RotMG Slang to English

Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, quickly-typed abbreviations are often used for trading and battle purposes. Here is a list (in progress) of the abbreviations you may encounter in-game:
| # | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |


Announces the current wave in each round of the Haunted Cemetery, out of 5. It can also announce how many sarcs in the Tomb of the Ancients have been killed out of the 5 required to awaken the bosses.
Refers to the levels of a pet. Each number corresponds to the level of an ability.
#/3 Announces the number of life potions acquired in a Tomb of the Ancients, out of the possible 3. It also can mean the number of bosses in the Shatters that dropped pots/whites
#/5 Announces the number of dragons that dropped loot, specifically pots, tops, or whites, in the Lair of Draconis.
#/8 Refers to how many stats a character has maxed, out of 8.
?/8 A question, asking how many stats a player has maxed.
0 Announces that a player has received no loot from killing a boss.
1 Announces that a player has received a drop from killing a boss, usually a stat increase potion.
2 Announces that a player has received two typical drops from killing a boss, such as both potions in an Abyss of Demons.
2nd A proposal to clear all the Tesla Coils in a Mad Lab, which will unlock the second boss: the Horrific Creation.
3, 2, 1 A player counting down may drop something, open or enter a portal, or is just interested in attention.


Abby/Aby/Abyss The Abyss of Demons dungeon. Commonly misspelled as abbys.
Abby/Aby/Abyssal Abyssal Armor, the tier 12 heavy armor.
Acc Sword of Acclaim, the tier 12 sword
Acrop Acropolis Armor, the tier 13 heavy armor.
AFK Away from Keyboard.
Sometimes an abbreviation for Avatar of the Forgotten King.
Agent Agent Skin for the Assassin.
Aggro To attract enemies to follow you (aggro a group of gods toward other players).
To awaken an enemy (stepping too close to Malphas will aggro him).
All in A proposal for nearby players to enter a dungeon portal.
All tops/UTs To have each of the best pieces of equipment for your player’s class.
Alt An alternative account which a player uses.
Ammy/Scammy/Amulet Cursed Amulet of Resurrection, dropped in the Haunted Cemetery.
Before Build 4, it referred to the Amulet of Resurrection. As of build 27.7.6, the scammy has been effectively removed from the game.
Anchor To stay (or to be a player staying) in an area of importance (such as at the start of a dungeon), so that other players can teleport when needed.
ASS or A.S.S Ancient Stone Sword, dropped in Oryx’s Castle.
Atk/Att Abbreviation for Attack, a Character Stat.
Also used when referring to the respective type of potion or ring.
Atm Abbreviation for “At the moment”
Autoaim A cheat, where a player’s aim is guided by a program. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.
Autoloot A cheat, where a player picks up items faster than humanly possible. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.
Autonexus A cheat, where a player is sent automatically to the Nexus when their health is depleted. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.
Ava Avatar of the Forgotten King, an event boss.
Avenger Holy Avenger Skin for the Paladin.


B> Lists items a player intends to “buy” using the trade system.
Bachelor Eligible Bachelor Skin for the Rogue dropped in Belladonna’s Garden.
Bbl Abbreviation for “Be back later”
Bdag/Bdagger/Bone Bone Dagger, dropped in the Manor of the Immortals.
Bella The Belladonna’s Garden dungeon, or its boss Belladonna.
Beer The rare Beer God, which appears as a red dot in the minimap but does not spawn until more players appear; also can refer to the consumables it drops.
Beh The Beholder realm.
Black Activates Feargus the Obsidian Dragon/Feargus the Demented in the Lair of Draconis. If Feargus is activated before other bosses, the dungeon goes on hard mode.
Black tile A symptom of lag, in which the character’s movement is impeded by impassable black tiles at the edge of the screen.
Bomb The red area of effect attack used by the Medusa, Pentaract, and others.
Boost A request for a nearby Warrior or Paladin to boost the stats of nearby allies. Commonly used in the realm to break a Mysterious Crystal.
Boss Announces that a player has reached the boss of a dungeon.
Bracer Bracer of the Guardian, dropped by The Forgotten Sentinel in The Shatters.
brb Abbreviation for be right back.
Bride Bashing Bride Skin for the Paladin dropped in Belladonna’s Garden.
Brigand Brigand Skin for the Rogue.
Btw Abbreviation for “By the way”
Buff To deal significant damage to an Ent Ancient, Ghost King, or Lich while it flashes blue upon awakening. This makes the monster summon unique minions and become harder to kill.
The process of making an element of the game more powerful.
Bulwark Wand of the Bulwark, dropped in the Snake Pit.
Bum The rare Beach Bum, who drops a portal to the Beachzone.
Bunny Stanley the Spring Bunny Skin for the Sorcerer.
The Enraged Bunny.


