The Death Thread


How… did it happened?


I was totally not paying attention in a crowd and thinking Sept was dead went in looking for a bag… pop goes the Wizard. Not one of my finer moments


When you can’t press ‘f’ when holding ‘d’ :pensive:


I thought it was kind of funny, so I’ll put this here.

One of my guildies, @XBlaz (who does not exist), finally bit the dust at noon today to an unfortunate O3 encounter:

He was the king of flashing red, but not being dead.

Then, exactly 25 minutes later, another guildie, Moonpetal, died and surpassed his fame count:

(That totally wasn’t a planned death to prove Sorc superiority, you can’t fool me, Moon)

Ah well. It bumped our guild from 106th to 148th (so close to top 100!), but Blaz especially needed the Fame, and we got some laughs out of it.


Well f*ck.
Someone had the wrong cloak in their switchout slot and tpd straight onto it.
That rogue was my sexy set (cdirk reskin, cloak of the mad god, nil,deca) image





A little stacked shot and a little server sided delay and there goes my most fun attempt at paladin,just mere minutes after completing solo O3


Beer God must’ve inflicted irl drunk debuff




my computer is bad at running realm of the mad god

The Achievement Thread

RIP. In my defence I was rather distracted. Having just gotten to 15k base fame on Summoner and collected all the Fang tokens I needed, I was busy thinking what to do next. Too busy to notice the Death Morel appearing underneath me.


Divinity/Chipper/Jugg/T7 Helm/Glad Guard/Horn


Right after you got those whites and 30k bf…


RotMG Giveth, RotMG Taketh.


This was by far my best PPE ever, and I am super sad to see her go. The PPE was started as part of a guild competition but continued after the competition ended. Managed to get 35 O3 completions on the character before death, all without ever joining a discord VC. I was hoping to get at least to 50K base, but got dropped from 100% to zero health in less than a second with a cosmos/heavens combo. Other highlights include:

  • Getting the Scallywag Slurp pet skin in the singular pcave I did on the character (after running a few hundred pirate caves on a ninja looking for that skin)

  • Getting my first ever Ripper and Momento Mori as drops.

  • Getting a CDirk was a hilarious surprise, and really was the biggest highlight of the whole run. Only 7K fame in, I don’t expect to get another one for years.

  • And finally the two bizarre drops of UT poisons. Medusozoan from a quest chest that I would absolutely have not gotten for ages otherwise, and Murky from a prismimic in CDepths when I had run dozens of Sews trying to get it the natural way.

What a ride! Here’s to the next one!

Edit: also shoutout to my previous assassin, my highest fame (pre fame rework) character who was the inspiration for choosing assassin for this competition.


edit: Eh, I thought embeds are supported here


They are, usually. I guess gfycat doesn’t really function too well with it? I tried adding the file extension to the link to no avail :P


rip, I guess


18/25 life :frowning: