RotMG Slang to English

Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, quickly-typed abbreviations are often used for trading and battle purposes. Here is a list (in progress) of the abbreviations you may encounter in-game:
| # | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |


Announces the current wave in each round of the Haunted Cemetery, out of 5. It can also announce how many sarcs in the Tomb of the Ancients have been killed out of the 5 required to awaken the bosses, or how many exaltations a player has earned on a particular stat for a certain class.

Also announces the number of dragons that dropped loot, specifically pots, tops, or whites, in the Lair of Draconis. More commonly used to announce the amount of potion or white bag loot dropped from the Pentaract.
Refers to the levels of a pet. Each number corresponds to the level of an ability.
#/3 Announces the number of life potions acquired in a Tomb of the Ancients, out of the possible 3.
#/4 Refers to how many items considered best for DPS or other roles are equipped on a character. Which items meet this criteria vary between groups, however items such as the Scepter of Devastation and most Oryx’s Sanctuary drops are often universally a part of this group. In some cases, Sanctuary weapons will even be considered as two items when measuring a character due to their overwhelming power.
#/8 Refers to how many stats a character has maxed, out of 8.
?/8 A question, asking how many stats a player has maxed.
0 Announces that a player has received no loot from killing a boss. Can also mean they received a purple bag or other loot a player deems worthless.
1 Announces that a player has received a drop from killing a boss, usually a stat increase potion.
1st The Bridge Sentinel, the first boss in The Shatters.
2 Announces that a player has received two typical drops from killing a boss, such as both potions in an Abyss of Demons.
2nd A proposal to clear all the Tesla Coils in a Mad Lab, which will unlock the second boss: the Horrific Creation or to clear all the pressure plates in a Cursed Library which will unlock the second boss: the Corruption Phantom.

Can also refer to clear all the Lanterns that will unlock Treasure Room in Mountain Temple.

Twilight Archmage, the second boss in The Shatters.
3rd The Forgotten King, the third boss in The Shatters.
3d The Third Dimension dungeon.
3, 2, 1 A player counting down may drop something, open or enter a portal, or is just interested in attention.


Abby/Aby/Abyssal The Abyss of Demons dungeon. Commonly misspelled as abbys. Can also refer to Abyssal Armor, the tier 12 heavy armor.
Acc Sword of Acclaim, the tier 12 sword.
Acrop Acropolis Armor, the tier 13 heavy armor.
Adept Ice Adept, an enemy in The Shatters.
AFK Away from Keyboard.
Sometimes an abbreviation for Avatar of the Forgotten King.
Agent Agent Skin for the Assassin.
Aggro To attract enemies to follow you (aggro a group of gods toward other players).
To awaken an enemy (stepping too close to Malphas will aggro him).
All in A proposal for nearby players to enter a dungeon portal.
All tops/UTs To have each of the best pieces of equipment for your player’s class.
Alt An alternative account which a player uses.
Ammy/Amulet Cursed Amulet of Resurrection, dropped in the Haunted Cemetery. Before Build 4, it referred to the Amulet of Resurrection. As of release 27.7.X7, the amulet has been replaced with the Amulet of Dispersion, which has no special effects.
Anni Annihilation Armor, the Tier 14 heavy armor.
Anatis Anatis Staff, dropped by the Giant Oryx Chicken.
Anchor To stay (or to be a player staying) in an area of importance (such as at the start of a dungeon), so that other players can teleport when needed.
Angry Boi/Angry Boy Refers to Golem of Anger because of its name and dangerousness.
Anti-Debuff A cheat, where a player is immune to certain status effects. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.
Anti-Rogue The act of following a cloaked rogue, causing enemies to shoot and making their ability useless.
AoE Area of Effect
ASS/A.S.S Ancient Stone Sword, dropped in Oryx’s Castle.
Atk/Att Abbreviation for Attack, a Character Stat.
Also used when referring to the respective type of potion.
Atm Abbreviation for “At the moment”
Autoaim A cheat, where a player’s aim is guided by a program. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.
Autoloot A cheat, where a player picks up items faster than humanly possible. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.
Autonexus A cheat, where a player is sent automatically to the Nexus when their health is depleted. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.
Avatar/Ava Avatar of the Forgotten King, an event boss.
Avenger Holy Avenger Skin for the Paladin.


B> Lists items a player intends to “buy” using the trade system.
Bag/pot (verb) Dropping an item, usually an hp or mp potion, in the path of certain enemies with fixed movements (most commonly, The Forgotten King and the Ivory Wyvern) to prevent them from moving, which alters the fight. Can also refer to dropping the items on top of portals to distract players attempting to enter them, which is heavily frowned upon (see “Keying.”)
Bachelor Eligible Bachelor Skin for the Rogue dropped in Belladonna’s Garden.
Baz/Bazaar The Grand Bazaar.
Bbl Abbreviation for “Be back later”
BBow Bow of Innocent Blood, the Tier 11 Bow.
Bdag/BDagger/Bone Bone Dagger, dropped in the Manor of the Immortals.
Bella The Belladonna’s Garden dungeon, or its boss Belladonna.
Beer The rare Beer God, which appears as a red dot in the minimap but does not spawn until more players appear; also can refer to the consumables it drops.
Beh The Beholder realm.
Biff An event of the Realm. Biff the Buffed Bunny the Easter event.
Big boi Refers to Tormented Golem found in the Lost Halls as well as Greater Void Shade found in the Void.
bis Best in slot.
Black Activates Feargus the Obsidian Dragon/Feargus the Demented in the Lair of Draconis. If Feargus is activated before other bosses, the dungeon goes on hard mode.
Black tile A symptom of lag (usually by internet issue), in which the character’s movement is impeded by impassable black tiles at the edge of the screen.
BNexus Battle for the Nexus.
Bomb The red area of effect attack used by the Medusa, Pentaract, and others.
Boost A request for a nearby Warrior or Paladin to boost the stats of nearby allies. Commonly used in the realm to break a Mysterious Crystal.
Boss/B Announces that a player has reached the boss of a dungeon.
BPlate/Breastplate Breastplate of New Life, dropped by the Marble Colossus in the Lost Halls. Can also refer to Fungal Breastplate, dropped by the big Mushrooms in the Fungal Cavern.
Bracer Bracer of the Guardian, dropped by The Bridge Sentinel in The Shatters.
BP Abbreviation for Blueprints.
Brb Abbreviation for Be right back.
Breadcrumbs A strategy used to prevent enemies respawning in cleared rooms in the Lost Halls. The group of players clearing rooms will leave one player in the hallway between two cleared rooms, every other hallway. Generally used during a Vial Run. This strategy is no longer used, as enemies do not respawn anymore in the lost halls.
Bride Bashing Bride Skin for the Paladin dropped in Belladonna’s Garden.
Brigand Brigand Skin for the Rogue.
BSucker Bloodsucker Skull, the Tier 6 Skull.
Btw Abbreviation for “By the way”
Buff To deal significant damage to an Ent Ancient, Ghost King, or Lich while it flashes blue upon awakening. This makes the monster summon unique minions and become harder to kill.