Cbow Coral Bow, dropped in the Ocean Trench.
CC/CC armor Candy-Coated Armor, dropped in the Candyland Hunting Grounds.
Cdepths The Crawling Depths dungeon.
Cdirk Dirk of Cronus, dropped by Cube Gods.
Cem The Haunted Cemetery dungeon.
Chainstun The act of repeatedly stunning an enemy by one or more Knights, preventing the enemy from attacking at all.
Chariot The Chariot Tarot Card.
Circle A tactic where a player continuously fires whilst strafing around an enemy. Best used against enemies with narrow attacks like Medusa, but fairly ineffective against enemies with omnidirectional particles like Ghost Gods.
Cland The Candyland Hunting Grounds dungeon.
Clear whites Refers to clearing the boss room from from the white demons in the Abyss of Demons before attacking Malphas.
Cleg Chicken Leg of Doom, dropped by the Giant Oryx Chicken.
Client A third-party program used to gain an unfair advantage over others in the game. Their use is prohibited by the Terms of Service.
Colo Colossus Shield, the tier 6 shield.
Construct party A location in the mountains where multiple sets of Rock, Steel, and Wood Constructs are huddled, forming a wall. These are considered highly annoying by fame/potion farmers.
Condu/Conduct Conducting Wand, dropped in the Mad Lab.
Conflict Orb of Conflict, dropped by Skull Shrines.
Cool Ranch Dorito Used to refer to the Icy Whirlwind enemy in the ice cave
Covert Bow of Covert Havens, the tier 12 bow. Sometimes misspelled as convert.
Cring Candy Ring, dropped in the Candyland Hunting Grounds.
Captain’s Ring, dropped in Davy Jones’s Locker.
Coral Ring, dropped in the Ocean Trench.
Crown The Forgotten Crown, dropped by The Forgotten King in The Shatters.
Csword Crystal Sword, dropped by the Crystal Prisoner.
Ctrap/Cvtrap Coral Venom Trap, dropped in the Ocean Trench.
Cube Cube God, one of the event bosses.
Cutlass Pirate King’s Cutlass, dropped in the Deadwater Docks.
Cwand Crystal Wand, dropped by the Crystal Prisoner.
Cyan A high-tier loot bag not containing stat potions.
Cyc/Cyclops The Cyclops realm.
Cyclops Gods.


