The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


idk about them, but I actually do know a little german


The google translate version is hilarious.

[Puffagod] How loyal are your leaves!
[Atrapper] You are not only green in summer. No, even in winter when it snows.
[Xaklor] I have no leaves. I’m so sorry.


ik puffagod’s and mine (well kind of) are correct, idk about atrapper’s, I’m not that good yet


Those are the lyrics to the German Christmas song "O Tannembaum."
You might know its English version, “O Christmas Tree.”


I just copy/pasted from Wikipedia.
I don’t actually know German, I just know “O Tannembaum” and “nein.”


So anyone who plays on a Mac should never do this dungeon because the lag is going to kill you


The original idea for the Lair of Draconis had the Ivory Wyvern shoot about 1.56 quadrillion laser beams out of its ass and the fight lasted for a dozen phases each with its own pattern, and after defeating it Super Dragon Jesus would fly in with a flock of unicorn seraphs trumpeting to herald his approach and he’d give you God’s entire wardrobe as loot.

All I’m saying is, expect some substantial changes if this ever gets put in the actual game.


LoD would be far more worthwhile if that was how it ended up imo

but yeah lol i know this is definitely subject to change, but nothing is gonna reduce RotMG lag


I know I shouldn’t bring another game into a RotMG idea dungeon, and I KNOW I SHOULDN’T BE INFLUENCING THE AUTHOR, but:

If you have played Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, you’ll understand where I’m coming at.


also beware the spam

The Hush battle is basically the toughest bullet hell in the game’s DLC and would pretty much resemble fighting the proposed boss of this dungeon as a multiboxer. The bullet hell is basically a mass of enemies spawning, halos of flies approaching you, attacks from above, and all over, and more.

end spoiler

Basically, the death phase of the True Oryx should be like Hush (and maybe everything else), but MORE, HARDER, AND MORE IMPOSSIBLY BLOODY DIFFICULT!!! This dungeon needs to push our capabilities, make us sweat, and make the battle feel like a true journey guaranteed. Make more projectiles with more unpredictable patterns and more damage with more speed and more MOAR! Also, make oryx have to take one hit after his considerably apocalyptic death supernova, and if he doesn’t take a hit, Punish, Obliterate, Delete, and even remove the nexus button. Needs new reverse (reverse controls), numb (unknown HP/MP bar, no damage counters on player), and stat-down effects. Also, maybe throw in a couple 1-hit KO shots just for devastation. Oryx cannot let you all live. He must get what he wishes… desires…

(and here’s the ridiculous mind-blowing idea)…and that’s why a darker, evil-glowing Forgotten Crown should descend onto Oryx and darken the story yet another couple trillion degrees.

About the loot:

The Oryx Slayer should get guaranteed life pot.
Life pots should be dropped in quantities of about 1-3.
Have a very small chance to unleash a Cosmos Portal that continues the fight and drops whites of ANY OTHER enemy just to have a flashback post-Oryx scene.
Burden of Oryx needs a transformation on its own.
Add backpacks ;);):wink:
Soulbound Cosmos-Themed class skins

Thank you for listening to my critiques and requested additons. This was a post by GAMESONLY.

“realizes post is semi-dead”


i heard that his new dungeon is bloody hard



You will cry through each and every one of the six hours the Paracosm will probably take to complete.
The final encounter is basically three Hushes and Mega Satan fought at once, to put things in perspective.


And thank you all for 100 likes! It means a lot! C: :beers:


I am absolutely aware, and that’s why my post should be reviewed AFTER the initial release to us Realmers. If I find myself not completely drained, let alone you, Scorch, or any other person who has been playing for years, then it should be known that the dungeon needs yet another page of death.


Speaking of which, is anyway to try out this dungeon on a testing server? Just curious. This dungeon seems to have a lot of potential.


Well that’s not bad with my Mom’s Knife/Brimstone/Magic Mushroom/Small Rock/Max Damage/Guppy/Book of the Belial combo /s.


You’re going to need nothing short of the good ol’ Soymilk/Libra to finish the Paracosm, matey.


BBF + Gnawed leaf
Any self-targeting familiar + Gnawed leaf for that matter

Also, I brought 2 chaos cards and blank card with extra charges

I’m sorry, but that’s a completion.

(Now that Afterbirth+ is out, I’ll just watch from a distance and maybe just unleash my void)


Pep, pep. Talk about derailment! xD



Dang it.


Doing this is considered making a private server, which is against the ToS.


Ah. Didn’t see that.