In The Forgotten King fight, to deal enough damage when the king is first vulnerable after its crystal phase, which causes the king to do both its Royal Guardian and lava phase at once, making the fight more difficult and time-consuming.

The process of making an element of the game more powerful.

The act of, or asking, a warrior or paladin to increase the attack power of players near them.
Buff CDirk A meme created in response to the fact that the soulbound and extremely rare UT Dirk of Cronus (“Cdirk”) is generally considered inferior to the tradeable ST Etherite Dagger.
Buff Hydra A meme created in response to the fact that the T13 Hydra Skin Armor has the same amount of Defense as the T12 Griffon Hide Armor.
Bulwark Wand of the Bulwark, dropped in the Snake Pit.
Bum The rare Beach Bum, who drops a portal to the Beachzone.
Bunny Stanley the Spring Bunny Skin for the Sorcerer.

The Enraged Bunny.

An event of the Realm. Biff the Buffed Bunny the Easter event.
Burger King Crown A fan-made nickname for Divine Coronation due to the resemblance of the respective real life item.


CBow Coral Bow, dropped in the Ocean Trench.
CC Armor/CC Candy-Coated Armor, dropped in the Candyland Hunting Grounds.
CDepths/CD The Crawling Depths dungeon.
CDirk The Dirk of Cronus, dropped by Cube Gods. Can also jokingly refer to the Tier 1 Dirk. Dropped by beach enemies.
Celestial A notorious phase of Oryx 3 fight, significantly harder to survive than the fight before due to the amount of shots and the impossibility to escape from them.
Cem The Haunted Cemetery dungeon.
CGnome Same as Gnome, Candy Gnome, the entity that spawn at Mid Plains and drops Candyland Hunting Grounds.
Chainstun The act of repeatedly stunning an enemy by one or more Knights, preventing the enemy from attacking at all.
Chambers The Parasite Chambers Dungeon.
Chariot Refers to The Chariot Tarot Card.
Circle A tactic where a player continuously fires whilst strafing around an enemy. Best used against enemies with narrow attacks like Medusa, but fairly ineffective against enemies with omnidirectional particles like Ghost Gods.
Cland The Candyland Hunting Grounds dungeon.
Clean Doing certain dungeons in a safe and orderly way (opposite of dirty). Most commonly:

1. In the Tomb of the Ancients boss fight, fighting Bes, Nut, and Geb in that order, while avoiding attacking other bosses when focusing on one.

2. In The Shatters, avoiding activating many minions at once.
Clear Refers to killing enemies as players go through a dungeon, the opposite to Rushing.
May be used before Archdemon Malphas or Gulpord the Slime God to propose killing the White Demons or Slime Gods around the boss.
Cleg Chicken Leg of Doom, dropped by the Giant Oryx Chicken.
Colo Colossus Shield, the tier 6 shield. Also can refer to the Marble Colossus or Sword of the Colossus.
Colo Shield Colossus Shield
Colo Sword Sword of the Colossus
Condu/Conduct Conducting Wand, dropped in the Mad Lab.
Conflict Orb of Conflict, dropped by Skull Shrines.
Cool Ranch Dorito Used to refer to the Icy Whirlwind enemy in the ice cave
Cosmic/CWhole Staff of the Cosmic Whole, the tier 12 staff.
Counter A mechanic used heavily in most Oryx’s Sanctuary bosses where usually dealing excessive damage triggers an adverse effect for the group usually in forms of a debuff which cannot be removed until the counter ends by any means. For Chancellor Dammah, this is a knife wall with sicken debuff, and for Treasurer Gemsbok a rotation phase with slowed debuff. Oryx the Mad God 3 counter is triggered when too much damage is dealt when he guards (raises his shield) and adds weaken, armor break, sicken or quiet to everyone for about 30 seconds. In Archbishop Leucoryx, a counter is triggered letting big orbs get to him and results in a completely separate (relatively difficult) phase.
Coro Divine Coronation, an untiered ring dropped by Archbishop Leucoryx.
Covert Bow of Covert Havens, the tier 12 bow. Sometimes misspelled as convert.
Crash To enter a private dungeon, usually opened in a Grand Bazaar, that one has not been invited to by the opener. This is heavily frowned upon in the community.

Can also refer to the game running into one of many errors it cannot handle, causing it to close unexpectedly, or in the case of a server crash, all players to be disconnected.
CRing Candy Ring, dropped in the Candyland Hunting Grounds.
Captain’s Ring, dropped in Davy Jones’ Locker.
Coral Ring, dropped in the Ocean Trench.
Crown The Forgotten Crown, dropped by The Forgotten King in The Shatters.
Cry/Crystal The Mysterious Crystal found in the Mountains that contains the Crystal Prisoner, or the Crystal Cavern.
CSword Crystal Sword, dropped by the Crystal Prisoner.
CShield Crystal Shield, an untiered shield dropped by Crystal Worm Mother, which gives invulnerability while quickly draining mana.

Also the action of standing on or slowly dragging a boss enemy with Crystal Shield active, a strategy sometimes used especially in Oryx the Mad God 3 or The Bridge Sentinel.
CTrap/CVTrap Coral Venom Trap, dropped in the Ocean Trench.
Cube/CGod Cube God, one of the event bosses.
Cult/Cultist Cultist Hideout a sub-area of Lost Halls
Cutlass Pirate King’s Cutlass, dropped in the Deadwater Docks.
CWand Crystal Wand, dropped by the Crystal Prisoner.
Cyan A high-tier loot bag not containing stat potions.
Cyc/Cyclops The Cyclops realm.
Cyclops Gods.