Davy The Davy Jones’s Locker dungeon.
Dblade Demon Blade, dropped in the Abyss of Demons.
Dbow Doom Bow, dropped in the Undead Lair.
Sometimes jokingly refers to the tier 6 Double Bow.
DC Disconnect; to be kicked to the Character Select screen.
Dcircle/Doom Doom Circle, the tier 6 shuriken.
Death The Death Tarot Card.
Deca/Deca Ring The Ring of Decades As of Release 27.7.X2, the Ring of Decades has taken the place of Ring of Unbound Health as the tier 6 health ring.
Deep As close as possible to a high-level enemy.
Def Abbreviation for Defense, a Character Stat.
Also used when referring to the respective type of potion or ring.
Deselect A type of scam which involves deselecting an item just before trading, in the hope that the other player won’t notice.
Deso Desolation Armor, the tier 10 heavy armor.
Devil The Devil Tarot Card.
Dex Abbreviation for Dexterity, a Character Stat.
Also used when referring to the respective type of potion or ring.
Dex world Sprite World, so named because the dungeon is a quick and easy source of dexterity potions for many players.
Dhide Drake Hide Armor, the Tier 9 Leather Armor.
Dia The Staff of Diabolic Secrets, the Tier 10 staff.
Dirk Dirk, Tier 1 dirk. Dropped by beach enemies
Can also be jokingly referring to Dirk of Cronus
Djinn The Djinn realm.
Lucky Djinn, one of the realm bosses.
Docks The Deadwater Docks dungeon.
Doku Doku no Ken, dropped in the Crawling Depths.
Drag To attract enemies to follow you (possibly toward other players).
Dragon Rock Dragon, one of the event bosses.
Drow Drow Trickster Skin.
Dscale Dragonscale Armor, the tier 9 heavy armor.
Dsoul Dragonsoul Sword, the tier 9 sword.
Ducky/Duck Staff Anatis Staff, dropped by the Giant Oryx Chicken.
Dupe A cheat, where items are duplicated using a glitch in the game.
Dusa Slang for the realm Medusa


Edet, Edeto, Ele Det, Ele Deto Elemental Detonation Spell, the tier 6 spell.
Elder Robe of the Elder Warlock, the tier 12 robe.
Elvish Quiver of Elvish Mastery, the tier 6 quiver.
Emmy Emeraldshard Dagger, the tier 10 dagger.
May also refer to Emerald Mystery Keys.
Ent Ent Ancients.
Lucky Ent, one of the realm bosses.
Ent sitting A cheat that allows the cheater to stand on a buffed Ent Ancient without taking damage. Used by griefers to kill other players by calling various dungeons to make players teleport onto the griefer and die by the Ent Ancient and its minions. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.
EP Staff of Extreme Prejudice, dropped by Limon the Sprite God.
The action of using the staff while standing on top of an enemy, resulting in massive damage if most of the projectiles connect.
Epics/epic dungeons Deadwater Docks, Woodland Labyrinth, and The Crawling Depths: three dungeons that serve as more dangerous versions of early-level areas.
Etap Essence Tap Skull, the tier 4 skull.
Eval/evaluation phase The period in which an Ent Ancient, Ghost King, or Lich will flash blue. Dealing more damage during this phase makes the enemy stronger and spawn more minions.
Event Event Gods, high-level quest bosses.
Exa Exalted Rings, the tier 5 rings.
Expo Experimental Ring, dropped in the Mad Lab.
Eye Rock Dragon, one of the event bosses. Its eye segment serves as the quest.


F5 The refresh button built into computers, used by players when they are near death or need to get out of a tricky situation.
Fame farm To take advantage of game mechanics in order to quickly gain large amounts of fame for star ranks and/or usable account fame.
Fame/XP train A large group of players, typically on the roads or in the mountains, which kills enemies together in order to gain fame/XP.
FFA Free for All. The situation where the final 3 bosses in the Tomb of the Ancients have all been triggered to attack.
Fool The Fool Tarot Card.
FP Feed Power of items for pet feeding.
Fulmi Scepter of Fulmination, dropped in the Mad Lab.


GB Abbreviation for Guild Board.
Gbow Golden Bow, the tier 8 bow.
Gcookie/Golden Cookie Seal of the Blessed Champion, the tier 6 seal.
Gemstone Twilight Gemstone, dropped by the Twilight Archmage in The Shatters.
Ggen Helm of the Great General, the tier 6 helm.
GH/ghall Abbreviation for Guild Hall.
Ghelm Golden Helm, the tier 5 helm.
Ghostly Cloak of Ghostly Concealment, the tier 6 cloak.
Gods Powerful enemies that populate the godlands, a snowy and mountainous area in the center of the realm. See Gods of the Realm.
Godlands/glands The area where Realm Gods can be found, usually around the mountains.
God wall/Gwall A huge cluster of Gods which is incredibly dangerous and difficult to take down. Although officially patched, they do still occur on smaller scales.
Go first In a multi-window trade, the act of trading your items to the other player before he or she follows through with the rest of the deal. This allows for an excellent opportunity to be scammed, so be careful.
Gold Realm Gold, the premium currency of Realm of the Mad God.
Gprism Ghostly Prism, dropped in Davy Jones’s Locker.
Gquiv Golden Quiver, the tier 5 quiver.
Grenade The red area of effect attack used by the Medusa, Pentaract, and others. See bomb.
Griff Griffon Hide Armor, the tier 12 leather armor. Not to be confused with Hippogriff Hide Armor.
Gship Ghost Ship, one of the event bosses.
Gsorc Robe of the Grand Sorcerer, the tier 13 robe.
Gsword Golden Sword, the tier 7 sword. This slang can also refer to Glass Sword, the tier 6 sword.
Gtg/g2g Abbreviation for “got to go”


