What is (in your opinion) the best item in RotMG


While there are definitely more powerful or more interesting items, my favorite is planeswalker. Rogue is by far my least favorite class, but rogue with a planeswalker is intensely fun to play.


I gotta say Jugg, makes rushing so much easier even without a speedy buff.


Prism from the machine


I believe Crystal Shield. Being able to go invulnerable for long periods of times seems overpowered.

With a resu, sourcestone, and a good pet, you can go invulnerable for almost ten seconds.


Gcookie Seal of the Blessed Champion T6

Groups love this great iten for its party effects!
Damaging BAM! damage your enemies at +50%!
Healing POW! get healing status AND a free*! yes I said free*! HP Boost increase of max HP!
Sick Got sick?? No problem! Just spam this iten and you can still get healed up. Yes you heard me right you can ignore the sick with this one great iten!
Plus you look G-R-E-A-T wearing it, the gold really makes any set shine!!
Did I mention it gives +4DEX and +20HP +20MP too. WOW!

“Wow that’s a great sounding iten, huh I guess I have to be standing quite near the paladin to receive the effect?”. NO SIREE! What do you think this is, a helm?! LOL! The effect is over 6.75 tiles radius at 75 WIS count em 1..2..3..4..5..6..6.75! And increasing to 7.5 tiles for a max 100 WIS geared paladin.

“Wow that’s a great iten, huh I guess I have to run some dungeon hundreds of times to loot it?”
NOPE! Just go to your nearest trader to get this great iten today! GCookie now in stock!

*actual cost 90 MP
no guarantee of being in stock


Great, now we have confirmed Nevov works in marketing.

Yeah gcookie is pretty broken.

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I think prot is very powerful heal of a tome and almost double the armor effect of jugg in terms of duration. Makes priest incredibly tanky and you don’t even have to be that careful when timing it as with a good pet and a bit of mp boost from your gear you can kinda spam it. the only thing that does much to it is quiet but quiet destroys any ability so not prot exclusive.

Note that I haven’t used most of the UTs in the game and am completely unfamiliar with pretty much everything added since summer 2019


I did watch Bickuribox’s video but it has nothing to do with his opinion on it. I personally don’t want bulwark buffed. I used to use bulwark on void entity when he circled the platform since i’d clear the minions and hit him. Also I’m surprised no one has said Oreo or Ogmur.


Even with its duration buff, Oreo’s short Invulnerability time makes it stand in the less popular zone while still very useful for quickly running through walls of enemies.


By itself, I’d also say Jugg. I was fortunate enough to get one back at the end of January, and it’s made my warrior by far one of my favorite characters. I run acrop and pyra normally on my warrior, so 63 base def buffed to 126 when armored is absolutely ridiculous. I feel like it honestly changes the playstyle of the warrior pretty drastically as a result, and it’s one that I enjoy far more than the standard speedy warrior.

Otherwise, I’d say Entropy Reactor. I have one on my archer and the stat boosts alone (+120 hp, 90 mp, 10 att/dex/def, & 9 spd) are crazy. +20 to offensive stats while getting big survivability and speed?! Plus 5 different bonus effects (6 including armor effect)?! Obscene.


Does entropy really give that many stats?! I thought it was just like a sub-par set so I never really looked into it.


Obviously staff of horror. Best item in the game :slight_smile:


They REALLY have to buff Helm range to match seals.


Same! But for different reasons. basically, even when people are being selfish and just armoring you still heal other people which is very nice


There’s another way they could make them equal, haha :arrow_down:. Or just leave em, a bit of texture in the game with different things having slight differences isn’t a bad thing IMO. WISmod screws with that anyway as not even every paladin has the same range.

Side thought: it’d be great if the game let us know we were within range of the paladin seal visually somehow, before they activated, now that one can’t recognise a paladin by their sprite 90% of time. Though maybe that’s just too difficult with the client-server-client way that Rotmg works or would require full rework of the ability and/or the whole game.




So when is this happening?


:slight_smile: level 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S8sBWNKxW0
Super laggy for some reason…eh


Post-Unity, most likely
It’s an incredibly big update; pretty much all of the changes listed in there are planned to be released at once, though likely slightly different than what they are now.
Nonetheless it’s something that will hopefully change the game for the better.