Trivial Issues Thread


The way it currently works is vaults are unlocked according to proximity from where you spawn in vault, but it’s retarded to have those 1-2 side vaults when top isn’t fully unlocked.


…or cunning/sneaky lure ploy to get players to unlock additional vaults that we might not otherwise do, were we able to complete one section tidily and be satisfied.



A bit late, but here’s the recording. I’ve now found that the root of the problem is when you’re moving too fast; aka you’re going in the direction of a moving tile. It probably has to do w/ anticheating or antiduping but if you do that too much, the game will eventually boot you (sorta like using damaging ability when stunned).

At the start, I’m not moving, so double-clicking switches my weapon fine. On the moving tile however, I’m unable to swap via double-click nor drag n’ drop.

Note that if you’re moving against a tile, this bug won’t happen, likely because it has to do with speed. idk tho


Yeah, that’s been around for a long time.
Really annoying trying to speedrun Sprite Worlds petlessly - I use Yuki on the way to boss, then switch to Void at boss; if I don’t want to risk failing, I have to stand still, which costs precious time >_>

Can also happen in Mad Lab green pools, example:
Yes, it’s that old.


Was trying to record a run for petless solo ddocks, but found this interesting bug.

The Heroic Observer, aka eyeball wall thing, is supposed to regen its health every 5 seconds, with 50k being the threshold to get past. However every once in a while, it’ll heal 5 times, once per second.

I thought I could somehow exploit this to get past the DPS wall but alas, couldn’t do it.


If you’re only getting to 30k out of 50, you’re going to need consumables (Cerveza, Tinctures, etc…).

Have you tried with Toga Picta/Garment of the Beast+Crown?


Yeah, currently the category is consumables free but we’ll see if it’s physically possible haha. BTL said he got it to 49k, which is suuuper close. Whenever I do it though, I get frame skips meaning EP shots / spell shots missing. I’d probably need a better computer to do it.


Search bar didn’t yield anything, but sometimes a Davy’s barrel will explode one extra time. Boss also doesn’t go invulnerable if you deal too much damage at once, phase skip I guess.


I won’t split some of your video bugs off onto separate topics @Uniqourn because the conversation would get screwed up, with replies about multiple bugs on the same post etc it would get too confusing to work out.

But I’d recommend you post them as their own topics because enemy behaviour (the wall in Docks) and status effect/cheat detection (the weapon swap in Sprite World) are more than Trivial.

The pet skin Mini Flying Stheno, that name doesn’t seem right.
Items 0x4c15 & 0x4c16
The enemy is a Stheno Pet, not Stheno herself, flying or otherwise - the Pet bit is important to include.
…this would make it a Mini Flying Stheno Pet pet skin/stone.


Maybe Stheno can morph herself into her pets? Who knows!


Or stheno’s pets are also called stheno


Not sure if this is already elsewhere in the thread, but apparently, Wakizashis were (at one point) equippable on Ninja, I believe - or this is a RealmEye bug.

Found this while scrolling through this list (where I’m around 161!!):
Also, @Xaklor is almost in the top 100 >:O

The Achievement Thread

Yeah I think I saw a Reddit post a while back about this. Pretty sure it’s just a RE bug.



I guess I should do something about that

The Achievement Thread

this is like the third time someone’s brought up that topic :expressionless:

ugh stop editing quotes amirite


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