Herm/Hermit Hermit God, one of the event bosses.
Hippo Hippogriff Hide Armor, the tier 11 leather armor.
Hipster A nickname for the Trickster.
Home Nexus, the safe zone.
Horse/Horsey Headless Horseman, which has a chance of dropping the Haunted Cemetery dungeon.
HP/H Health Point or Hit Point, also an abbreviation for “Heal please”, usually used in battles to request a heal from a Priest, Necromancer, or Paladin.
Hug To stand on an enemy, usually to deal more damage with a multi-shot weapon, such as the Demon Blade or Staff of Extreme Prejudice. Hugging a strong enemy may result in serious injury or death.
Hunt Huntress, a player class.
Hydra Hydra Skin Armor, the tier 13 leather armor.


Inc Wine Cellar Incantation, used to open Locked Wine Cellar Portals.
Insta “Instant-Kill” Refers to killing an enemy in an earlier phase than normally anticipated.


Jug/Jugg Helm of the Juggernaut, dropped by the Hermit God and Grand Sphinx.


KFC Refers to Chicken Leg of Doom, an LT dagger.


Lab Refers to Mad Lab, a dungeon that can be dropped by Flying Brains.
Lagromancer/Lagro What frustrated players call the Necromancer any time he uses his special ability on a large crowd of enemies. This causes the game to lag.
Leech The act of remaining in the entrance room of a dungeon while waiting for other players to reach the boss, after which the leeching player will teleport to the others. This act is frowned upon by many because it allows players to claim loot from the boss without helping clear the dungeon.
Leechpad Refers to the snow area in the Ice Cave where the portal to the boss room appears when the dungeon is cleared. This place is commonly leeched, hence it’s name leechpad.
Life Potion of Life
LoD Acronym for the Lair of Draconis dungeon.
LOL Abbreviation for “Laughing out loud”
LotLL/Lord/Land Lord of the Lost Lands: an event boss. Often referred to as “Lord of the Lost Loot” due to high soulbound damage threshold, preventing the majority of players who fight him from obtaining loot from him.


Mad robe Refers to Robe of the Mad Scientist, an untiered robe.
Magus Referring to the T10 Robe, Robe of the Shadow Magus
Mana Potion of Mana
Maxed Raising all or a certain stat to the highest that class allows. #/8 refers to the number of stats maxed.
Med Referring to the realm god monster Medusa or the server name.
Merching The act of profiting through trades - that is, buying items for low prices and reselling them for higher prices.
Middleman, MM A trusted, third party facilitator used to ensure safe trades between 2 or more people when one or both players are trading more than 8 items.
Milk Baneserpent Poison, the Tier-6 poison.
Mith Refers to an item made from Mithril or directly refers to the Mithril Shield.
Mnova Magic Nova Spell, the tier 5 spell.
Moon Referring to the Robe of the Moon Wizard
MotMG Month of the Mad God
MP Magic Point, often used as a request for someone “give” magic points. Although this usually requests for a Magic Potion, Wines and Pollen Powder are also accepted. Usually said by priests, necromancers and paladins.
Mule An alternate account used to store more items when a player runs out of vault space. A mule is generally not taken into combat or levelled up, thus will usually be a level 1 wizard.
Multi A cheat/cheater who uses a multiboxing hack where multiple chars are stacked and controlled under a single player in order to gain more DPS and ultimately steal loot. This is against the rules and is a bannable offense.


Natters A portmanteau of “No” and “Shatters”. Players say this to indicate that the Avatar of the Forgotten King has not dropped the shatters portal.
Necro Necromancer, a player class.
Necro, Necrotic, Necro Staff Staff of the Necrotic Arcana, a Tier 9 staff.
Nexus The area players first access when they enter the game.
Nexusing The act of hitting the return to nexus button.
nfs Not for sale, used in trading.
Nile Ring of the Nile, an untiered ring.
Noclip The process of going through otherwise blocked areas (walls, oceans, lakes, the ‘space’ in Sprite Worlds) using a client.
Nomb Similar to Natters, it is a notification that the Grand Sphinx did not drop a Tomb of the Ancients portal.
Notifier Someone who uses a client to determine where and when events spawn. Can also refer to the client itself.
NPE New Player Experience, shorthand for an unnamed alternate account made by an experienced player, usually made for the increased challenge of being unable to trade.
np No problem. Most commonly used way of saying “you’re welcome” in the realm.
Nvm Abbreviation for “Nevermind”


Ogmur Shield of Ogmur, an untiered shield.
Old Top Tier 11 Weapons, Tier 12 Armor, and Tier 5 Abilities.
Omw Abbreviation for “On my way” (similar to “Otw”, below)
@OP On the forums, to indicate a reply to the original post in the thread.
OP Overpowered. Also means to overpay.
Oreo Seal of Blasphemous Prayer, an untiered seal.
Oryx1/O1 The Oryx you fight in the blue chamber after he whisks everybody away to their doom.
Oryx2/O2 The Oryx you fight in the Wine Cellar.
Oryx lag Heavy lag that is experienced by players in a dungeon when the players in the realm are transported to Oryx’s Castle.
OT Ocean Trench, a dungeon that drops from the Hermit God.
Otw Abbreviation for “On the way” (similar to “Omw”, above)
Overdamage Depending on context, players use this term for different things:

1. The notion that doing too much damage to an enemy reduces or completely negates chances for loot, which has been confirmed as a myth. This is what players most commonly refer to.

2. The fact that doing many hits in a short amount of time can result in an enemy surviving longer than it should, most noticable when using Spells.

3. The act of doing enough damage quickly to prevent other players from getting their soulbound damage in.
Overpay Offering more than an item’s perceived value in a trade.


P2W Pay-to-win, a business model for “free-to-play” games in which players who buy the game’s premium currency are given significant gameplay advantages or have ingame roadblocks that otherwise require significant time and effort to remove be quickly taken care of. This concept is often brought up by some players when the game developers introduce more ways to use Realm Gold in the game.
Pala/Pally Paladin, a player class.
Para Short term referring to Paramount Rings, Which gives +7 of a given stat or +120 HP/MP.
Pbag/PB An abbreviation of “Purple bag”, which typically holds lower tiered items and is often said by higher-end players after killing a boss.
Pcave The Pirate Cave.
Pent/Penta Pentaract, one of the events.
Perma(cloak,stun,etc) Being able to near “permanently” use an ability. Rogues endlessly cloaking, knights keeping enemies stunned, archers paralyzing forever.
Pixi/Pixie Sword Pixie Enchanted Sword, A set themed sword for Swoll Paladin Set.
PL Abbreviation for Polish/Poland, in terms of player communities.
Plane Cloak of the Planewalker, a rogue’s cloak that allows short range teleportation.
Plague Plague Poison, an untiered poison that only drops from the Ghost of Skuld.
Pony Usually refers to Sea Mare, a dangerous enemy in the Ocean Trench that can paralyze players.
Pop Term used by players when they want a dungeon key used. “Pop the tomb”
Popped Refers to a character instantly dying due to many stacked shots or massive damage. When someone gets popped they usually have no time to nexus or heal.
Pot Any kind of potion. This term can sometimes be synonymous with Stat-increasing Potions, the unofficial currency in the player-run economy.
PPE Acronym for Pet Player Experience. Similar to New Player Experience (NPE), except with use of ones pet. can also mean PRO player experience (basically just other name for New Player/No Pet Experience)
Prot Tome of Holy Protection, an untiered tome.
Pup, Puppet The Puppet Master’s Theatre, a dungeon that drops from Leviathans.
Puri Tome of Purification, an untiered tome.
Pyra The Ring of the Pyramid, an Untiered ring that drops from Bes in the Tomb of the Ancients.


