Development and Release History

Patch Notes X.31.9.0

Fungal Cavern

Fungal Cavern is the first part of a brand new dungeon that will pit you against many mushrooms and other critters on your journey to incredible treasures. This cavern was once a mine, famous for its countless crystals of the highest quality, but it has since been taken over by mushroom tribes and there are few that would dare explore it. Steamhammer’s Mining Co. is willing to do so as long as they are protected by the finest adventurers.

And stay tuned for the second part of the dungeon Crystal Cavern coming in the next few weeks!

Community Event

Congratulations to all of you! You completed over 100,000 quests to help the dwarves fund their expedition! As a reward they give you:

  • 2x Event Whites Drop will be on for 5 days, starting now (affected: all Encounter White bags + Quiver of Thunder)
  • 2 free spins of the Free Fungal Cavern Box (you can find it in the Mystery Shop)
  • exchange Amethyst Shard x1 and obtain ST Shards x10, check at the Tinkerer
  • exchange Amethyst Shard x 10 and obtain one of the UFO Pet Skins, check at the Tinkerer
    Rewards will be available for collection until 08/12 - 12:00 PM UTC


We noticed that our wording in the patch-notes about keeping a Amethyst Shard x1 for the reward quest was not clear enough.
Of course we would never want you to miss out on your rewards - you deserve them! That’s why our team created additional quests so you can still get an Amethyst Shard x1 right now, even if you have a bigger stack than that. We are sorry for the inconvenience - Enjoy the spoils of your hard work!

Update 2 (08/09/2019):

The “Unstack Shards 10” quest is now available at the Tinkerer! We had some technical issue which are now fixed. We again apologize for the inconvenience!

Wizard ST Rework

As part of our design goal to improve all STs we have created an improved version of the Wizard ST.
The current ST has been removed from dropping from Shatters and has been replaced with the newer version. Players will keep any piece of the legacy set that they have in their possession. In addition, all Legacy pieces will still be tradeable.
To reflect this change, the current ST and its pieces have been renamed to:

The Legacy Twilight Archmage Set doesn’t provide bonus stats but players can still transform to the 16x16 sprite when wearing the full legacy set. The pieces of the Legacy set do not work with the new Twilight Archmage Set.
The new Wizard set will drop from Shatters. It has an improved Staff, Ring and bonus stats.

  • Sentient Staff
    • 2 Shots
    • 50 - 110 Damage
    • Range 8.3
    • Projectiles speed 200
    • Reduced Amplitude
  • Ancient Spell: Pierce
    • 20 Shots
    • Ignore defense of target
    • Cost 80 MP
    • Range 13
  • Robe of Twilight
    • +60 Hp
    • +60 MP
    • +10 Defense
    • +3 Speed
  • Forgotten Ring
    • +75 MP
    • +7 Dexterity
    • +6 Defense
  • Total ST Bonus
    • +45 HP
    • +45 MP
    • +9 Defense
  • Partial ST bonus when 2, 3 and 4 pieces are equipped:
    • +15 HP
    • +15 MP
    • +3 Defense

Note: The Mystery ST Chest item will now contain the new Wizard ST set instead of the Legacy Wizard ST set, which has been removed from the mystery item.