Dance A dangerous phase in the fight against all three forms of Oryx the Mad God.
Against Oryx 1 and Oryx 2, this is a standard phase where he closes off an area around himself, fires many bullets, and throws bombs.
Against Oryx 3, this is a section of the fight spanning from 60% to 50% health where minions circle the arena creating bomb explosions.
Davy/Davys/Davy’s/ DJL The Davy Jones’ Locker dungeon.
DBlade Demon Blade, dropped in the Abyss of Demons.
DBow Doom Bow, dropped in the Undead Lair.
Sometimes jokingly refers to the tier 6 Double Bow.
DC Disconnect; to be kicked to the Character Select screen.
DCircle/Doom Doom Circle, the tier 6 shuriken.
DDocks/DDox/Docks The Deadwater Docks dungeon.
DDom the Helm of Draconic Dominance, the ST helmet dropped in Lair of Draconis.
Death The Death Tarot Card.
Deca/Deca Ring The Ring of Decades As of Release 27.7.X2, the Ring of Decades has taken the place of Ring of Unbound Health as the tier 6 health ring.
Ded Is used to ask if a certain boss is dead. For example, a player may ask “Sphinx ded?” to ask if the Grand Sphinx has been killed in that realm.
Deeds Dagger of Sinister Deeds, the tier 13 dagger.
Deep As close as possible to a high-level enemy.
DEF Abbreviation for Defense, a Character Stat.
Also used when referring to the respective type of potion.
Deselect A type of scam which involves deselecting an item just before trading, in the hope that the other player won’t notice.
Devil The Devil Tarot Card.
DEX Abbreviation for Dexterity, a Character Stat.
Also used when referring to the respective type of potion.
DEX World Sprite World, so named because the dungeon is a quick and easy source of dexterity potions for many players.
Diplo Diplomatic Robe, an untiered robe dropped by Chancellor Dammah.
Direct connect The use of modified clients to connect directly to realms using their individual IP addresses, which bypasses both the steps typically required to enter a realm and the realm’s maximum capacity itself. Often paired in conjunction with notifiers and trackers. This is not condoned by DECA or many players, and is a bannable offense.
Dirk The T1 Dirk, Dropped by beach enemies.

Can also refer to the Dirk of Cronus.
Djinn The Djinn realm.

Lucky Djinn, one of the realm bosses.
Doku Doku no Ken, dropped in the Crawling Depths.
Domi Dominion Armor, the tier 14 heavy armor.
Drag To have enemies follow a player to kill another player. Dragging is very common if you sit in the boss room in the Candyland Hunting Grounds.
Dragon Rock Dragon, one of the event bosses.
Drow Drow Trickster Skin.
DPS Damage per Second.
Ducky/Duck Staff Anatis Staff, dropped by the Giant Oryx Chicken.
Dupe A cheat, where items are duplicated using a glitch in the game.
Dusa Slang for the realm Medusa


Edet/Edeto/Ele Det/Ele Deto/Eledet Elemental Detonation Spell, the tier 6 spell.
Eff Effusion, an item which provides temporary stat boost to players in area. Most commonly traded and used effusions are Effusion of Attack (known as att eff) and Effusion of Dexterity (known as dex eff).
Elder Robe of the Elder Warlock, the tier 12 robe.
Elvish Quiver of Elvish Mastery, the tier 6 quiver.
Encore Puppet Master’s Encore, a high-level boss dungeon.
Ent Ent Ancients.

Lucky Ent, one of the realm bosses.
Ent Sitting A cheat that allowed the cheater to stand on a buffed Ent Ancient without taking damage. Used by griefers to kill other players by calling various dungeons to make players teleport onto the griefer and die by the Ent Ancient and its minions. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense. In Release 27.7.X8, Ent behavior was changed to prevent them from stacking on a single player, making Ent sitting virtually impossible. Other forms of sitting, such as on the Avatar of the Forgotten King, or on gods (particularly Djinns), still exist.
EP Staff of Extreme Prejudice, dropped by Limon the Sprite Goddess.

The action of using the staff (or other similar items such as Predator Bow or Earthen Ward) while standing on top of an enemy, resulting in massive damage if most of the projectiles connect.
Epics/epic dungeons Deadwater Docks, Woodland Labyrinth, and The Crawling Depths: three dungeons that serve as more dangerous versions of early-level areas. The Nest and Secluded Thicket are sometimes included in this.
Eval/evaluation phase The period in which an Ent Ancient, Ghost King, or Lich will flash blue. Dealing more damage during this phase makes the enemy stronger and spawn more minions.
Event Event Gods, high-level quest bosses. Alternatively, an event put out by the developers that may for example increase drop rates for items in certain dungeons or add an event chest.
Event white An untiered item dropped by an event god in a white bag, such as Helm of the Juggernaut, Shield of Ogmur or Tablet of the King’s Avatar. There items are very rare.
Evo/Evoc/Evocation Wand of Evocation, the Tier 13 wand.
Exa Exalted Rings, the tier 5 rings, granting 140 HP/MP or +8 rainbow stats.
Expo Experimental Ring, dropped in the Mad Lab.
Eye E.Y.E., a drop from the High Tech Terror dungeon.
Rarely used to refer to the Rock Dragon.


