The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


Daemon is the archaic spelling of demon :wink:


@moderators could you do this fine gentlemen a favour and let him update his post? Or update it for him, link is on post 161.


@Puffagod: update added to OP.


@doc & @UnicornSla, you have done me a great service! Many thanks! :smiley:


GREAT DUNGEON! The Hunter Warden Looks a little off though, maybe a slight change?


hehe xD
all my friends are opposing this dungeon just because of the sheer amount of fkin time it would take but
so please


Absolutely amazing! I wish I had that much time and creativity. If you would like, I could help you manipulate screenshots of the dungeon.


I would be honoured! However, some co-ordination with @Xaklor might be necessary; he fiddled with the floor tiles to make 'em tessellate nicer for his maps, and I have no idea exactly what he’s done with those ;3

I am currently tinkering with an update for Oryx’s Paracosm; when that’s all shipshape I’ll probably turn the sights back on this ol’ thing in greater depth ;3

Many thanks for the offer! :smiley: And thanks to everyone else for their continued support c: <3


@Puffagod @Xaklor That sounds great!


@PwrNewAcct the maps themselves should be in the latest version of the Beyond doc on the OP, there’s also links on one of my posts a ways up. here’s some enlarged versions of the tiles used:

(you might have to scale them down a teeny bit xD)
between that and Puffagod’s sprites you should be able to make your sample screenshots! gl!


Wow… Id die so fast in this dungeon, but it would be a glorious death. Worth it 9.9999999999/10!


That eye of oryx would increase bulwark hunting efficiency by at least 112% :sunglasses:


This is the far most amazing thing iv’e ever read. Thank you very much puffagod for entertaining me for 20 minutes and if this gets added then thank you for hours upon hours of amazing game play!!!


Looks, REALLY good. Hope this gets implemented. Maybe you could give me some advice on my Olympus dungeon idea :slight_smile:


Man, if this was implemented (and I could max more than 1/8: sweat:), I would be all over it. Top kek idea 11/10 IGN.


dis is gud


You contact deca for this @Puffagod , if yes what they replied ?


I have not contacted deca for anything yet; maybe at some point c:


You should try , maybe they will respond you with accepting your idea for the game


Deca Art Contest is up. See if you can sample some of your sprites for the dungeon in to get Deca interested. :wink: