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Concering scrapped and archived content

We need a wiki moderator to merge these pages, as I can’t because archived content is locked. We also need orginal pages for each scrapped or replaced object or enemy, such as the Orginal Lost Halls. It’s giving me a headache so I’m going to stop here

Concerning current build

Note: For historical purposes, when updating wiki pages using information from a new update, please also edit the “Last Updated:” tag at the top of the page.

  • Add new tinctures and effusions
  • Update effusion bag type to purple
  • Update all Magic Woods enemies’ attack damage to 1.5x more
  • Create a page for Undead Lair treasure room
  • Create a page for new Helmet Head enemy
  • Update Manor treasure room drop tables to include attack potions and Tome of Purification
  • Add previously unused puppets to Puppet Master’s Theatre enemy list
  • Add new info on Candyland boss spawning and create a page for new Cupcake miniboss
  • Create a page for Davy Jones’s Locker treasure room
  • Add Book of Geb to sarcophagi drop table
  • Update Crystal Entity sprites/dialogue and add magic mushroom to Fungal Cavern enemy drop tables
  • Update Janus fight
  • Add potions to Belladonna’s drop table
  • Remove loot chests from dungeons that no longer use them
  • Individual loot tables for Ice Tomb bosses

Concerning recent builds

  • Create proper pages for recently added treasure room enemies (Crawling Depths, Woodland Labyrinth, Deadwater Docks, Undead Lair, Davy Jones’ Locker)
  • More fleshed-out pages for Winter 2019 bosses (Snowy the Frost God and Jack Frost)


  • Update pages for weapons, ablities, armors and rings with current item stats and add missing items
  • Update Cursed Library enemy pages (need projectile sprites)
  • Update everything having to do with Lair of Draconis rework - projectile sprites/info, drop tables, behavior, etc.
  • Update Various enemy pages:
    • Need exp recieved values
    • Need projectile images
    • Need tips for many enemies
  • Pages for enemies from Alien event
  • Information for Fungal Cavern
  • Some of the class guides are still outdated
  • Should Weapon Attributes be changed to Item Attributes?
  • Add the enemy drop template (see Stheno the Snake Queen for an example) to all enemies that drop items.
    • Can somebody figure out how to enable the template used in Stheno the Snake Queen’s page to properly display dungeons without messing up the spacing? So far it causes the dungeon to space too far from the loot, if someone can figure this out for me i can apply the template to enemies that drop dungeons instead of only enemies that don’t drop dungeons.
  • Complete the drop lists for all tiered items.
  • Events (A ton of updates+links needed, especially for 2017)
    • Add information from this page: link
  • Event Chest information might be lacking.
  • Navigation for test chest
    • possibly also needs information update
  • Possibly add Vanity Pets under consumables???
    • not sure how vanity pets are classified exactly… If they are not consumables then the Veteran of 2017 item should go under Vanity Pets instead of consumables.
  • Update limited edition items page with new skins (Ex: Haunted robe wizard skin) and several litems (ex: rainbow for St patricks day)
  • Question: should the miscellaneous monsters page be split into monsters that strictly drop tokens and usual monsters that drop other stuff?
  • If possible, add development timeline to Release History 2017
  • Create and add “lab table” (no page) to Mad Lab Enemies page.
    • Should the quests be put on another page (sort of like the release histories)? Page is getting a bit long, and will get longer as time goes on.
  • I’m aware a PPE guideline page exists on this page, should there be a page for the more organized OPE? Mainly as a guide for those wanting to try it, personally i feel like it really heightens the experience. -Sagittare
  • The Arena - Needs more combat and mechanics details
  • Belladonna’s Garden Guide - Needs to be formatted into a dungeon page that looks like the other dungeon pages.
  • A better navigation for the Nexus page.
    • (Page is too long,seems a bit messy. Make it easier to move between the sections of the page. A ToC might help with this).
  • Tips for first 2 bosses in Secluded Thicket
  • TOKENS AND AWARDS UPDATE (Tokens for the supporter event for Unity)
    • Pages for nexus shards needed (or add to token page)
  • Pages for new items: Christmas Tree cupcake, glazed apple, Christmas turkey leg, etc.
  • Page for giant Christmas present (2018 start enemy) that appears in realm
  • Note chests in vault turning into brown or white bags during April fools day
  • Is there a page for the swatsec attacks? If so, maybe note how all servers are full as for the writing of this message (realm history after all)
  • October/Halloween 2018 tinkerer quests