F A meme, usually said when someone (usually a high-level player with several maxed stats) has died.
F5 The refresh button built into computers, used by players when they are near death or need to get out of a tricky situation, particularly when their connection is faulty.
Famebot A third-party client that automates the process of fame farming by allowing the player to automatically follow another character in a fame train. Use of famebotting is prohibited by the Terms of Service and is a bannable offense.
Fame Farm To take advantage of game mechanics in order to quickly gain large amounts of fame for star ranks and/or usable account fame.
Fame/XP Train A large group of players, typically in the mountains, which kills enemies together in order to gain fame/XP.
Fat A dungeon with several (or many) other players in it. Players will often describe a dungeon as “fat” (example: “fat Nest”) to entice other players to join it. Can also intentionally misspelt as “phat”. Also a reference when a player received several high-valued items in a single loot bag (example: “fattest white bag”).
FFA/Dirty Free for All. The situation where the final 3 bosses in the Tomb of the Ancients have all been triggered to attack.
Fool The Fool Tarot Card.
Fortnite Foramite Staff.
Foul Dagger of Foul Malevolence, the Tier 12 Dagger.
FP Feed Power of items for pet feeding.
Full Skip A Lost Halls run in which the group collectively rushes to the Marble Defender room, killing few enemies along the way, in an attempt to reach the boss quickly. Can also refer to any attempt to clear an endgame dungeon as fast as possible in a similar manner.
Fulmi Scepter of Fulmination, dropped in the Mad Lab.
Fundi Staff of the Fundamental Core, the Tier 14 staff.
Fungal/FCavern Short for Fungal Cavern.
FTome/Fungie Tome A diminutive term for Tome of the Mushroom Tribes, dropped in the Fungal Cavern.


Gamer/Gaymer Ironic perjorative uncommonly used to refer to hackers (see “Hack/Hax/Hacks/Hacked client” below.) Often used in the context of direct connection hacks (see “Direct connect” above) and trackers (see “Tracker” below.)
GB Abbreviation for Guild Board.
GCookie/Golden Cookie Seal of the Blessed Champion, the tier 6 seal.
Gem/Gemstone Twilight Gemstone, dropped by the Twilight Archmage in The Shatters.
GGen Helm of the Great General, the Tier 6 helm.
GH/GHall Abbreviation for Guild Hall.
GHelm Golden Helm, the Tier 5 helm.
Ghostly/GConc/GPrism Cloak of Ghostly Concealment, the Tier 6 cloak or Ghostly Prism, dropped by Davy Jones in Davy Jones’ Locker.
Glad Guard/GGuard Gladiator Guard, dropped by Oryx the Mad God 3 in Oryx’s Sanctuary.
GLife/GDef/GMana, etc. Refers to greater stat potions, a version of stat potions that permanently increase stats by double the amount of their normal versions, 10 for Life and Mana, and 2 for every other stat. “g” behind the abbreviation of any of the stats refers to a greater potion of that stat.

Glife in particular is often used in trading.
God/Gods Powerful enemies that populate the godlands, a snowy and mountainous area in the center of the realm. See Gods of the Realm.
Godlands/GLands The area where Realm Gods can be found, usually around the mountains.
God wall/GWall A huge cluster of Gods which is incredibly dangerous and difficult to take down. Although officially patched, they do still occur on smaller scales.
Go first In a multi-window trade, the act of trading your items to the other player before they follow through with the rest of the deal. This allows for an excellent opportunity to be scammed, so be careful.

When buying or selling a Dungeon Key to/from another player, from the key buyer’s perspective, paying the key seller before he opens the dungeon (vice versa from the seller’s perspective).
Gold Realm Gold, the premium currency of Realm of the Mad God.
GQuiv Golden Quiver, the Tier 5 quiver.
Grenade The red area of effect attack used by the Medusa, Pentaract, and others. See bomb.
Griff Griffon Hide Armor, the Tier 12 leather armor. Not to be confused with Hippogriff Hide Armor.
Grum Ghost Pirate Rum, dropped by Ghost Ship and from enemies in Davy Jones’ Locker and Deadwater Docks, when you consume it, you become Invisible for 4 seconds and Wine Bottle Drunk for 6 seconds.
GShip Ghost Ship, one of the event bosses.
GSorc Robe of the Grand Sorcerer, the Tier 13 robe.
GSword Golden Sword, the Tier 7 sword. This slang can also refer to Glass Sword, the Tier 6 sword.
Gtg/G2g Abbreviation for “Got to go”
Gz Abbreviation for “gratz” from “congratulations”.


Hack/Hax/Hacks/Hacked client A third-party program used to gain an unfair advantage over others in the game. Their use is prohibited by the Terms of Service.
Heavens Part of the Oryx the Mad God 3 fight, starting at 20% of his HP, where silencing heaven beams occasionally sweep the arena horizontally, adding difficulty to the fight.
Herm/Hermit Hermit God, one of the event bosses.
Hippo Hippogriff Hide Armor, the Tier 11 leather armor.
Hipster A nickname for the Trickster, adopted from this video.
Horn Exalted God’s Horn, an untiered ring dropped by Oryx the Mad God 3.
Horse/Horsey Headless Horseman, which has a chance of dropping the Haunted Cemetery dungeon.
HP/H Health Point or Hit Point, also an abbreviation for “Heal please”, usually used in battles to request a heal from a Priest, Necromancer, or Paladin.
HP Scaling HP of certain enemies will increase the more people there are. This helps to prevent steamrolling.
Hug To stand on an enemy, usually to deal more damage with a multi-shot weapon, such as the Demon Blade or Staff of Extreme Prejudice. Hugging a strong enemy may result in serious injury or death.
Hunt Huntress, a player class.
Hydra Hydra Skin Armor, the tier 13 leather armor.


i’m a ppe btw lel xD A meme which generally refers to Knights with high-tiered (but not top-tier) equipment and a Rare-tier pet. Arose after the introduction of functional pets in Release 12 greatly increased the popularity of melee classes, particularly Knights. See also: PPE
Inc Wine Cellar Incantation, used to open Locked Wine Cellar Portals.
Insta “Instant-Kill” Refers to killing an enemy in an earlier phase than normally anticipated. Generally requires coordination from a group of players with enough DPS. Two common examples: (1) Killing a Sarcophagus without killing the associated Worshipping Priests and Worshipping Priestesses; (2) Killing The Forgotten King when he is first vulnerable, immediately after the crystal phase.
Inv Inventory.


