The Clock Tower


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Some of this is very cool indeed.

I know my contributions were minimal, and for that I apologise, I was just very busy and the early drafts made it readily apparant that our styles are somewhat incompatible anyway :3

That being said, here is my ‘review’. It is split into sections, and avoids the sinful formalisation of an x/y rating, which, being subjective, undermines any passion or creativity there may be.

##HAPPY! c:

  • Original theme! We don’t have a time-orientated dungeon, automatically this is a welcome addition.
  • As usual, the level designs and floor plans are tremendously well-crafted. I am a fan of animated tiles, I used them myself in the Paracosm, but here they honestly add a lot of flair.
  • Also, another mighty plus for the lore integration! I have a bit to say about the acual lore in a second, but honestly I commend any effort to inject a deeper level of interest into the game!
  • The foes seem really balanced on the whole, this is the trickiest part if you ask me.
  • Unique features! They abound, in particular I love the lightning strike and the thematic presence of stasis. The insta-killing projectiles will always be polarising, I personally love them. Perhaps it would be better if they looked slightly different to the non-lethiferous variety?
  • The Ancient Librarian’s laser… mmm…
  • More or less all the portals look amazing.
  • The skins are iconic, and I love the changed item sprites gimmick.
  • Stone Orb <3
  • XML!


  • Isn’t ‘Behemoth’ a biblical name? If it is, doesn’t really make much sense to me :3
  • If I see another void/darkness/shade/whatever themed foe, I will drive a nine-inch nail through my eyeball.
  • Sprites… yeah. Few sprites are objectively bad, but this dungeon’s nature as a group project has led to some weirdly clashing and aesthetically displeasing styles. It is clear that you have ravaged existing sprites and previous ideas as well, and as a result a lot of it looks disjointed, especially when the sprites themselves are not the best (for the record, I assume that’s why they’re called ‘monstrosities’).
  • The mini-bosses are far too similar to be especially interesting. Yes, I know the dialogue gives them some personality… BUT WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY, YOU LOSE TRACK.
  • ‘So awesome, right?’ - ‘Okay, you can reel in your hype now.’ What is this hubris? xD If people like something, surely they’ll tell you! I personally don’t understand why you’d tell yourself on their behalf! xD
  • The shuriken. Another subversive anti-item like your mini trap. The concept doesn’t agree with me.
  • Spook and the Ichor Lord. Won’t it be awesome the first time you see them fighting for you! Will it be so awesome the second time? And the third time? Probably not for me.
  • Scrolls! A good idea, the lore itself is fairly well-written and imagined inside. But I sincerely doubt people will actually read them. This is why the Paracosm shoves it down your throat.

It was a very nice read on the whole, I’d be happy to cry over my inevitable deaths in this dungeon.
If I think of anything else, I shall say! c:


i saw that, but like i have no clue what any of them mean except the end ones. I meant like a small introduction at the beginning explaining the layout and concept of the dungeon. Like a small summary/ guide so you know what part you are reading at.


Keep in mind the ones YOU made for me.

By the way, do you still have the tag for these guys on the art maker? I can’t seem to find them anymore.


Oh, sometimes I do regret the kindness of my own heart, to waste my waning talents on such horrible cliched COMISSIONS.

For the record, I do not have the tag. I have expurgated myself of them since they are hideous.


I like this review because it addresses so many more points than most of the others I’ve gotten!

here’s some stuff I have to say on the not-so-happy section:

I definitely know this feeling. fear not! both my stone caves rework and my next project (which I’ll get around to much much later) will have absolutely 0% dark-based foes!

you attribute this phenomenon to the assistance I got from the others, but in reality that effect might have had a much smaller impact than you may realize. the only sprites I did not make myself are: Sorak Lanthar, Harvester of Pain, Basement Key, Clock Tower Key, the door portals, and the Ruined Worker. and the Ruined Worker originally looked like this!:

I’m going to assume you don’t have an issue with the keys as they’re super small and simple, and idk how you feel about the portals but I suspect they’re not the issue either. most of the sprites are made by me, with tweaks suggested by others to enhance their quality so they’re not garbage (Behemoth was particularly bad at first). and as for this:

the only ones taken from existing sprites really just are Sorak Lanthar and the Harvester of Pain, and the Harvester of Pain was recolored to match my other shades exactly. so is the problem actually with me and not with the “group” aspect? if you could be more specific as to which ones clash horribly I might be able to shine more light on that subject.

Piggby was extremely disappointed in this regard as well, but I stand by my decision for this reason:

if all the minibosses are truly unique battles then that essentially adds an additional 12 new bosses to the dungeon. 12 new behaviors you have to memorize and deal with, 12 extra time-consuming battles just to get to the ones that drop the real loot. by making them nearly the same, that cuts down on the time factor, both the actual amount of time and the amount of time it feels like. the two most common bits of feedback I’m getting are that 1) the instakill shot is questionable, and 2) this dungeon is really freaking long.

as cool as making them all unique would be, I don’t really want to make this even longer than it is already.

ehehe :sweat_smile:
well if you don’t like that, then you don’t like that I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

yeah, that will probably get old. but so does a lot of things in this game, that’s just how it works. the Forgotten King is supposed to be an epic battle, the pinnacle of the endgame. admittedly, it fails to live up to this reputation in part because the fight is flawed, but also because


doesn’t sound epic anymore after you’ve heard it 500 times. I would leave the Spook/Ichor Lord scene in because if they don’t do that it raises the question: “if they didn’t disappear to destroy Sorak Lanthar, and they didn’t try to stop the Shade King, then where did they go?” and I wouldn’t really have an answer to that.

yeah, yeah they will become totally useless really fast. but I like the idea of making the story somewhat interactive for once. you have to look for the answers if you want them, as well as actually getting it into the game instead of on paper. Dappertron had an idea that I liked for an “easter egg” scroll that would have fortune cookie-like phrases on them. if I get around to it I might add that at a later time :slight_smile:


Ah I see, I remembered that the tag was " Pofsrealmofdarkness42 " but when I put it in, nothing came up, so I was somewhat confused.

Keep in mind that i’m gonna be reposting my dungeon ideas on these forums, so look out for the realm of darkness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you said that you’d help me with the remaining sprites on the Realm of darkness, but now I think I see why you never got around to that, no worries though.


I think the reason why the Forgotten King is not an epic battle is because his ‘lore’ is totally isolated from the rest of the realm; he is contained solely within the Shatters and as such his emotional influence on players is negligible. The Clock Tower might suffer from the same problem, I don’t think the Behemoth’s ascent is enough to root it, because what the hell is the Behemoth? This is why I have linked all of my endgame ideas to Oryx, because the game is designed to make us reciprocate emotionally to him. Shaitan got this right.

My philosophy is thus: Either the players end the game, or the game ends the players.
In other words, don’t hold back. Its going to be long either way, the choice is between boring and interesting.

As well as all the pre-existing projectiles, and items from your Items thread. I’ll probably make this critique more in depth when I have time :3