QoT Quiver of Thunder, an untiered quiver.
Quest Quest Bosses, which you are directed to depending on your character level. You must defeat most of them to reach Oryx’s Chamber.


Rage Refers to Ragetalon Dagger or the final phase of some boss fights when the boss becomes significantly more dangerous.
Rainbow Pots Offering multiple any colored stat increase potions to buy, sell, or trade for an item or another potion.
Rankcism The belief that all members of each star rank possess characteristics or abilities specific to that star color, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another star color or colors.
Red Agent Refers to a Cloak of the Red Agent. Also a Rogue who uses such a cloak.
Res, Resu Refers to Resurrected Warrior’s Armor, a UT armour that is dropped in the Haunted Cemetery
RIP/Rest in Peace This means that someone (usually a high-level player with several maxed stats) has died, and people are paying homage to his grave.
Rip loot This means that the player is sure that he or she will not get good loot in a dungeon due to having better players in it.
Roc Referring to the T10 Leather Armor, Roc Leather Armor
Rock Reffers to either the Rock Dragon or a rock crystal, when a Mysterious Crystal spawns on top of a rock, meaning only abilities that can pierce through obstacles can damage it, such as the quiver or the sheild
Roll/Rolling Leveling a character then examining his stats, to determine how they compare to the average value at level 20 (HP and MP are most taken into account due to the rarity of Life and Mana Potions). Re-rolling is the act of killing your character and starting a new roll due to a poor roll.
Rubberband When your net jitter is extremely high, causing monsters and/or characters around you to appear to bounce around your screen
Rush To run ahead through a dungeon, killing few enemies, in an attempt to reach the boss quickly. This could be done to have more time to inflict soulbound damage on the boss and/or to make running dungeons less time-consuming.
RWT Real world trading, or the act of buying or selling ingame items for real money. RWT is prohibited by the Terms of Service.


S > The intention of trading with another player in an ingame trade. This specifically refers to items that the player are “selling”, or have on hand.
Sandman Convention A presumed bug in the game which causes vast quantities of desert sandmen, sand devils, and giant crabs to spawn in a close proximity. Fatal to low level players, but amusing to others. Also doable on smaller amounts with Goblins. Both may result in a humiliating level 20 death if you decide to go afk smack in the middle of one. The XP gain from them can cause very fast levelling-up.
SB See soulbound.
Scammer Someone who steals your items through deception or otherwise, without your consent.
Scammy A term refering to the Cursed Amulet of Resurrection, comparing it derogatorily to the previous Amulet of Resurrection.
Set A full set of equipment comprising weapon, ability item, armor and a ring.
Sew, Sewer, Sewers Referring to the Toxic Sewers.
Shatts The Shatters.
Shotgunned Taking most or every hit from a wave of shots. e.g. Medusa or Oryx.
Sin Assassin, one of the 14 classes. Refers to what said class does.
Sitting When an enemy is positioned right on top of your character, dealing massive damage to you as all its projectiles will hit. Also refers to when a player ‘sits’ on an enemy- dealing massive damage to the enemy.
Skin An item that can be used to change the appearance of your character.
Skull Skull Shrine, one of the events.
Snack Pot A pun on the name of the Snake Pit.
Sorc Sorcerer, a player class.
Soulbound 1.Soulbound items, as indicated on their tool tip when hovering over them, cannot be traded to other players. Dropping them will produce a soulbound purple bag instead of a publicly accessible brown bag.