JK Joke, Joking, Just Kidding.
Jug/Jugg Helm of the Juggernaut, dropped by the Hermit God and Grand Sphinx.
Jamal A meme referring to Janus the Doorwarden, the optional boss of Oryx’s Castle


Kek Same as LOL.
KFC Refers to Chicken Leg of Doom, an LT dagger.
Kage/Kami Refers to the Kage Kami, a enemy which drops the Manor of Immortals.
(server) keys To tell another player to meet near the Dungeon Keys of the designated server’s Nexus. The keys are located in the northwest portion of the main area. Generally used during trades arranged via Realmeye. Example: USW3 keys
Keying Opening a portal near or on top of another portal, usually the entrances to endgame and/or private dungeons, in order to mislead players into entering the new portal. Doing so is heavily frowned upon. As of Exalt Version (Mar 2021), keys can no longer be opened near existing portals or locations where portals are guaranteed to spawn (such as the Crystal Cavern portal). Also see “Bag/pot,” which can refer to a similar act with dropping items.


Lab Refers to Mad Lab, a dungeon that can be dropped by Flying Brains. See Also: MLab
Lagromancer/Lagro What frustrated players call the Necromancer any time he uses his special ability on a large crowd of enemies. This causes the game to lag.
Lazy/lazymode Refers to a way to easily and quickly defeat Feargus and Nikao in the Lair of Draconis prior to its rework in Patch X.31.8.0 (Jul 2019). This method involved using long-ranged weapons and abilities (ex. spells) to hit the boss while standing back such that the boss grand-bazaar) on the left side of the Nexus.
LBow Leaf Bow, an untiered bow from the Woodland Labyrinth.
LDjinn Lucky Djinn.
Leech The act of remaining in the entrance room of a dungeon while waiting for other players to reach the boss, after which the leeching player will teleport to the others. This act is frowned upon by many because it allows players to claim loot from the boss without helping clear the dungeon.
Leechpad Refers to the snow area in the Ice Cave where the portal to the boss room appears when the dungeon is cleared. This place was commonly leeched before the Ice Cave revamp, hence its name leechpad.
(server) left Indicates that a dungeon will be opened in the left Grand Bazaar in the designated server. Ex: USE2 left. See also: (server) right, when a dungeon will be opened in the right bazaar.
Lemon Magical Lodestone, dropped by the Marble Colossus
LEnt Lucky Ent God.
Levi Leviathan Armor, the Tier 15 leather armor. This can also refer to Leviathan.
LH Lost Halls, an endgame dungeon.
Lib Cursed Library.
Life Potion of Life.
LoD Acronym for the Lair of Draconis dungeon.
LOL Abbreviation for “Laughing out loud”.
Loot Any item that drops from an entity.
Lord/LotLL Lord of the Lost Lands: an event boss. Often referred to as “Lord of the Lost Loot” due to high soulbound damage threshold, preventing the majority of players who fight him from obtaining loot from him.
Lumi Lumiaire, an untiered wand dropped by Archbishop Leucoryx.


Mad Refers to Mad Lab, dropped by Flying Brain.
Mad Robe/MRobe Robe of the Mad Scientist, an untiered robe dropped by Dr. Terrible.
Majesty Sword of Majesty, the Tier 14 sword.
Mana Potion of Mana or refering to MP.
Manor Refers to the Manor of the Immortals dungeon, dropped by the Kage Kami.
Mario Refers to the Oryx Admiral for being similar to Mario Bros.
Masa Masamune, the tier 12 katana.
Maxed Raising all or a certain stat to the highest that class allows. #/8 refers to the number of stats maxed.
MBC Marble Colossus, the main boss of the Lost Halls
Med Referring to the realm god monster Medusa or the realm name.
Merching The act of profiting through trades - that is, buying items for low prices and reselling them for higher prices.
Mercy/MBane Mercy’s Bane, a ST armor dropped by Oryx the Mad God 2.
Miasma A phase of the Chancellor Dammah fight, notorious for being very heavy in dodging, especially of sicken shots.
Middleman, MM A trusted, third party facilitator used to ensure safe trades between 2 or more people when one or both players are trading more than 8 items.
Milk Baneserpent Poison, the Tier 6 poison.
Mith Refers to an item made from Mithril or directly refers to the Mithril Shield, the Tier 5 Shield.
MLab Refers to the Mad Lab, to avoid confusion with the Woodland Labyrinth.
Mnova Magic Nova Spell, the Tier 5 spell.
MotMG Month of the Mad God.
MP Magic Point or Mana, often used as a request for someone “give” magic points. Although this usually requests for a Magic Potion, Wines and Pollen Powder are also accepted. Usually said by priests, necromancers and paladins.
MSeal The Marble Seal, a UT from the Marble Colossus.
Mule An alternate account used to store more items when a player runs out of vault space. A mule is generally not taken into combat or levelled up, thus will usually be a level 1 wizard.
Muledump A third-party program that allows players to see the combined inventories and character attributes of all their accounts. Use of Muledump is NOT bannable.
Multi/Multibox A cheat/cheater who uses a multiboxing hack where multiple chars are stacked and controlled under a single player in order to gain more DPS and ultimately steal loot. This is against the rules and is a bannable offense.
Mundane A player intentionally choosing not to use their ability. Doing so previously granted a fame bonus, but was removed with reworks to the system. The term and its meaning are now almost exclusively used in the context of unacceptable raiding behavior, as being mundane prevents classes from performing sometimes-crucial roles.
Mura Muramasa, the tier 11 Katana.
Murky Murky Toxin, an Untiered poison dropped by Gulpord the Slime God.
MWoods Refers to Magic Woods, dropped by Ent God and Ent Ancient.
Myst, Mystical Bow of Mystical Energy, the Tier 13 bow.


