Favourite in-game sprites?




I never realized that the purple things were the horned drake’s eyes for a long time. I always thought that the horned drake’s right wing was its head, and its ring horn was some kind of tooth or tusk.

I was very disappointed with myself when I figured it out.



I thought about that one, it’s not used but looks very nice :smiley:


It’s only “not used” in the same way that BMJ’s unreleased tier dagger is. He still exists in the game’s code and is fully functional.

And yes, he does look very nice.


I never knew that he was actually part of the game’s code, I thought it was just some scrapped Sprite that was very original


I’m a failure.
Btw, does “he” have a name?


He’s on @Pfiffel’s dps calculator, called ‘F.E.R.A.L’ but I always thought it was some unused-unimplemented sprite


It’s name is F.E.R.A.L. hence my subname. It was meant for the Mad Lab. A lot of dungeons made around that time like the Lab, Cemetery, Davy and Manor have unused enemies for some reason. No idea why, they would have made cool additions. There’s an entire area’s worth of enemies and a boss that goes completely unused for the Haunted Cemetery.


Puppet came a bit later, and has at least one unused Sprite that I know of, which is the ninja puppet


What a shame, it seems like he would make an awesome addition to the Mad Lab. Maybe throwing projectiles that have the same effect as the green liquid? But I guess I wouldn’t be as fond towards that sprite afterwards, haha.

The subnames are pretty cool. Unfortunately I don’t have a nickname, so I just have “iVVhackU” three times. Did you make that FERAL looking at the Earth in a spaceship picture? It’s really cute c:



More than that. It’s missing the Necromancer Puppet, Ninja Puppet and Huntress Puppet. It’s a very strange mystery, in fact. See, the Necromancer and the Ninja were never actually seen, even though they do exist and have completely mapped-out behaviors and attacks (Necromancer shoots staff-like shots that steal HP like Ruthven and Ninja has a powerful star projectile). It’s unknown why those two were never added, but the weirdest part is the Puppet Huntress. This one was actually used in the open testing version of the dungeon. It had a more simple arrow attack than the Puppet Archer and also threw an AoE projectile that inflicted Slow. However, it was glitched at the time and the Slow effect never wore off, likely due to no value ever being set for it. You’d think that would be a simple glitch, but whether or not KP ever fixed it, the Huntress is nowhere to be seen in the final product and isn’t even on Pfiffel’s DPS gizmo.


I’ll choose:


For all it represents as much as the cool colours and design.


The first class that when I unlocked it I thought WOW nice colours. The shading is spot on. All the default skins really are great designs.


He has a nice colour scheme and a crazy appearance. Cwand was always my #1 item in the old days when it was the only wand that pierced, and this guy had it in his power to drop it.


Thats So Deep o.O


In the past I thought the white areas next to the Crystal Prisoner’s eyes were actually his eyes, so that meant I thought the Prisoner had huge googly eyes. And then the white and red portion in the middle? I thought it was his mouth.

I feel stupid.


I still think that… don’t you dare ruin it. Keep believing!



Bonus @Poopythell I still belive it is this way #derpyspider

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I’d come back to the game indefinitely if all sprites were redrawn in that style.


Even though its called cyclops god - This is how I see it everytime

Doodle Skins