Development and Release History

Patch X.15.1.0 - Enter the Nest

Hey there people,
We teased it, and you better beelieve it… The Nest is now live! Will you bee able to clear it, or will you bee one of the unfortunate to leave a tombstone in it?


  • The Nest is out! Credits - Dungeon Lead: MrUnibro - Art: Beige, Poshun, Dappertron, Bloodqwen - Special thanks to: Krathan, Kiddforce, Atrapper
  • The new Huntress ST Set, Queen Bee ST Set is out!

Month of the Mad God

Did someone say… Month of the Mad God?


  • We will soon be lowering the price of several older Skins and Pet Stones for all of you out there. That means we will also have to lower the FP of those skins in particular to avoid having issues where Skins start being more interesting than Pet Food in the long run. If you have any duplicate skin lying around that you are not using, please make sure to feed them soon to avoid losing FP!

More to come… Soon…