Necro Necromancer class.
Nexus The area players first access when they enter the game.
Nexusing The act of hitting the return to nexus button.
NfS Not for sale, used in trading.
Nil Armor of Nil, an untiered Leather Armor dropped by Void Entity.
Nile Ring of the Nile, an untiered ring.
Noclip The process of going through otherwise blocked areas (walls, oceans, lakes, the ‘space’ in Sprite Worlds) using a client, and is a bannable offense.
Notifier A player who uses a client to determine where and when events spawn. Can also refer to the client itself, and is a bannable offense.
NPE New Player Experience, shorthand for an unnamed alternate account made by an experienced player, usually made for the increased challenge of being unable to trade. See also: PPE
NP No problem. Most commonly used way of saying “you’re welcome” in the realm.
Nvm Abbreviation for “Nevermind”


Ogmur/Oggy Shield of Ogmur, an untiered shield.
Old Top Tier 11 Weapons, Tier 12 Armor, and Tier 5 Abilities.
Omni Omnipotence Ring
Omw Abbreviation for “On my way” (similar to “Otw”, below)
Oof A meme. Roblox Death Sound. Usually said when a player (usually a high-level player with several maxed stats) dies.
@OP On the forums, to indicate a reply to the original post in the thread.
OP Overpowered, when an item is deemed as something powerful. Overpay, pay more than what an item(s) is generally worth during a trade (Offering more than an item’s perceived value in a trade).
Oreo Seal of Blasphemous Prayer, an untiered seal.
Oryx 1/O1 The Oryx you fight in the blue chamber after he whisks everybody away to their doom.
Oryx 2/O2 The Oryx you fight in the Wine Cellar.
Oryx 3/O3 The Oryx you fight in Oryx’s Sanctuary.
O3 Tops The most powerful tiered equipment dropped by Oryx the Mad God 3, ie. Tier 14 Weapons, T15 Armor, Tier 7 Abilities.
Oryx lag Heavy lag that is experienced by players in a dungeon when the players in the realm are transported to Oryx’s Castle.
OT Ocean Trench, a dungeon that drops from the Hermit God.
Otw Abbreviation for “On the way” (similar to “Omw”, above)
Overdamage Depending on context, players use this term for different things:

The notion that doing too much damage to an enemy reduces or completely negates chances for loot, which has been confirmed as a myth. This is what players most commonly refer to.

The fact that doing many hits in a short amount of time can result in an enemy surviving longer than it should, most noticable when using Spells.

The act of doing enough damage quickly to prevent other players from getting their soulbound damage in.

The act of dealing too much damage on an enemy in order to trigger a counter, a phase which inflicts a debuff or starts a counterattack. This usage is most common in Oryx’s Sanctuary, as most of the minibosses and the final boss use the counter mechanic.


P2W Pay-to-win, a business model for “free-to-play” games in which players who buy the game’s premium currency are given significant gameplay advantages. This concept is often brought up by some players when the game developers introduce more ways to use Realm Gold in the game, particularly ST sets.
Pala/Pally Paladin, a player class.
Para Short term referring to Paramount Rings.

Paralyze, a status effect.

The Parasite Chambers.
Parse Refers to the pruning of crashers and other unwanted players in private dungeons. Can also refer to Archbishop Leucoryx’s counter phase, which is sometimes deliberately triggered in organized groups to force large groups of players to nexus and improve the quality of the subsequent Oryx 3 fight.
Patience A notorious, extremely difficult, and unavoidable phase of the The Forgotten King fight where players are permanently sickened and must dodge many bleeding/armor piercing shots for roughly 30 seconds.
Pbag/PB An abbreviation of “Purple bag”, which typically holds lower tiered items and is often said by higher-end players after killing a boss.
Pcave The Pirate Cave.
Pent/Penta Pentaract, one of the events.
Perma(cloak,stun,etc) Being able to near “permanently” use an ability. Rogues endlessly cloaking, knights keeping enemies stunned, archers paralyzing forever, etc.

”Perma” also refers to the Permafrost Lord, a limited-time winter Event Boss.
Pixi/Pixie Sword Pixie Enchanted Sword, A set themed sword for Swoll Paladin Set.
Pizza Star A nickname given to Ballistic Star, an untiered star dropped by Chief Beisa.
PL Abbreviation for Polish/Poland, in terms of player communities.
Plane Cloak of the Planewalker, a rogue’s cloak that allows short range teleportation.
Plague Plague Poison, an untiered poison that only drops from the Ghost of Skuld.
Pogmur Term used for the Crystallised Fang’s Venom, a portmanteau of “poison” and “Ogmur” referring to its Armor Breaking ability. Can also refer to a well-placed Armor Break from the Shield of Ogmur or the actual Shield of Pogmur (although ironically very uncommonly for the latter due to said shield not seeing much serious use in-game).
Pony Usually refers to Sea Mare, a dangerous enemy in the Ocean Trench that can paralyze players.
Pop Term used by players when they want a dungeon key used. “Pop the Tomb”; rarely refers to the Candy Ring, dropped in the Candyland Hunting Grounds, based on its old name (“Ring Pop”).
Popped Refers to a character instantly dying due to many stacked shots or massive damage. When someone gets popped they usually have no time to nexus or heal.
Pot Any kind of potion. This term can sometimes be synonymous with Stat-increasing Potions, the unofficial currency in the player-run economy.
Potato Magical Lodestone, dropped by the Marble Colossus
PPE Acronym for Pet Player Experience. Similar to New Player Experience (NPE), except with use of ones pet. Can also mean Pro Player Experience.
Prot Tome of Holy Protection, an untiered tome dropped by Bes.
Pup, Puppet Puppet Master’s Theatre, a dungeon that drops from Leviathans.
Puri Tome of Purification, an untiered tome dropped by Lord Ruthven.
PvP Intentionally worsening certain attack phases of certain bosses to make the encounter more difficult for other players, potentially even killing them. Most often used in reference to the “miasma” phase of Chancellor Dammah, which will spawn additional projectiles if players are spread out.
Pyra The Ring of the Pyramid, an Untiered ring that drops from Bes in the Tomb of the Ancients.


QoT Quiver of Thunder, an untiered quiver.
QoS, QotS Quiver of the Shadows, an untiered quiver.
Quest Quest Bosses, which you are directed to depending on your character level. You must defeat most of them to reach Oryx’s Chamber.


