[ROTMG Comic] The Tale of the Pumpkin Master


With the Spooky Season, just around the corner, why not settle down from the hard work of reconstruction with a spooky tale to get everyone in the spirit.

The Tale of the Pumpkin Master

A short tale, featuring the origins of our beloved Pumpkin Master, and how he got to where he is today.

And in light of the world situation right now, I wish everyone safety in their spooky-related activities and their michevious acts in the witching hours.

Last year’s HallowSTween since the thread has been pruned.

[ROTMG Comic] Harlequin Havoc

Yes, you made Skuld a “she!” DECA, please adopt this XD

Edit: Also, thank you, @Craftable! I probably should have acknowledged you first. You are an entertaining cartoonists.


Isn’t Skuld already a female?
or rather, wasnt she? haha get it? cuz she’s actually dead and now a ghost. hahahahahaha


Oh boy. That is something that I’ve heard been a debate since I was a newer player. I’ll see if I can cite my evidence tomorrow, since it’s late and I was briefly checking in one last time, but basically, the devs… kind of contradicted themselves on that. Skuld was both a “he” and “she” in different descriptions.

I may be ignorant of a past announcement, but I’ve heard no official reconciliation on the matter. I’ve always viewed Skuld as female, myself, for a couple reasons.

Wraiths and the undead can still assume genders for identification, can’t they? I mean… :eyes:


Other than RealmEye referring to her with female pronouns, it’s confirmed by the description of the ST Rogue armor’s description – “With little need for conventional armor, Skuld prefers to empower her magic arts even further.”

In my opinion, yes in this case because Skuld (or any fantastical undead) is present and sentient in the world. But in real life, we usually use phrases like, “He was a man from the 1800s,” because their living presence is absent and biologically cannot be classified in gender anymore (though it’s obviously bound for debate).

In other words, I don’t know. :joy:

Edit: On second thought, it literally sounds so wrong for a dead person to not have a gender…O-O I swear, this question’s going to keep me up at night. Now look what you’ve done!


Ah, screw it. It’s going to bug me leaving that hanging. Who needs sleep, anyway

In-game descriptions included the Ghastly Drape, which identified Skuld as a female, but then we had other descriptions, such as during a previous Halloween event and I think a tinkerer description once upon a time described Skuld as a “he.” In quick searched it’s harder to cite sources on this other than memory, but I found one mentioned by a player in an older post:
For years, Skuld has been slowly building an army, and this Halloween he will finally be ready to release his creations into the world.

However, upon looking at what the all seeing eye had to say about them as the most updated piece of information we have, the argument appears to lie more in accordance with Skuld indeed being female.


Best tastes, my friends


Heh. I remember seeing that. There’s been fan art both ways, though, and none are strictly canon.


In “theory”, this one is. Its “featured” in the Pirate Cave as a painting. Along with a certain hipster


Yeah but Skuld’s sex could be either one in that picture




I already know which one you’re talking about without clicking the link :sweat_smile:

That’s actually my favorite fan picture! I love that collection. Some of my sisters who don’t even play the game got a kick out of it, too.


The final page has been released because I finally got off my lazy ass

Happy Hauntings and Happy Huntings this upcoming Halloween event!