver) 500
Bee Bee Insect Mystery Pet Stone (Silver) 500
Karate Purple Karate Purple Penguin Mystery Pet Stone (Silver) 500
Werewolf Cub Werewolf Cub Spooky Mystery Pet Stone (Silver) 500
Snowy Owl Snowy Owl Woodland Mystery Pet Stone (Silver) 500
Gummy Bear Gummy Bear ? ? ? ? Mystery Pet Stone (Silver) 500
Golden Crab Golden Crab Aquatic TBA 5000
Gutsbot Gutsbot Automaton TBA 5000
Griffin Griffin Avian TBA 5000
Golden Hyena Golden Hyena Canine TBA 5000
King Gorilla King Gorilla Exotic TBA 5000
Enraged Yack Enraged Yack Farm TBA 5000
Tiger Tiger Feline TBA 5000
Beetleman Beetleman Insect TBA 5000
Tank Penguin Marid Penguin TBA 5000
Poison Drake Poison Drake Reptile TBA 5000

Mystery Pet Stones

Mystery Pet Stones were introduced in Release X.15 and unlock a random pet skin when used. There are three different mystery skin tiers, which unlock skins of different rarity. The roster of available skins will change over time.

How to acquire
Mystery Pet Stone (Bronze)
Mystery Box reward
TurtlePeppermint SnailRobobuddyCardinalSheepdogElephantDuckTan CatMuddy TidechaserRed AntPenguinDinoSpiritHamsterSprite Star
Mystery Pet Stone (Silver)
Mystery Box reward
RedbotUSA EagleGold BulldogPandaMallardWhite LionLeprechaunBeeKarate PurpleFrilled LizardWerewolf CubSnowy OwlGummy Bear
Mystery Pet Stone (Gold)
Mystery Box reward
White BounsheepGrey BounsheepBrown BounsheepMaridDesert CobraRed NoseGingerbread ManMini Polaris