Rainbow Pots/Rainbow/Rain Offering multiple any colored stat increase potions to buy, sell, or trade for an item or another potion.
Rankcism The belief that all members of each star rank possess characteristics or abilities specific to that star color, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another star color or colors.
RBaz/Right Baz/Right Bazaar Refers to the Grand Bazaar on the right side of the Nexus.
Reaper Also known as Spooky Boy, Spectral Sentry, an invulnerable enemy that can be encounted in the Lost Halls
Red An abbreviation of “Red bag”, which typically holds top items.
Reef Cnidarian Reef, a high-level boss dungeon.
Res, Resu Refers to Resurrected Warrior’s Armor, a untiered armor that is dropped in the Haunted Cemetery
Reverse king A rare occurrence during The Forgotten King fight in which the king moves backwards into the lava instead of forwards.
(server) right Indicates that a dungeon will be opened in the right Grand Bazaar in the designated server. Ex: USE2 left. See also: (server) left, when a dungeon will be opened in the left bazaar.
RIP/Rest in Peace This means that someone (usually a high-level player with several maxed stats) has died, and people are paying homage to his grave, often in jest.
Rip Loot This means that the player is sure that they will not get good loot in a dungeon due to having better players in it.
RL Short for “raid leader,” the player in charge of guiding other players through private dungeons.
rl. A request for the raid leader to say a single period (“.”) in chat. If chat bubbles are turned on, this creates an impromptu beacon that other players can follow or deploy items on. This also makes it easier to interact with the leader through other means, such as locking or trading with them.
Rock Refers to the Rock Dragon.
Rock Crystal Referred to when a Mysterious Crystal spawned on top of a rock, making it very hard to hit with projectiles that are stopped by obstacles. As of Release 27.7.X14, Crystals now spawn on their own tile to prevent Rock Crystals; however, setpieces of Realm Encounters such as the Grand Sphinx may cause a wall to spawn on top of an existing Crystal.
Roll/Rolling Leveling a character then examining his stats, to determine how they compare to the average value at level 20 (HP and MP are most taken into account due to the rarity of Life and Mana Potions). Re-rolling is the act of killing your character and starting a new roll due to a poor roll.
Rubberband When your net jitter is extremely high, causing monsters and/or characters around you to appear to bounce around your screen.
Rubbing When Nut & Geb are going past eachother very close but aren’t in a dance in Tomb of Ancients. Often mistaken for a dance. See dancing.
Rush To run ahead through a dungeon, killing few enemies, in an attempt to reach the boss quickly. This could be done to have more time to inflict soulbound damage on the boss and/or to make running dungeons less time-consuming.
RWT Real world trading, or the act of buying or selling ingame items for real money. RWT is prohibited by the Terms of Service.


S > The intention of trading with another player in an ingame trade. This specifically refers to items that the player are “selling”, or have on hand.
Sarc/S Announce that a player has reached a Sarcophagus, a mini-boss that is required to kill to awake all 3 bosses in Tomb of the Ancients.
Sad Boi/Sad Boy Refers to Golem of Fear because of their eyes making them look like they’re crying.
Sada Sadamune, the Tier 13 katana.
Samu Samurai, one of the 16 classes.
Sandman Convention/Convention A presumed bug in the game which causes vast quantities of desert sandmen, sand devils, and giant crabs to spawn in a close proximity. Fatal to low level players, but amusing to others. Also doable on smaller amounts with Goblins. Both may result in a humiliating level 20 death if you decide to go afk smack in the middle of one. The XP gain from them can cause very fast levelling-up.
SB/Soulbound 1.Soulbound items, as indicated on their tool tip when hovering over them, cannot be traded to other players. Dropping them will produce a soulbound purple bag instead of a publicly accessible brown bag.

2. Soulbound loot bags include every type of loot bag in the game except for brown and pink bags. They are dropped by enemies on a per-player basis; that is, when a soulbound bag drops for you, only you can see the bag and obtain the loot. The items in soulbound loot bags do not necessarily have to be soulbound, as most mid to high tier items drop in soulbound bags. However, untiered items, which are all soulbound, also drop in soulbound bags.

3. Soulbound damage is the minimum amount of damage that a player has to inflict on an enemy in order to have a chance for the enemy to drop a soulbound loot bag.
Scammer Someone who steals your items through deception or otherwise, without your consent.
Scammy Cursed Amulet of Resurrection, dropped in the Haunted Cemetery. Before Build 4, it referred to the Amulet of Resurrection. As of release 27.7.X7, the amulet has been replaced with the Amulet of Dispersion, which has no special effects.
SCloth/Spectral Spectral Cloth Armor, an untiered leather armor dropped by Davy Jones.
Scut/Scutum Spiteful Scutum, an Untiered shield dropped by Janus the Doorwarden.
Set A full set of equipment comprising weapon, ability item, armor and a ring.
Sew, Sewer, Sewers Referring to the Toxic Sewers.
Shat/Shats/Shatt/Shatts/Shtrs/Shttrs The Shatters dropped by Avatar of the Forgotten King.
Shendyt Shendyt of Geb, a ST Priest item, dropped by Geb.
Shiny Egg Magical Lodestone, dropped by the Marble Colossus
Shotgunned Taking most or every hit from a wave of shots. e.g. Medusa or Oryx.
Sin Assassin, a player class.
Sitting When an enemy is positioned right on top of your character, dealing massive damage to you as all its projectiles will hit. Also refers to when a player ‘sits’ on an enemy- dealing massive damage to the enemy.
Skin An item that can be used to change the appearance of your character.
Skull Skull Shrine, one of the events.
Star Mom, SMother Robe of the Star Mother, the Tier 14 robe
Snack Pot A pun on the name of the Snake Pit.
Sorc Sorcerer, a player class.
Spamstic Mystics who spam their ability on enemies, mainly to annoy players
SPD/SPE Abbreviation for Speed, a Character Stat. Also used when referring to the respective type of potion
Spellbomb Consecutively using the wizard’s ability on an enemy, dealing massive damage.
Sphinx Usually refers to Grand Sphinx, one of the events. Also can refer to Ring of the Sphinx, an untiered ring that drops from Nut.
Spikey Boi/Spikey Boy/Spiky Boi/Spiky Boy Refers to Golem of Sorrow because it shoots spikes.
Splend, Splendor Sword of Splendor, the Tier 13 sword. Can also refer to Oryx the Mad God 3’s Bomb Rain.
Spooky Boi/Spooky Boy Also named as Reaper, Spectral Sentry, an invulnerable enemy that can be encounted in the Lost Halls.
Sprite Sprite World.
Squishy A term used to describe fragile characters such as the Robe and Leather users.
Starism A more commonly used term in place of Rankcism.
ST Refers to set tier items.
ST spell Ancient Eminence or Legacy Ancient Spell: Pierce.
Steamroll The act of quickly defeating an enemy with a large group of players before the enemy has a chance to do much.
Sup Referring to a Superior Ring.
Summy A diminutive term referring to Summoner, a character class.


