Wiki Improvements


If you know which pages exactly then I can take a closer look whenever I have the time or someone else in this thread can! (I’m assuming it’ll be the majority of the main equipment pages due to new items being released so relatively often).


So I’ve been a bit inactive recently when it comes to editing the wiki. A part of it is that I’ve been busy IRL and the free time I have I was dedicating to other things. However, another part of it is that I haven’t really been actually playing the game, and the wiki edits I have done more recently have been ones that are fairly easy to do just from browsing the XML at most.

Unfortunately, I’m still not really interested in actually playing the game in its current state (I’ll probably pick it back up once the Unity beta releases). But I’d still like to make the wiki better.

Some things I’ve noticed that I can work on are:

  • new additions to the game that I can just read the XML for, eg skins
  • updating pages where the subject of the page has been updated sometime in the past and the page doesn’t reflect this yet
  • general rewriting of pages to make them read better. This is a pretty big one and I’m hoping that I could do a lot of pages some justice. For example, many pages currently have historical information on the subject in the very first paragraph of the page. Important information to keep? Yes, but moreso in a “History” subheading further down the page. The first paragraph of the page should ideally summarize and/or give the most important details of the subject.
  • related to the above, just hopefully making the pages read better by adding in hyperlinks, correcting grammar issues, separating text into appropriate subheadings/categories, adding in templates where templates would help with readability, etc

I want to help get the wiki to such a state that it’s comparable quality-wise with sites such as the Minecraft or Terraria wiki, because I think that’d be great support to the community to have such a powerful resource on-hand.

Not as glamorous as creating completely new pages whenever new items and dungeons and enemies are added to the game… but in my eyes it’s still just as important for the overall image of the wiki. Just let me know if it seems like I’m overstepping with my edits in any way.


Ok so the following pages need work

  • Weapons is missing the new Halloween st sets, the legacy sts, and the soul’s guidance wand

  • Abilities is also missing the Halloween st sets, the legacy sts, and Mighty Stein

  • Armors is missing the legacy sts, the Halloween st sets, and Greaterhosen

  • Rings is missing the legacy sts (besides ring of pure wishes), the Halloween sts, the crystal key, and most of the st rings have incorrect stats

The pages for types of equipment such as heavy armors or bows, are also outdated and display incorrect statistics for rebalanced items and are missing new items.


I clicked on the “Random Page” button today and discovered that the Agonized Titan page still contained info about the old flame dragging mechanic. I updated it with more relevant information, but if someone who has more LH experience than I do could just do a quick once-over and make sure that everything looks correct, that would be awesome.


The Killer Bee Queen wiki page seems wrong/outdated when it refers to the Beehemoth heals on KBQ, maybe someone more knowledgable than I can fix it?:

From seeing @Unicorn 's petless priest solo, the heals in that phase are +600. Also, the Red Beehemoth dies at 33:40, and the +600 still occurs throughout the fight after that, eg. at 34:06 a +600 is visible.

So is it merely that the “about 200” is wrong/old info before @Seelpit’s beework/rework? and can be replaced with 600? Or is there something more going on, such as the heals don’t come from the Beehemoths? I don’t Nest a lot so haven’t got the knowledge here and no way I’m soloing that, haha.


I believe they heal for 600 each? Might bee wrong but I do always recall them doing it for 600.
It’s why doing it on a Mystic at the end is so painful - high def + lack of piercing…


I think the healing scales with the amount of people


Correct, I asked Uni and they confirmed this.
I’ll add it to the page ^u^


Nice, that’s great info.

So it might be worthwhile focusing on the Beehemoths to nullify the healing? Am thinking for the Tips and Strategies. Or nah?


Sure, but mostly optional. With a decent group, you’ll blast through the Queen anyway.
Still, they can drop the Armors, I believe, so it’ll bee worth it ^u^b


Pet food page does not contains that tree looking christmas feed item, nor the christmas ambrosia reskin (the apple)


Beer God drop table doesn’t have the whites updated.


Just a heads up that if you regularly update Paint.NET, the dll file linked here doesn’t seem to work at least for me in the latest Paint.NET update. But downloading updated version of BoltBait’s plugin pack here works fine.

(for making wiki-ready sprites)

Just one thing changes, if you are outlining sprites using the updated version, remember to set the outline’s alpha to 255 (otherwise you’ll have some transparency in your outline).
Also reminder that the object shadow offsets should be 0 and 0, otherwise it isn’t accurate to the game’s shadows (the shadow will be offset to a corner rather than uniformly around the sprite).


This got brought up in discussion on the RotMG Discord:

Currently, for class guides we have one guide for each class. However, guides tend to be fairly subjective to begin with, and one concern is that multiple people working on the same guide may clash on ideas.

I am wondering if it would be more appropriate to give the ability for people to write their own individual guides on a class, and all would be linked on the main class guides page (eg. person 1 writes a warrior guide, person 2 also wants to write a warrior guide, but instead of person 2 having to begrudgingly work with person 1’s ideas which they disagree with, person 2 can just write their own guide with their own ideas. And both person 1 and person 2’s guide will be linked on class guide page).
It could be beneficial for players looking for guides too, as different perspectives on topics are always welcome. One suggestion may resonate better with a random player than another’s and vice versa.

The only problem is if we have enough community members who want to write individual guides, but we can keep the old guides in place as there’s no reason to toss them out, and people may want to write guides more if they feel it’s all their own hard work anyways out of a sense of pride.


I think it is useful to have one ‘neutral’/non-point-of-view guide for each class, laying out objectively the upsides and downsides to the class, and letting the reader interpret things for themselves.

What about adding a ‘Further Reading’ type section on the class guide page, giving links to additional class guides, perhaps linking to topics in #academy:Guides judged worthy of inclusion? Rather than have other guides written as pages on the wiki, because they’ll naturally go out of date, and we’ll have a lot to maintain if there’s (say) 15 individually written warrior guides directly on the wiki, and a new warrior-useful armour is released instantly making lots of wiki pages fall out of date.

Whereas if the date was included next to the link to the additional guide, the reader could see “oh that guide is from 2016 maybe it’s not so relevant now” when deciding which if any to click through to.

(Disclaimer: I don’t think I’ve ever read or contributed to any of the guide pages, I’m only speaking theoretically.)


I think that seems alright from further discussion, and would make the guide pages hopefully a lot more helpful.

One thing that does need to be done would be to excise a lot of the subjectivity from the current guide pages, if we want the wiki class guides to be as objective and neutral as possible (the subjectivity can then be the domain of the forum guides). I can try and work on that, though I don’t think I’ll touch a page until I can find a good, in-depth guide to link to, to replace the subjective recommendations and suggestions the page used to have.


Page is missing the new horticultural huntress set under Special Themed Set skins


Can you guys do anything about the search function?


What’s wrong with it?

I mean there’s sometimes a bug where I try typing something in on mobile and the results disappear but I thought that was just me


Added to the page, also added the two other new ST skins to their respective pages and added ST skins to the character skin pages that were missing them.

Anyways, progress report on what I’ve been up to:

I’ve gone over all the weapon pages on the wiki and made sure they were up-to-date. Lots of numbers corrected, templates added where the pages were old enough that they didn’t have them or were probably based on an older revision of the templates, grammar fixes, etc.
They’re not perfect, but in terms of objective facts, especially stat-wise, they should all be correct. There’s still room for improvement but that can come later, and should be a lot easier for other people to help out with the pages being cleaner.
Next up: abilities…


For example if you serach for ‘daic’ then it neither shows daichi in the results nor in the suggestions

If you misspell your query then it doesn’t recognise that like for example google does and the search also doesn’t work with the nicknames