Realm of the Mad God 

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Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer, “bullet hell,” roguelike RPG that drops players into the thick of the fight in a world overwhelmed by Oryx the Mad God and his minions. The game features online cooperative gameplay in a huge world, more than 60 unique dungeons, thousands of enemies, real-time action combat, 18 playable classes, leveling, and thousands of items to collect. To play the game, simply download the launcher and install the game, create a free account, and go!

This wiki serves as a community-generated resource containing content documentation, instructions, gameplay tips, FAQs and other resources. While this wiki is accessible to any visitor, only players who are at least rank 14 Light Blue Star and registered on RealmEye can add and edit pages.

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Current game version Exalt Version
Updated August 2, 2022
Changes Month of the Mad God: Vindication
Black Coins
The Shady Vagrant
The Syndicate
The Interregnum
Special Quests

Exalted Pass
New Discount Coupons

Assassin & Sorcerer Rework

New Weapon Types
Dual Blades, Tachi, Flail, Longbow, Spellblade, Morning Star

Special Status Icons
Player Titles
Berserk Changes
HP Scaling Changes

New Skins
Free Pack
New Nexus Design
Various other changes & Fixes