(New Waki) Lunar Fang



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A blade cut from meteoric metals, having powerful magical properties. The aura around this blade pulses, flowing through the bearer’s strikes and increasing their furiosity with every blow.


Tier UT
MP Cost: 75 MP
On Equip: +5 ATK, +5 DEF
Damage: 150-980 (565 Average)
Total Damage: 450-2940 (1695 Average)
Max Cast Range: 4.5 tiles
Combo: Crescent Moon: Shots: 3 (-45° from player, travelling 270° around), Restore 15 MP
Half Moon: Shots: 3 (180°from player, travelling 180° around), Inflicts Grey Down Arrow Exposed for 2.75 seconds
Full Moon: Shots: 3 (2 Tile Laser on Cursor) (Critical and Ignores Armor)
Combo Duration: 1.75 Seconds
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Effect(s): Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Projectile Speed: 20 tiles per second
XP Bonus: 7%
Soulbound: Soulbound
Feed Power: 700

Drops From:

More info:

I played a bit of samurai and noticed that spamming ability was a really significant part of the the samurai’s DPS. This made me think of the idea of ‘combos’.

How would combos work?

Combos would essentially work by having a set duration given by the ‘Combo Duration’. There is still the set standard of minimum 0.25 second cooldown between ability uses. If you use your ability within the combo duration, you transition into the next part of your combo. If you finish your combo or don’t use your ability within the combo duration, your cooldown for the ability will start. Switching to another ability also resets the Combo Duration. For more explanation to the wakizashi angles, the ‘crescent moon’ would travel around the player as the center-point, tracing out a crescent, while ‘half moon’ would trace out a semi-circle.

For this wakizashi combo, the first time you use the ability you would do ‘Crescent Moon’, mainly there to help you position the next combo and a source of quick, cheap damage. If you use your ability again within the Combo Duration, you would transition into ‘Half Moon’, changing the direction of the wakizashi and now inflicting exposed. The last part of your combo for this ability would be ‘Full Moon’ which would be ‘Critical’ or deal the maximum possible damage of the wakizashi and ignore armor, synergizing with the expose from ‘Half Moon’ and would deal 3000 Armor Piercing Burst Damage.

Let me know what you think of the ability in the comments or what you think about the idea in the poll! I’m generally open to suggestions and thoughts to edit this idea so about this so feel free to comment what you think about it!

Edit History
  • Changed MP cost from 65 MP to 70 MP, Expose duration from 4 to 2.75 second to balance it out with other wakizashis. Also changed Maximum Cast Range from 5 tiles to 4.5 tiles. Editted typos and grammar in the item description for clarity.

  • Changed MP cost from 70 to 75 MP and MP Restoration from 20 to 15 to balance ‘Crescent Moon’.

What do you think about the idea?

  • The idea is great!
  • The idea is good.
  • The idea is okay.
  • The idea is bad.

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This is one reason why my Samu uses Resu as her main armor:

Does the cooldown affect other Waki or just Lunar Fang itself?

Beside that, this really emphasizes on spamming the Waki to make full use of it.

Changing direction of the Waki slash… feels like a hybrid of tiered waki with Eastern Wind.

I am not really a fan of giving Waki’s a significant cooldown after each uses. As you mentioned that you won’t able to use Lunar again until 1.75 seconds is up.

My bad, I was typing something out.


Ah thanks for pointing this out, I’ll add this as clarification to using combos. Switching to a different wakizashi would be treated as ending the combo, initiating the 3 second cooldown.

I imagine one could also use combos to ‘prepare’ a specific attack, like spamming the ability two times to eventually target a specific enemy and ramp up to ‘Full Moon’ upon engaging. Making it so that you would be able to burst specific enemies should you be able to time it well. Maybe some enjoyment could be found just being able to delete a god or a very clumped up group of enemies with similar HP instantaneously with ‘Full Moon’.

I think you got cut off here.


S’all good, it happens to all of us sometimes.

Mhm, I just thought it would be cool to think of like a ‘double slash’ kind of feel to it. But a small clarification, the 1.75 seconds isn’t part of the cooldown, the cooldown between combos or chained ability uses are 0.25 seconds. The combo duration is just so that you don’t just ‘hold’ a specific combo indefinitely. This means that for example you use your ability but you don’t use it again within the 1.75 seconds, the combo duration ends and you’re left with the cooldown, effectively resetting your combo.


So in total this would deal ~6390 damage (@0def) assuming all shots hit for the cost of 170 mana, giving you ~37.6 dmg/mp. The Watarimono gives you ~37.5 dmg/mp without any expose, piercing, or offensive bonuses, just slightly faster. The T7 waki does ~27 dmg/mp with a similar expose duration and slightly more beneficial stat bonuses (Sam likes dex, and hp is generally viewed as more valuable than def). The most notable downside to this waki is that you need space on both sides (like Xing Fires?) and it takes slightly longer to do all it’s damage.

