Development and Release History

Patch X.31.6.0

April 18

Hi everyone!

Spring is back and to celebrate it the Realms will be hosting Events during the coming weeks. Biff the Buffed Bunny is back and did not come alone: his offspring has been seen roaming in the Mountain areas, throwing eggs at the unsuspecting adventurers. The Tinkerer loves Easter and will be exchanging Magic and Golden Eggs for Rewards!

During the Events, you will also be able to access the Heroic Undead Lair by using Heroic Undead Lair Incantations on Undead Lair Portals, upgrading it to a more difficult and more rewarding version. The HUDL Incantations will be available in the Nexus for a limited time.

We also decided to introduce The Machine as a permanent addition. Steel Constructs in the Godlands will now have a chance to drop a portal and the key is now also available in the Nexus!

Happy Events!

Easter Events:
Start date: 04/18/2019

End Date: 05/09/2019

Event details:
Magic Egg Tokens now stack up to 25
Egg Baskets in Midlands and Highlands now drop a guaranteed Magic Egg x1
Mini Biff Enemies now spawn in the Godlands and have a chance to drop:
Magic Egg x1
Magic Egg x2
Mystery Stat Potions
Feed power on Biff’s vanity whites was lowered, but their drop rates were buffed
Pet Eggs drop from Biff was nerfed and removed from Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs (the one to activate Biff) now have a chance to drop Magic Egg x1
Biff himself drops a guaranteed Magic Egg x2 and has a chance to drop an additional Magic Egg x3
Oryx drops a guaranteed Magic Egg x2 and Oryx 2 drops a guaranteed Magic Egg x3

General guidelines:
Collect Magic Eggs from: Biff, Oryx & Oryx 2, Mini-Biff (in the Mountains), Easter Eggs and Egg Baskets
Turn in Magic Eggs for Golden Eggs at the Tinkerer
Turn in Golden Eggs for special Easter reskins at the Tinkerer

Event rewards:
Biff Drops:
Bunny Trickster Skin
Dagger of the Hasteful Rabbit
Helm of the Swift Bunny
Large Colored Egg Cloth
Magic Egg x2 (Guaranteed)
Magic Egg x3
Moon Bunny Pet Skin
Pet Eggs
Small Colored Egg Cloth
Vitamine Buster
Wand of Egg-cellence
Quest Rewards:
Easter Skin
Easter reskins, including a new reskin of Wakizashi Of Eastern Winds: the Sakura Wakizashi
New effect on Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness

Easter Mystery Gift Drops:
Chocolate Accessory Dye
Chocolate Clothing Dye
Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie
Egg Monster Pet Skin
Epic Mystery Key
Large Green Weave Cloth
Large Spring Cloth
Legendary Mystery Key
Loot Drop Potion
Loot Tier Potion
Lucky Clover
Magic Egg x10
Magic Egg x5
Medium Spring Green Accessory Dye
Medium Spring Green Clothing Dye
Mystery ST Shard x1
Mystery ST Shard x3
Mystery Stat Pot
Potion of Max Level 1
Rare Mystery Key
Small Green Weave Cloth
Small Spring Cloth
The Machine Key
Quest Name Quest Requirements Quest Rewards Type of Quest
Golden Eggs Quest Magic Egg x25 Golden Egg x5;Easter Mystery Gift Repeatable
Easter Quest(Armor) Golden Egg x40 Eggre Battle Armor Once per account
Easter Quest(Tiara) Golden Egg x40 Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness Once per account
Easter Quest(Shield) Golden Egg x40 Spriteful Shield Once per account
Easter Quest(Waki) Golden Egg x40 Sakura Wakizashi Once per account
Easter Quest(Sword) Golden Egg x40 Eternal Graved Great Sword Once per account
Easter Quest(Bow) Golden Egg x40 Sunny Side Bow Once per account
Easter Quest(Skin) Golden Egg x80 Bunny Trickster Skin Once per account
Note: * Magic Eggs will stop dropping on 05/09/2019 * Easter Quests will remain active until 05/13/2019

Heroic UDL:
Delve into the Heroic Undead Lair and face a new and challenging Septavius. In this improved version of the classic UDL players will need to learn how to rush through hordes of deadlier than before undead.

This dungeon features new enemies stats, reworked behaviour and a new boss fight with 3 new attacks. As every epic fight deserves epic loot, we have improved the loot table of Septavius.

Heroic Undead Lair:

Monsters have more HP, inflict more damage and reward significantly more XP
Some monsters’ have new attack patterns and behaviors
Heroic Septavius is stronger and has new attack patterns
Heroic Septavius now drops Greater Wisdom Potions
Heroic Septavius drops tops
Heroic Septavius is more likely to drop Doom Bow
Heroic Undead Lair has a player limit of 15 To access the Heroic Undead Lair, use a new item called Heroic Undead Lair Incantation, which can be purchased directly in the Nexus. Using this item next to an existing Undead Lair Portal will transform it into its Heroic version. ###Weekend Challenges
Also, we decide that from now on, the Chest Events we all know will be called Weekend Challenges from now on! Check out what our Weekend Challenges (thread coming soon) will be during this Easter Season. Note that this thread will be updated with each new Weekend Challenge, so don’t forget to stay updated!

Steel Constructs in the Godlands now have a chance to drop a portal to the Machine dungeon
The Machine’s boss The Glitch now has a rare chance to drop Toaster Pet Skin
The Machine Keys can now be purchased in the Nexus