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Ah, very helpful. Thank you very much.

I will have fun editting and I will make sure none of the pages get defaced.

Once I’ve editted the page do I have to wait for some sort of approval for it to appear to everyone else or?


No, it’s instant live updates. :slight_smile:


I’ll make sure there are no splelingn mistakes like my luge depands on it.


Missing lots of stun immunity enemies on the stun immunity thing. Here are some of the monsters/bosses that I have found

From Para, the swarm colony, nightmare colony, sword wielding host, and the furious lasher are immune to stun.

In belladonna’s garden, belladonna is immune to stun.

In the nest, the enraged yellow killer bee, and the enraged blue killer bee are immune to stun.

None of the enemies in oryx’s chamber are immune to stun, but the oryx chicken in April fools is immune to stun.

In the Halloween cem, the pumpkin master, cursed blast, huntress trap, trickster pumpkin, and pumpkin of pain are immune to stun.

In encore, the puppet master, cursed blast, huntress trap, trickster puppet, ad the puppet of pain are immune to stun.

Big one. In the lost halls, the marble defender, marble colossus, agonized Titan, crusade shipwright, crusade soldier, crusade explorer, oryx swordsman, oryx Armorbearer, oryx admiral, grotto rat, grotto bat, grotto slime, golem of fear, golem of anger, golem of sorrow (basically all 4 groups except the “leaders”), malus second form, molek, balaam, and the void entity.

They have some of the enemies for the shatters. They are missing the Paladin obelisk, magi generator, and the fire bombs.

In oryx’s castle, the wiki has the stone guardians but it’s missing Janus and the ancient stone sword.

None the enemies in clands, Davy’s, tomb, ice tomb, abbys, battle for the nexus, wine cellar, cdepths, cem, pcave, ddocks, forest maze, snake, magic woods, bechzone, 1000 treasure cave, forbidden jungle, the hive, spider den, sprite world, wlab, and udl are immune stun

This took a while, but I’m pretty sure I listed everything needed to be added. There may be some mistakes due to the long list and me missing things. Also screw you grammer, I do what I want

Incomplete [Stun Immunity] wiki page
Incomplete [Stun Immunity] wiki page

I also noticed for the white bag page that some things are separated as looks kinda weird. For example, all the battle for the nexus whites aren’t next to each other. It looks kinda weird, but it isn’t really necessary to put them next to each other

Also, some reskins say they drop from a boss but they don’t actually because they were quest things. I suggest maybe putting them in an area near the tinkerer, or say they are a quest item

Finally, another unnecessary thing that looks weird is that the white bags are separated by a cyan bag.

Edit: just ignore the last thing and first thing I said because I just realized how they organized it.


Not sure what forum this should be in, so please change it if this is not where to post it.

Anyways, the problem I found is that none of the Lair of Draconis bosses loot tables show that they can drop STs, when obviously they can (the Dragon Tamer set). I don’t know how to update the wiki, so if someone else who knows how can do it that’d be great.



They only (I believe) drop the ST items when in Hard Mode. Possibly you’re looking at the Easy Mode Lod Bosses pages on the wiki. Eg. - hard mode boss, has the ST shown (Zaarvox armour) - easy mode, doesn’t drop the ST


Ah okay, I didn’t even realise that they had different names and drops depending on what mode they were on. Cheers for the heads up.


Bootstrap’s responsive tables have an annoying habit of shrinking images to the point of invisibility when on smaller screens. I don’t know how to fix that, but I was able to make some responsive navigation templates (compare new vs. old here by changing the width of your screen).


The pet skins that drop from the Leprechaun drop in a white bag. There also doesn’t seem to be a page on the new Leprechaun.

Are the skins supposed to drop in a white bag (which if they aren’t, that’s on DECA’s end) and if so, should it be added to the Loot Containers page in the white bag section?


The equipment page, when you click on equipment then armor or weapons etc., does not show the 2 newest st sets. I would fix it but I have no idea how to do HTML.


Done. :+1:


Found this in old LH page

I’ve read this 10 times and I have no clue what it was meant to say


wait i think it’s supposed to mean that
wait i dunno either LOL


Mistake, must’ve been a typo. They could’ve meant that it originally was supposed to drop from the Spectral Sentry.

Where exactly is this, if you can still remember?


Lost halls 2.0 portal drops from lost sentry instead of lost halls 1.0


What @PisakPL said :point_up:t5:.
Makes sense now.


Oh lol thanks, that phrasing is really awkward!

“Well of course 2.0 drops in place of 1.0, it’s kinda implied in the name progression.” xD

I think it’s fixed on the wiki now, so all is well.


I just saw the Realmeye, and I was about to go and edit the Lost Halls guide (because it hasn’t been updated yet) before I realized the front page still said “X30.0.0: Secluded Thicket” for the previous update. When I clicked on it, it redirected to the X31.0.1 page, so I tried editing it so the name and date of release would be more accurate. Problem: The page was locked. So whoever has access to it, please update it! (Sorry, just a perfectionist)’

Edit: The guide was actually was updated :confused:


If anyone is feeling wiki-y I’ve created a skeleton (ha! undead pun) page for the non-spawning-but-coded enemy Vengeful Vampire, after a brief discussion here: The Death Thread

There’s a sprite for it in the code as I mention in that Death Thread reply linked above, if someone is able to extract/convert that for the wiki that’d be nice. I don’t know if that means there are potentially other coded-but-not-spawning enemies in Cem, I’ve not looked.