I assume you get to aim each part of the combo (you aren’t locked in to your initial cast for the last two hits, right)? If so, I’d say tune down the damage a little bit so that it fits somewhere between t7 and Watarimono and you have yourself a very interesting and good waki (also, Xing Fires rework when).

**Damage/mp addressed. Awesome! Would love to see it!


As an idea, I think this is great! The added depth landing combos would make me play (maybe exclusively) samurai.
In terms of stats, the full combo looks to do an average of 8165 if I understand the way it functions correctly (which I doubt) at a cost of 170 mp by my calculations. This is 3(average damage) + 3(average damage and expose) + 3(max damage + expose). I don’t know if it should be 1 or 3 lasers. You also have 5 tiles of range.


You missed a ‘w’ in blow : )


Much appreciated input here! I got a bit careless and forgot to compare it to the DPS of other existing wakizhashi. The bonuses are mainly there to compete just a little with the stat bonuses of other wakizashi but not entirely outclass.

If I ran my calculations properly it should be around ~30.4 dmg/MP with a much shorter expose duration. Instead of nerfing the damage I just went for bumping the MP cost from 65 to 70 so I wouldn’t have to change the multiple DPS numbers on the idea.

You assume correct! The player would be free to reposition or stand in place should they wish for their combos. Again though much thanks for the very constructive and supportive comments :D!

Edit: I am bad at math, I forgot to account for the MP restoration in Crescent Moon. I adjusted it accordingly so the previously said calculations would remain the same (Changed MP Cost from 70 to 75 and MP Restoration from 20 to 15 to fit with current calculations).


Huh, this made me wonder a bit of the potential of just having tiered wakizashi and other UT wakizashi be able to do combos as well, maybe implemented in a different way perhaps? But I definitely agree that having the depth a ‘combo’ mechanic could give would definitely interest a bunch more players to appreciate samurai more!

In my calculations it would have the same numbers as @Kingsports did at around ~6390 damage. The expose applies after the damage is dealt and not before for ‘Half Moon’ so it would be 2*3(average total damage) + 3(critical armor piercing damage + expose).

Huh, would this be too generous? but I was also worried about it too. I’ll tone it down to 4.5 tiles for the time being.


Kek, thanks for the heads up! Typo adjusted accordingly XD


I do feel that we should let the existing wakis specialize in range have an obvious upper hand in those categories. Not only this, but a clean triple hit for ~6390 damage? For comparison:

Shadowarm Serpent: 6 range with high damage, but difficulty landing all shots consistently
Watarimono: 5 max casting range, second highest raw damage without any other perks and a clean hit
Eastern Winds: 4.6 max casting range, with its strength being in keeping the exposed debuff going for extended periods of time
Tiered: 4.4 max casting range; average
Crossing Fires: 4 max casting range, highest raw damage with a clean hit and a slightly hampered debuff (compare to Eastern Winds)
Ryu’s Blade: 3 max casting range, but, 9.6 horizontal range, with wavy, armor piercing shots.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the combo idea, but the way I’m reading the ability to work, it doesn’t sound as difficult to land all the shots as many of the existing UT wakis, for more reward and generous range, plus a debuff to boot! Are those crescents spaced much, or packed together like tiered wakis?

Shortening the range may be a good first step to have taken, but are there any other ways to make the other wakis more viable options, especially since this drops from a Manor, as opposed to other higher dungeons? Altering the shot speed sounds tempting at first, but slowing it too much would take away from the “combo” feel of it…

My apologies if I’m missing something. I do recognize that this takes a hefty 225 MP -15 (Per shot hit? Or based on if you hit at all?) to carry out the entire arsenal, but I’m thinking of those of us with amazing MHeal pets. I’ll ignore other Wis/MP enhancers from other gear, though.


I see, these are all valid points. My original intention was to have ‘Crescent Moon’ and ‘Half Moon’ travel at fairly fast speeds but travels in a ‘semi-circle’ sort of fashion, with Crescent Moon having a larger semi-circle to shape the pattern like a crescent. The shots would ideally be packed relatively close together. This could also enable the player to perform their combos in very different angles but it would require a significant awareness of space.

I didn’t know how to portray this in the shot patterns or how this would be taken though so I originally scrapped the need to put this in and went on and made it pretty much a ‘regular’ swing. Also I was worried that if I make the combo description for each part too long trying to explain it, it would seem too complicated or overwhelm the player. I see that paying a bit more attention to the variance and the ease of landing shots might have been more important than I originally thought.

So I might just implement the first idea, making it so that the player would need a significant amount of space to perform their combos? I could go for or pair it with a short max cast range as well? I need some time to think a bit about this. Although I’m somewhat biased to go for what was originally intended (Crescent Shaped/ Semi-circle Shaped path, player as center point) at the moment.




Edited the waki angles (shot path), the range should be a sort of ‘blessing and curse’ due to how it would cover a significant amount of space despite the fast shots.


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