Best thing for a newbie to do?


A) The stat in the li’l stat display window will turn gold.

B) Your next question is going to be “What are the stat caps (limits) for each character class?” The Wiki can answer most of these types of questions.



You don’t unlock the third ability until pretty late. So you want a Heal, Mheal, Electric pet. Mheal, Heal, Electric will do in a pinch, but you definitely want the first two abilities to be Heal and Mheal.


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It’s in your best interest (time and costwise!) to have either Heal/Magic Heal/Any or Magic Heal/Heal/Any.
The second ability will not be less powerful than if it were the first ability, but it will cost more feed power to level up!

If you look around the midlands’ roads, you’ll sometimes stumble upon a temple; if there’s a Great Coil Snake inside, you can kill it for a chance of it dropping the Forbidden Jungle.
It’s a relatively easy dungeon that can drop some UTs.
A Staff that is decent if you don’t have a T10 one yet, a Skull (Necromancer ability) that has slightly more range in exchange for other stats, a Robe that only gives wisdom and MP, and a Ring that gives dexterity and wisdom.
While none of these are too great, they all have good feed power for common/uncommon pets!

This is an unfortunate problem that rarely occurs. It’s referred to as a “10-minute DC”. You’ll have to wait 10 minutes before re-launching your game.

As for classes, I’d suggest tinkering with all of them for a bit to see if you like them.
I personally recommend the Katana classes, as they have great damage even with lower tiers, and they can also pierce through enemies.


The only way I know of to grind this, is to grind gods, or join a fame train, and pick up the eggs dropped. I got around 1 egg per 30 minutes, so it wasn’t effective, unless that’s normal progression speed in this game.


Pet eggs certainly take some time to find.
Almost all Dungeon bosses (excluding the beginner-level ones, of course) can also drop Pet Eggs, so don’t be afraid to try some of those out.

Alternatively, you can try to buy common or uncommon eggs from other players. RealmEye’s current offers can show you if there’s anyone selling an egg for an acceptable price (usually a defense potion) that you want.


Almost everyone wants something called a potion of life, which I assume increases HP or gives you a revive on death, or something. Unfortunately, not only do I not have said pot, I do not know where to obtain said pot.


For common eggs I think you should pay 1 def max, or even 1 spd/dex/wis.
Getting the right pet can take time, but it’s worth doing because it will stay with you.
Here an explanation of what the different stat pots are
Do take a look at the wiki. It’s comprehensive and well maintained.


Thanks for that, unfortunately, I cant really solo run any dungeons until I get more gear. Ill try to get pots and archer gear and see if I can get into a crowded dungeon and get carried.


Are your friends experienced players? Many dungeons can be done safely with just 2/3 people.


A few are, but most are offline except one, who wont help right now due to the fact hes doing event dungeons.


Funny that you should mention that.

Here's a little story about it.

On June 18, 2011, the Amulet of Resurrection was added into the game. They were sold in the Nexus for 20,000 fame. It functioned as a ring, and gave +2 in attack, defense, speed, dexterity, vitality, and wisdom, and +20 in HP and MP. (Keep in mind that this was before pets were introduced!) However, it also provided an extremely unique effect: when your character went below 0 HP while wearing the Ammy (as it was often called), it would “break”, and send your character back to the Nexus.
However, on October 9, 2012, they were nerfed, and a chance of you still dying while wearing one was added, after a large amount of duping of Ammies took place.
On November 1 in the same year, Amulets started randomly disappearing, and it was “officially” announced that their chance of resurrection had been lowered (though I can’t find the exact percentage immediately; one test with 6 ammies showed that it might’ve been as low as 50%). To “compensate” for this, the price was lowered.
Finally, on November 14, the chance of resurrection was removed completely. Well, more or less; when a player wearing it dies, a zombie version of their class would spawn. They weren’t really strong, shooting only a single shot dealing 55 damage which traveled quite slowly, and usually had about 2000 HP (as much as a Medusa).
On September 13, 2013, a bug was fixed that implied that this zombifying effect was not working as intended at all.
Another big change happened in 2016, on January 6 (the semifinal update of Kabam, as a matter of fact, before they left the game updateless for no less than 187 days, almost half a year!), when they were made unusable due to exploits. As soon as you took it outside your vault, it would simply disappear!
October 27 of the same year brought the last update, changing it to the Amulet of Dispersion. All of its special effects removed, it is now a decent starting ring, giving +2 in every stat, and +30 in HP and MP.

Even now, sometimes players may argue that it should be brought back. Who knows what the future may bring…


friend me in-game in around 2 hours i will feed with free stuff. max that pet bc when u will be fusing you would get a better pet by then


Yes, of course. Become friends with the kid who blatantly plays on a hacked client.

Don’t do that!


Ahh, yes, this reminds me.

@MrRiddl, you will quickly find references to third-party clients, or hacked clients, or other ways to access the game outside the approved website/Steam/Kong/projector methods. That path leads to the Dark Side. Just stick with the official client and you’ll be just fine.

[On that note, the bots advertising RWT websites in the nexus? Just Say No.   OB]


Visited the site once, to see how bad it was. They don’t even try to cover up the sketchy parts. Also, I haven’t hacked a game since I was around 7, and my friend showed me a game called roblox to hack. It upset so many people, I haven’t cheated since.


So, I just had a great idea. Im gonna make a guild. Since most of the pros in rotMG are generally toxic people, Im going to make a guild recruiting newbies to rotMG. Ill go to random games like on kongregate, steam, etc, and invite them to rotMG and my guild. My goal is to train a “New Generation” of rotMG players, that will eventually be pros, but NICE ones. Ones like you guys, who will teach newbies, be respectful, and allaround nice. Sounds good? Ive already got around 7 people, not including myself.


@Otherbill- “We’ve passed on all we know. A thousand generations live on in you now. But this is your fight. We will always be with you; no one is ever really gone.”

Swatsec laughs maliciously in background

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Speaking of new, My archer died, so now ill try ninja, like seelpit recommended.

My new archer died, was 3/8. Had hydra armour :C


You might want to read this
Some of them are outdated though


@MrRiddl I’m on right now, you want the items?