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Caps caps caps. Snowy is maybe (guessing) a bit Germanic in his capital letter usage?


Wants to be Snowy the Frost God, no cap for T, and doesn’t need the Y of Yourselves or P of Presents capsing. The S in Snowman in his first line can work either way: with cap S if referencing self, using ‘the Snowman’ as a nickname, or if it’s intended as a generic ‘the snowman’ it’d want lc S.

(For the name, compare how Daichi has it correctly styled with Daichi the (small T) Fallen).


(this Daichi typo is still wrong BTW - prev post).


The german equivalents of “the” and “yourselves” are normally not capitalized


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I haven’t got a video since I’m lazy but:

The coffin creatures in the manor still open and close when stasised.


If I understand correctly, that’s cause they use some extra animations to make it happen - kinda like the Crystallized Fish’ vanishing.


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Should be Janus’ not “Janus’s.”


Possessive singular nouns could be either way.

Apostrophe instead of apostrophe-s is only a rule for possessive plural nouns ending in ‘s’.

Grammatik macht frei


I like how everyone is pointing out grammar mistakes when most of DECA probably has English as a second or third language
spot the grammatical error :wink:


Ur name


No punctuation?




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For these (possession when singular noun ends in s) I was taught the difference depends on how you might say it aloud (which can vary by speaker/dialect/region).
So Janus’s indicates you wish to say it as “[Januses] long range shots…” (I say it as this one)
and Janus’ indicates you wish it spoken as “[Janus] long range shots…”

If you’re treating Deca as a collective singular then you’d want ‘have’ not ‘has’?
Did I win? :trophy:


No one could figure it out… it was so simple…


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Names displayed are differents


Thankfully, the plain “id” (as opposed to “DisplayID”) only shows up visibly I think in the ‘Killed By…’ data on our character, and pets won’t ever show up there…unless you are feeding them indigestible items again…

As long as the DisplayID matches the Description, we’re good.



probably really old repost