    • Should old tinkerer quests be put on separate page? The current page is getting a bit long and I could only imagine that it will get longer as time pasts.
    • maybe just put normal/epic and current event quests on current page
  • Incorporating the different rarity levels of hatch/fusable pet skins in a certain page. Should it be in Pet Skins, or Pet Families? A seperate page, perhaps? (Here’s a table I filled in with all of the current pet skins and their rarities. -Seelpit)

Enemy pages that particularly need work

Please put minor event minions on the main event’s page.
An example is how the Phylactery Bearer goes on the Liches page.

Pages that need images

  • Earth Smash (image of shockwaves that look like giant spikes coming out of the ground and creates a path of Oryx Poison where-ever the spikes go).
  • Change several of the “TBA” on the Pet skins page


MotMG Bags

We define a loot container as an interactable object that can hold items - more specifically, if you position your character over a loot container, it will display 8 slots for items in the right column. Loot Bags (dropped from enemies) and Treasure Chests fit this definition. MotMG bags, while they might look like “loot containers” based only on their name, are only items that turn into another random item when they were used. Therefore, they are not considered loot containers.

As another way of thinking about it - if we expand the definition of loot containers to include MotMG Bags, then Mystery Items (keys, cloths, pots) might be considered loot containers as well, even though they clearly aren’t. We should always classify things by in-game meaning when possible. It’s standard practice on other gaming wikis. - Dragon

The navigation issue was because you tried to add the Pentaract Tower Ultra page to the navigation, when it was already part of the Archived Enemies navigation root. I think the archived items and unreleased content pages should be kept separate for now, in order to differentiate from content that may be released versus content that used to be on prod but not released. - Dragon

Enemies’ loot bags need changing…so many to go through…

i.e. changing which items drop from which loot bags for Candyland bosses

I’ve already done some but it’s getting late right now.


Unreleased Content

There’s a bit of a jumble now with unreleased content & the navigation tree.

There are three section pages:

So the content of Admin Items and Scrapped Content should just be moved into the Unreleased Content page?

Some content isn’t unreleased, but rather for admin accounts only, and some content is scrapped, not unreleased. I feel there should be three separate pages, but they link to each-other.

The reason for it linking to former pages is because I forgot to remove that all; I’ll do that in a bit then later add the correct links for each page on the sidebar.

I’m the one who created the two pages and has been maintaining the unreleased content page for awhile. The changes are sound, as if they weren’t, a wiki moderator (Who can edit locked pages, ban, etc) would have reversed them by now. -StarRod

Okay great! That ties in with the policy page “All content which is only available on the testing server should be categorized under Unreleased Content.” I’ll do some editing to get the tree right now. -Nevov
Update, okay all done. I think it’s possibly going to cause extra work as items might need to be moved back and forth between the new subpages, eg Secluded Thicket is currently on Unreleased but isn’t it live in Testing, so would it need moving? But that’s a minor issue so long as it’s in the broad Unreleased area as per policy. -Nevov

I clarified what content should be where on each page. The Help the Wiki page is also editable by normal people; which means wiki editors can change polices, or it would be locked; I’m going to slightly tweak the policy for the new page. -StarRod

What should be done with enemies such as XP Gift Chickens, and Test Dude? They don’t really fall under scrapped content, so could they be considered unreleased? Maybe a different section for “debug” enemies, cause there’s a lot of them now. -Seelpit

Those should be on the Admin Content page, as their sole purpose is for admin use. -StarRod

Fan lore pages

I don’t think the fanmade lore entries belong on this wiki. They’re relics of the WS era that have sat mostly overlooked for years, and seem at odds with the wiki’s priorities.

The community hub of the forums would be a better place for these stories. The lengthier ones could be reposted there; the shorter entries could be made into a lore thread, though I honestly doubt anyone would notice or care much if those were deleted. Either way, they don’t belong on the wiki.

– Pentaract

I have gone ahead and moved the fan lore. – Pent

Forum thread

There is a longstanding forum thread for wiki work. I think we should move any further discussion over there, and keep this page for the to-do list and major announcements only. – Pent