T# The Tier level of a Weapon, Armor, Ability, or Ring. Some items have no tier (see Untiered).
Tele/TP/T An abbreviation of Teleport.
Temple Referring to Mountain Temple opened by Jade and Garnet Statues
Thx/TY Shorthand for Thanks and Thank You, respectively.
Thicc/Thick/Thicket Referring to the Secluded Thicket.
Thicc Boy/Thicc Boi/Thick Boy/Thick Boi Refers to Tormented Golem.
Tinc Short for Tinctures, consumables which temporarily boosts your stats.
Titan Refers to Agonized Titan.
tl;dr/tldr Abbreviation of “too long, didn’t read.” Either a (somewhat rude) request asking a user to explain something more simply, or a note that the next paragraph is a summary of the information.
Tomb Referring to Tomb of the Ancients opened by Grand Sphinx
Top The most powerful tiered equipment, ie. Tier 14 Weapons, T15 Armor, Tier 7 Abilities, Unbound Rings. Often referred to as O3 Tops to avoid confusion with WC Tops or Void Tops.
Topless When a player purposely uses no tops as a challenge or to show their skill level.
Towers/T Typically refers to stationary enemies that play a key role in a boss fight, such as Titaniums, Marble Colossus Pillars, and the Messengers of Oryx. “t” in particular is often called during the fight with Oryx the Mad God 3 to quickly alert players that the Messengers of Oryx have activated.
Tracker A player using a modified client to obtain the exact location of other in-game players, usually to stalk them or otherwise impair their experience through other means. Can also refer to the modified client itself, often paired with direct connection hacks and notifiers (see also the respective terms above.) This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.
Train A large group of players that frequent the godlands and repeatedly kill gods. In the past, trains occasionally formed in lower-leveled areas. Many players join trains in order to level up (see Rolling) or gain fame quickly for star ranks and/or usable account fame with little risk.
Also used to refer to segmented worm-type enemies, like the Cavecrawler Worms or Crystal Worm Children in the Abandoned Mineshaft.
Trench The Ocean Trench dungeon.
Trick/Trix Another term for Trickster
Triple no split In the Lost Halls, denotes a series of 3 rooms with no branching paths, which indicates the correct way to the Marble Colossus.
TRoom/T Short form for “treasure room,” (usually) hidden rooms in the Manor of the Immortals, Snake Pit, Abyss of Demons, Puppet Master’s Theatre, Toxic Sewers, Tomb of the Ancients, The Nest, and Lost Halls with mini bosses that can drop various loot and untiered items unique to the dungeon.
TSarc Specifically refers to the treasure room of the Tomb of the Ancients.
TShot Thousand Shot, an Untiered bow that drops from The Puppet Master (Encore).
Ttyl Abbreviation for “Talk to you later”
Tut Tutorial, which can be accessed by typing /tutorial (was also used for trading and congregation purposes in previous builds).
Twilight or Twi Cloak of Endless Twilight, the Tier 5 cloak.


UB, Unbound Referring to a Unbound Ring (ex. UBAtt for Ring of Unbound Attack, or UBHP for Ring of Unbound Health).
UDL Undead Lair.
Unity Staff of the Vital Unity, the Tier 13 staff. May also refer to the porting of Realm’s game engine from Flash to Unity.
Untiered/UT Refers to rare items that are not tiered.


V:, V> Spanish equivalent of S: or S>, based on the word “vender” which is Spanish for “selling.”
Val, vally Short term for the tradeable Valentines Day 2013 pet.
VBow Short for Void Bow, referring to Bow of the Void, an untiered bow dropped by Void Entity.
VE Void Entity, the final boss of the Lost Halls.
Vial, Vile Vial of Pure Darkness, an item that unlocks the portal to The Void, where the Void Entity is encountered
Vial Run To complete a Lost Halls with the intention of defeating Malus, who drops a Vial of Pure Darkness for one player. This requires luring three Evil Spirits to the Agonized Titan’s chamber to unlock the Cultist Hideout. Contrast with “Void Run”.
Vile Trap of the Vile Spirit, an untiered (event white) trap dropping from Ghost Ship.
VIT Abbreviation for Vitality, a Character Stat. Also used when referring to the respective type of potion.
Vital Staff of the Vital Unity, the Tier 13 staff.
Void Run To complete a Lost Halls with the intention of defeating the Void Entity. This requires first defeating the Marble Colossus and opening a portal to The Void with a Vial of Pure Darkness. Contrast with “Vial Run”.
Void Tops Tiered equipment that was originally dropped only by Void Entity, today referring to Tier 13 Weapons and T14 Armors.
Vouch Verifying that another player is a trustworthy trader.
VQuiv Short for Void Quiver, a nickname for Quiver of the Shadows dropped by Void Entity.


Wall A huge cluster of Gods which is incredibly dangerous and difficult to take down. Although officially patched, they do still occur on smaller scales.
War, Warr Warrior, a player class.
Waki Wakizashi, the ability of the Samurai Class
WB Abbeviation for “Welcome back”
Wbag/White White Bag, often said by players when an enemy drops a rare loot for them.
WC Wine Cellar
WC Tops Refers to the highest tradable tier items that can be found in the Wine Cellar. These are tier 12 weapons, tier 13 armors, tier 6 abilities, and tier 5 rings (tier 6 rings only drop in the Shatters, Cultist Hideout and OSanc).
WIS Abbreviation for Wisdom, a Character Stat. Also used when referring to the respective type of potion.
Wiz, Wizzy Wizard, a player class.
Woodlab, Wlab Abbreviation for Woodland Labyrinth.
WTB Want to Buy
WTS Want to Sell
Wyrm Wyrmhide Armor, the Tier 14 leather armor.


XP Experience Points, which are gained when killing a monster. Before level 20, they help level you up. After level 20, they slowly increase your fame meter.
XWalk A cheat, where the player can pass through walls by disconnecting wi-fi/internet, commonly at boss room of Lost Halls. This is not condoned by Deca or many players, and is a bannable offense.


Yw You’re welcome.


ZSeal Seal of the Holy Warrior, the Tier 5 seal.