Fake deca rings?


I bought 2 decas from someone for 13 glife each (which seemed weird because they did the trade in usw3 where there were people buying decas for 15glife up front to begin with) put both of them in my vault (confirmed they were vaulted) then a couple hours later I have someone who wanted to buy one so go to grab it but they have both disappeared…I have no idea if this is strictly a vault glitch or if it is somehow possible for someone to create fake items that disappear…but really annoying.


Have you checked your vault again?


it’s a vault glitch
(from what i read in forums, there have been vault glitches for some time now where people lose their valuable UT’s and stuff)
IDK exactly how it happens, and IDK if DECA will do anything about it, because i haven’t read any resolutions for them
luckily, it hasn’t happened to me yet

here are a couple threads i found after performing a quick search:

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Cdirk disappearing in vault

(Vault deleting items)


yeah it was yesterday, im fairly certain they are gone lol, well apparently other poster says its more of a vault issue than trading issue