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I’m thinking the Sheaths page on the scrapped content tab should be moved to the wiki archive, since the sheaths are no longer in the game. In addition, since “scrapped content” contains content that is actually in the game but unused and unobtainable, it should be renamed to “unused and unobtainable content” or something similar.

There is one exception to sheaths being in the wiki archive: the Sheath0. This is the only tiered sheath that still exists in the current game code (I’ve created a page on it yesterday). Therefore, this particular item should be under the “scrapped content” tab (or whatever scrapped content is to be renamed to) while the general sheaths page falls under the wiki archive to reflect the other tiered sheaths’ status of historically being in the game.

Any thoughts on this change? Should I go ahead and go for it or is there a better way to set this up?


I believe the wiki archive wouldn’t be right for any sheaths; that section is more to preserve wiki history when some game content gets a major rework and makes a whole wiki page/section obsolete. With sheaths never being in prod Unreleased Content fits better for them.

I believe the Scrapped/Admin/Testing subsections were added later so I don’t know the exact intentions for them; I think the idea is if it’s live in Testing = there; if live in game but designed for Admin-only = there; everything else = Scrapped. Eg. the unused Puppet Theatre enemies are live in the code but they don’t ever get spawned, I think that matches with the Sheath0 from your description, and they’re in Scrapped.


Okay. So I should leave the sheaths page where it is.

As for the “scrapped content” title for the subsection, I was thinking that it should be renamed to “shelved content,” since it exists in the game and, to be honest, who’s to say that these items will never make it into the game?

Your thoughts?


Personally I think scrapped vs shelved would carry the same meaning; you can salvage scrap and you can unshelve shelved things so either label allows for future use possibilities IMO. I somewhat get the feeling that the hardcore wiki editors prefer to use the wiki talk page. so maybe suggest your idea on there and see how it flies. There is a section on the Talk about Unreleased Content which I have used to discuss those subsections in the past.


Well, since you put it like that, there isn’t really any change for me to make in this respect. The sheaths article will remain under “scrapped content” along with the Sheath0, and there’s evidently no real purpose in renaming the subsection. Thanks for your help.


I have another question, though, of a similar subject. Would one consider the testing wakizashi to be different enough to warrant an inclusion in the archived equipment subsection? There are a couple key differences between the testing waki and the prod waki:

  • Most obviously, the graphics are different; the testing waki simply used shorter versions of tiered katana and the same projectiles as the respective katana copied.
  • Testing waki had a longer reach of 4.8 tiles, compared to the prod 4.4 tile reach.
  • Testing waki used the naming scheme “Waki(x),” where (x) would be replaced by the tier of waki it was meant to be.

However, they retain various similarities, such as:

  • Testing waki had the same damage values (to my best of knowledge).
  • The projectiles have the same range that they travel as they did before.
  • The “gap angle” and “gap distance” are identical, from what I’ve seen on the drips XML page, comparing against a video I have recorded of playing samurai in testing and seeing the descriptions use identical terminologies.
  • The MP costs are identical, verified again by my own video footage of testing samurai.

That said, there seems to be enough similarities to go against this decision. However, I am asking the question because I would like a second opinion on the matter. Thanks in advance.


So after DECAs st bonuses update, there’ll be a bit of work to do on the wiki pages to do with them I’m assuming. I was considering doing some but I’ve never actually edited it before :sweat_smile: How do I go about doing so? (maybe some formatting tips would help too, I can do html fairly ok but even so)





Don’t forget the general Special Themed Sets page! >:O
Or do, cause I’m also making that one correct atm.

Addendum: Done! Thanks for the handy pic of all the bonuses, @SkullzUT! ^u^




I’ve made a concept template that groups all the T6 abilities together.

What do you guys think of templates that group equipment based on tier?


Sure why not. I certainly prefer it as a concept over the animated gifs that people occasionally make, the ones that cycle through all possible loot items, for some reason they really annoy me, especially when they get out of phase with each other, and they are an arse to edit. Not like our wonderful super awesome templates.


Alright. I’ll create more templates. I think I’m going to have the top link to the general equip type page with a marker to scroll it down to the relevant spot automatically.


It looks to me like a navigation template, and not like something that would fit well in a loot table. I think we should keep using the gifs for now.


Question, though: if I’m going to just link this, say, tiered ability template to the main abilities page, how would I get it to scroll to the relevant point on the page without screwing up the table code it uses?


Already set that up on your first template. Use link formats like “/wiki/ability-items#tier-6”.

That section is already established on the page using the <a> tag.


Okay. I’ve changed the page so that it scrolls as it should, but it shows the code on the actual page. Is there a way for me to hide that?


Okay. Thanks for fixing the page. I’ve read your edit reason and now I know it’s not necessary to add any more code to get the page to scroll.

It’s not letting me add the templates to the individual ability pages for some reason; I’ll probably try again later sometime or leave it to someone else.


To insert the template, just add {{template-tier-6-abilities}} at the bottom of the page. It won’t show up properly in the preview until you hit the “compile” button.


Ok. Thanks for the help. I just realized that the name of the actual page should have “navigation” in the title, since it’s technically a navigation page. That said, the title should actually have been “Template: Tier 6 ability navigation.” I’ll create a new page with said title and delete the old one since it’ll have been made redundant as a result.