Development and Release History

Patch X.26.0.0 - Lost Halls Rework

May 24

Hey everyone Krathan here!

Guild tab is going live as the first item on the Roadmap, we’re excited about it and looking forward to your feedback on it. The Friends list and Guild List are now combined under the “Social” UI and bring a set of quality of life features targeted at social interactions in the game.

The long awaited Lost Halls rework is also finally here!

Also, we would like to make it clear that we’re taking stalking, harassing and griefing other players seriously and have made some behind the scenes changes in order to prevent such behaviors. We will continue to do so.

As always, there are a bunch of new fixes. Plus, Thessal and her Coral Gifts have received the HP scaling treatment!

Now, onto the patch notes.


  • Guild Tab! The Friends UI is now the Social UI and comes with a few improvements, including a new tab for managing and interacting with your guild.
  • Horrific Sorcerer ST Set now drops in-game, from both the Mad Lab and the Parasite Chambers monsters: Abomination’s Wrath (Wand - Nightmare Colony), Grotesque Scepter (Scepter - Horrific Creation), Garment of the Beast (Robe - Nightmare Colony) & Horrific Claws (Ring - Crusher Abomination).
Horrific Sorcerer Stats

Set Bonus: +15 Defense, +3 Attack, +6 Speed

Abomination’s Wrath

  • Damage: 225-265
  • Range: 9
  • Rate of fire: 53%
  • Fame Bonus: 4%

Grotesque Scepter

  • Lightning: 3 targets - 935 dmg, reduced by 135 for each subsequent target
  • Effect on self: Hexed for 1 sec, Stunned for 1 sec
  • On Equip: +4 Speed
  • MP Cost: 100
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Usable by: Sorcerer

Garment of the Beast

  • On Equip: +10 Defense, +50 Maximum MP, -5 Dexterity, +8 Attack, +4 Wisdom
  • Fame Bonus: 4%

Horrific Claws

  • On Equip: +40 Maximum HP, +5 Attack, +50 Maximum MP, +5 Speed, -3 Dexterity
  • Fame Bonus: 4%

Lost Halls Rework

  • Environment, enemies as well as items received various aesthetic updates.
Dungeon Changes
  • Various adjustments to enemy behaviors and damage, as well as a few new additions.
    HP Scaling and base HP adjustments across the board.

Lost Halls

  • Rooms: Bigger, more variety, fewer in total and fewer dead ends.
    Boss: New mini boss to gain access, survival phase is more interactive, new final phase.

Cultist Hideout

  • Rooms: Fewer in total.
  • Boss: New attacks.

The Void

  • Boss: New rage phase.

Full logchange for Lost Halls 2.0 can be found here.

Item Stats

Sword of the Colossus

  • Amplitude: 1 -> 0.7 tile(s)

Marble Seal

  • Effect: Armored within 3 -> 4 tiles
  • Effect: Damaging within 3 -> 4 tiles

Magical Lodestone

  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 DEF
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 DEX
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 ATT
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 SPD

Staff of Unholy Sacrifices

  • Rate of Fire: 50 -> 55%

Skull of Corrupted Souls

  • Damage per WIS (if bigger/equal 50): 4.2 -> 5

Ritual Robe

  • On Equip: +12 -> +15 WIS

Bloodshed Ring

  • On Equip: +80 -> 100 HP

Bow of the Void

  • Damage: 135–205 -> 165-235
  • Projectile Speed: 15 -> 16 tiles/seconds
  • Range: 6.23 -> 5.6 tiles

Quiver of the Shadows

  • Damage: 200-250 -> 400-500
  • MP Cost: 90 -> 80

Armor of Nil

  • On Equip: -2 DEX -> 0 DEX


  • On Equip: 80 HP -> 110 HP
  • On Equip: 80 MP -> 110 MP
  • On Equip: 4 -> 6 SPD

Brain of the Golem

  • Explosion: Dazed for 2 seconds within 1.75 tiles
  • On Equip: -2 -> 0 ATT
  • On Equip: -2 -> 0 DEX

Golem Garments

  • On Equip: +4 -> +8 ATT

Rusty Cuffs

  • On Equip: +40 -> +70 HP

Lost Golem Set Bonus

  • On Equip: +6 -> +10 ATT

Cloak of Bloody Surprises

  • Effect on Self for 3.5 seconds: Damaging -> +25 ATT


  • Effect on use: Stasis for 3 seconds within 3.25 -> 6 tiles

Omnipotence Ring

  • On Equip: 60 HP -> 80 HP
  • On Equip: 60 MP -> 80 MP
  • On Equip: 3 ATT -> 4 ATT
  • On Equip: 3 DEF -> 4 DEF
  • On Equip: 5 VIT -> 4 VIT
  • On Equip: 5 WIS -> 4 WIS

Quality of Life

  • Added a tooltip with “Last seen” information for Friends and Guild Members.
  • Redesigned Friends tab in the Social UI.
  • A new option under Graphics has been added which displays tiers on items directly (enabled by default).


  • The Epic Quest Chest loot table has been updated (now drops the Orb of Aether instead of Kageboshi in addition to the new Sorcerer ST pieces from the Nightmare Colony).
  • Tomb of the Ancients: the Mark drop and future Chest Event triggers now happen when all bosses are dead.
  • Orb of Aether (and other future abilities that work this way): now requires the targeted tile to be walkable.
  • Disable Ally Projectiles no longer disables character firing animations.
  • Greater Nature Sprites are now immune to stasis.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to immediately kill Skuld in the Haunted Cemetery without her dropping any loot.
  • Fixed and unified damage thresholds in Ocean Trench, Oryx Castle, Janus and various low level dungeons (Pirate Cave, Forest Maze, Forbidden Jungle, The Hive and Spider Den).
  • Fixed behavior aggro issue in Guild Halls (Guill not throwing the Potion Gift sometimes, etc.).
  • Fixed the Mountain Temple encounter sometimes preventing the realm from closing.
  • Fixed a bug with the Friends list hotkey after startup.
  • Fixed overflowing text in the Security Questions pop-up.


  • Thessal the Mermaid Goddess and Coral Gifts now have HP scaling.
  • Thessal base HP: 96000 -> 69000
  • Coral Gift base HP: 1200 -> 23000
  • Ice Cave: Esben briefly stays invulnerable after spooky minions are cleared and said minions now have multi hit attacks in the final phase as well.

2018-05-30 Hotfix X.26.1.0

  • Disable Ally Shoot now disables animations as well, setting renamed from “On” to “All”, added “Proj” setting to keep animations. The hotkey will still toggle between Off and All.
  • Fixed inventory slots remaining red after a trade or moving an item to the backpack.
  • Fixed guild tab not functioning at all under Social in certain cases.
  • Pausing is now disabled in realms for the time being.
  • Reduced the amount of Basaran shots during the final fight with Malus.
  • Fixed HP Scaling in the Void.
  • Adjusted Spectral Sentry EXP.

Something we failed to mention before:

  • Introducing the Axolotl, a new addition to common aquatic pets! It has Heal as its first ability.
  • The common humanoid pet Muddy Tidechaser now has Magic Heal as its first ability.
  • The common woodland pet Rat now has Heal as its first ability.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to hatch a pet would instead result in an error.