The Achievement Thread


Literally me right here when I raid CC. I just get couple hits in, leech on the back (to dodge the shots easiers) and w8 until fight is over.


And I’ve gotten 2 ST rings in 1 Crystal Cavern xd


Leech? D:

I promise that I carried my weight for most of the fight! I only backed off for half of the orange boss fight. I was mostly on the other side of the enemy from the crowd with 2-3 others.

@Poloprock can I have one? (; I’d only need the Kunai, then.


I’ve gotten way too many of the st ring, so I don’t know. I’ve gotten 3 katanas, 1 kunai, 0 luminous, and 5 ring.


3-man pub MBC completed!
Crystal mace is broken.


Thanks, everyone!


Campaign completed, with 7 days to spare~

As expected, the set pales in comparison to the incumace. However, that does not make it entirely useless, as the BOOMs do pack a wallop in their final 2 seconds of lifetime. Downside to that is that each BOOM requires a whopping 150mp to summon, making it considerably hard to keep up. Not to mention you’d have to time your summon to deal maximum dps, which I find to be harder to execute compared to the incumace. Still a fun set tho!


Did my first o3 solo attempt- completed it –

Guildies wanted me to stream did so for a bit though i was frame skipping every millisecond so i was removed from the vc to get smooth frames on mylaptop-

The amount of leuc counters ive gotten in this o3 surpasses 12+ counters in total/ got around 5-6+ 3rd counters

O3 was vibing with a billion armor crumples, fleeings, gazes, chasing shotguns/fates, and NO INNER OR OUTER ROTATIONS??? I didn’t use the bee helm once in o3 since I needed speed as I realized the moment I came in- went all in on Panics and splendors- massive dubs


Btw once leucoryx transforms to purple clothing I HAD THE MOST DIFFICULTY TRYING TO DODGE THOSE TRIANGLE ARROWS - attempted to sit on one side a bit more than the other side on the L shaped area but failed more than successes to dodge


idc that it’s not a white bag; first o3 completion lets go!!!

The White Bag Thread v3

May have posted it before. Literally soloed reworked CDepth as on my main Samu. Let’s just say I entered the dungeon with an unmaxed Trickster but then chose to Nexus by the time we reached to boss.

I got nervous and w8ed out on certain phrases before killing those 4 eggs. And by the time I finished off SoA, I missed Oryx. No HP pots/ichors were used BTW.

I still believe that this dungeon is anti-melee in some way.


Let’s just say in the beginning we had 11 Realmers total raiding pub Nest on Pest Control. RL(got paralyzed) and few other raiders yeeted to Nexus, 1 KIA and leaving just me and @Mrshutups finished the fight.

Used 17 HP pots that I was packed with and was shaking at the end.


I know it’s not that impressive but i just managed to complete my first solo nest petless.
Not great dodging and i i had to use all my hp / honey pots


“solo” “nest” “petless”


been a while since 3 8/8’s


And the day has arrived, again…

17x 30,000 fame characters!

Nothing else I wanna say, considering I’ve put my concluding message for my 16x 30k fame characters post… - w-"


if deca releases characters fast enough phantom can never leave

2000 iq idea


first character to 2k bf


First T15 Armor + no health pots used!

First (natural) QOT

First Exalted Blueprint (disregarding campaigns and fame)!

First T7 Ability!

First T13 weapon (from gemsbok)

Pretty happy with how much progress I have made this event! All of this has happened in the past few days. Hoping for a t14 weapon as well, and 2/5 life exalts.

Edit: died on the throwaway archer with the only white i got this event, avarice


5 8/8’s thanks to glife and mana being dirt cheap

(How did the economy get this fucked while I was gone?)