2. Soulbound loot bags include every type of loot bag in the game except for brown and pink bags. They are dropped by enemies on a per-player basis; that is, when a soulbound bag drops for you, only you can see the bag and obtain the loot. The items in soulbound loot bags do not necessarily have to be soulbound, as most mid to high tier items drop in soulbound bags. However, untiered items, which are all soulbound, also drop in soulbound bags.

3. Soulbound damage is the minimum amount of damage that a player has to inflict on an enemy in order to have a chance for the enemy to drop a soulbound loot bag.
Spamstic Mystics who spam their ability on enemies, mainly to annoy players
Spd Abbreviation for Speed, a Character Stat, used when referring to the respective type of potion, ring, or actual stat.
Spellbomb Consecutively using the wizard’s ability on an enemy, dealing massive damage.
Sphinx Usually refers to Grand Sphinx, one of the events. Also can refer to Ring of the Sphinx, an untiered ring that drops from Nut.
Sprite Sprite World
Squishy A term used to describe fragile characters such as the Robe and Leather users.
ST Refers to the untiered items from Special Themed sets, also sometimes called Set Tier items.
Steamroll The act of quickly defeating an enemy with a large group of players before the enemy has a chance to do much.
Sup Referring to a Superior Ring Which adds +6 to a given stat or +100HP/MP.


T# The Tier level of a Weapon, Armor, Ability, or Ring. Some items have no tier (see Untiered).
Tele or tp An abbreviation of Teleport.
thx or ty Shorthand for Thanks and Thank You, respectively.
Tinc Short for Tinctures, consumables which temporarily boosts your stats.
tl;dr Abbreviation of “too long, don’t read.” Usually a summary of the thread follows after this.
Tomb Referring to Tomb of the Ancients
Top The most powerful tiered equipment, ie Tier 12 Weapons, T13 Armor, Tier 6 Abilities, Unbound Rings (Tier 6).
Topless When a player purposely uses no tops as a challenge or to show their skill level.
Train A large group of players that frequent the godlands and repeatedly kill gods, though occasionally trains may form in lower-leveled areas. Many players join trains in order to level up (see Rolling) or gain fame quickly for star ranks and/or usable account fame with little risk. The largest godlands trains can usually be found in the EUWest2 server.
Trench The Ocean Trench dungeon.
Trix Another term for Trickster
Troom Short form for “treasure room,” hidden rooms in the Manor of the Immortals, Snake Pit, Abyss of Demons, and Tomb of the Ancients with mini bosses that can drop various loot and untiered items unique to the dungeon.
Tsarc Specifically refers to the treasure room of the Tomb of the Ancients.
Ttyl Abbreviation for “Talk to you later”
Tut Tutorial, which can be accessed by typing /tutorial (was also used for trading and congregation purposes in previous builds).
Twilight or Twi Referring to the T5 Cloak, Cloak of Endless Twilight


UB,unbound Referring to a Unbound Ring Which adds +9 of a given stat or +180HP/MP
UDL Undead Lair.
Untiered/UT Refers to rare items that are not tiered.


Val, vally Short term for the tradeable Valentines Day 2013 pet.
Vbow Referring to the T9 bow, Verdant Bow
Veng, Venge, Vengeance Referring to the T11 Heavy Armor, Vengeance Armor
Vit Abbreviation for Vitality, a Character Stat, used when referring to the respective type of potion, ring, or actual stat.
Vouch Verifying that another player is a trustworthy trader.


War, Warr Warrior, a player class.
WB Abbeviation for “Welcome back”
Wbag White Bag (See “White” below)
WC Wine Cellar
WC Tops Refers to the highest tier items that can be found in the Wine Cellar. These are tier 12 weapons, tier 13 armors, tier 6 abilities, and tier 5 rings (tier 6 rings only drop in the Shatters).
White Often said by players when an enemy drops a white (untiered) loot bag for them.
Wis Abbreviation for Wisdom, a Character Stat, used when referring to the respective type of potion, ring, or actual stat.
Wiz, Wizzy Wizard, a player class.


XP Experience Points, which are gained when killing a monster. Before level 20, they help level you up. After level 20, they slowly increase your fame meter.


yw You’re welcome.