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Lord Ruthven

Last updated: 14.0.0

Lord Ruthven is the boss of the Manor of the Immortals.

The Realm Eye says:
Lord Ruthven is an adept practitioner of the dark arts, specializing in magic which distorts or steals from the life essence of others.
He loyally serves Oryx, spearheading many of the Mad God’s most wicked plans. It was him who created the very curse which brought this library to its knees.
Most famously, Ruthven is responsible for the supernatural phenomenon known as “lag.” None know how this magic works, but it is wildly effective at killing.



HP: 12,000 (+20% [2,400 HP] per player in dungeon)
DEF: 30
EXP: 2,500
Location: Manor of the Immortals

Levitates off Ground
Leeches Health
Counts to God Kills
Immune to Stasis
Level 1 Quest

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Ruthven Shot


At the start of the fight, Lord Ruthven will fire shotguns of daggers aimed at the nearest player while wandering around slightly. After taking enough damage, he will become invulnerable, move into the center of the room, and fire radial bursts of orange lasers.

After this, or if not enough damage is dealt in the previous phase, he will spawn 4 Coffin Creatures, along the edges of the room, if there currently isn’t any coffin creature still alive, and transform into an endlessly-respawning horde of Vampire Bat Swarmers and chase players around the room. Each individual Swarmer does low damage, but Confuses players, and together the swarm can be extremely dangerous. After a certain amount of time has passed, he will transform back in the center of the room and begin the process again.

Depending on his remaining HP ruthven has 4 distinct main phases, each main phase having more projectiles than the previous one and possibly being longer(the first one is clearly shorter than the others). The main phase transitions are signified by the use of the orange burst attack. When transitioning to the last phase(i.e. when he uses the orange burst attack for the final time), he will spawn 4 Coffin Creatures regardless of already present ones.

An additional fact worth noting is that Ruthven is one of the few enemies with the “Leeches Health” trait, which returns 100% of all damage he deals as health. Avoid his shots to stop him from healing.


Coffin CreatureCoffin Creature
Vampire Bat SwarmerVampire Bat Swarmer

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Tips and Strategies

  • It is possible to avoid having to deal with the Vampire Bat Swarmers, as damage done to them is not damage done to Ruthven, by moving out of the range of detection by the Swarmers before they spawn. When Ruthven spawns the four Coffin Creatures, or if you see on the mini map that he has moved to the west(left) side of the boss room, then move back to the entrance of that room. Use the time to kill the Coffin creature and Lil’ Feratus that appear near the entrance. Watch the mini map and when you see that Ruthven has moved back to the center of the boss room, you can charge in and attack Ruthven again.

  • If you leave at least one Coffin Creature alive until the next time Ruthven transforms, he may not spawn any new Coffin Creatures if the phase was ended quickly.

  • The first time Ruthven transforms into Vampire Bat Swarmers, he can be dragged out of the boss room. This may or may not be a good thing.

  • If he is dragged out and he gets caught in a smaller room, then it is possible that he will spawn Coffin Creatures in an adjacent room or in black tiles, so you do not have to deal with as many of the Lil’ Feratus during the fight. This may be helpful if you expect the battle to take a long time. However, the limit of detection by Vampire Bat Swarmers and Ruthven’s movement is much fuzzier. Though you can see the Swarmers on your mini map before they can detect you. So when you see Ruthven spawning Coffin Creatures, run away and slowly move forward until you see erratically moving dots on the mini map. When those dots disappear, leaving one dot (Ruthven) behind, it is safe from the Swarmers and you can attack.

  • Be sure to be away from the bats swarm when he transforms back into his true self. If he transforms on top of you it could mean death.

  • Lord Ruthven is excellent for Bow and Wand classes to increase their accuracy stat with during its Bat Swarmers phase, as the multi-hitting weapons will most definitely be striking many bats at once, allowing the “Shots Hit” stat to skyrocket. With enough dedication, this may lead to an accuracy stat higher than 100%!

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