Wiki Improvements


Pretty sure that’s entirely outta our control…


I think it’s not so good at short terms, or when the spelling is really wrong.

For example this butchered Jugg spelling does still find the right page:

Nicknames should work, as long as the nickname is written somewhere on the page of the item (eg, staying with Jugg, it finds that on a search because it’s on the page):

Though it’d be nice to have redirects, so we could tell it to send people searching for Jugg directly to the relevant page.

snowy the frost god’s tips and strategies are for permafrost lord


Could somebody (not me) add the new rings for the event?


The pages exist. It’s just the links to the pages which need to be added to the Rings page.


If any of you guys like editing wiki pages, creating new ones or just pointing out existing issues for others to take care of, you should join the Realmeye Wiki Contribution Discord Server!


Making new Cloths sprites is at present a skill beyond me to create (they involve a texture mapped onto the base Large and Small Cloth sprites, which involves some shading).

There’s 6 new cloths (large+small=12 sprites) for the Oryxmas event, that I can’t see anywhere yet, aside from going into the game to get them from screenshots of the item descriptions.

Below are the textures as provided in the leak topic, and item names, if anyone has the knowledge to get them into sprite form, or if this is done by simple screenshot of the in-game item let me know as I’ve got a few of them in my vaults:


Do note that like 2 or 3 of them were changed a bit after the leak. Also, I just got it from the textile spritesheet

i also dont know how to get it in sprite form :sunglasses:


The sprites are in the renders.png generated by realmeye.


All of the Alien Invasion minions are still missing wiki pages.
I made an imgur album of all of their sprites (40x40 / 80x80) and projectiles, so making them oughtn’t bee too much trouble now, right?


When Seelpit doesn’t credit you for bringing it to her attention.


Hush, boomer old man, it was late.


A general question:

When using external image links, I never know whether it’s useful/important/irrelevant to include the https:. Any advice on this since it seems to me that the image works in either method.



I think you can usually leave it out, since it’s only ever used as an indicator and not really part of the link.


Yeah what bugs me is, when I copy and paste, it’s an extra step to remove it, so I suppose I’m asking is there any need to remove it or am I fine to be officially-sanctioned lazy and leave it in.


Well, you can just leave 'em in - the worst it’ll do is bug those who’d prefer it to be consistent…but either way works ^u^


If anyone of you needs an occupation


There’s also the guide page for that dungeon which is also incredibly outdated and subject to quite a lot of messiness from years back of quick and unpolished edits.

In general, a lot of guide pages on the wiki could use some edits if not outright updates to remove old information that is no longer accurate.


The Shaitan wiki page seems as unloved as the dungeon itself after the misjudged rework.

I’ll remove at least the map and some other bits that I know are outright wrong. But it seems above my ability to complete that dungeon now (failed every time out of 3 or 4, and I don’t enjoy it), so I can’t offer anything constructive.


Made an ability stat template and used prot as a test subject:

Does it look OK or broken?