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Me like melee but I die too much :c
I like Volleyball#4863
Do only ppes and make terrible stupid deaths then get traumtiz then swallow and repeat

The pets Community was seen with in the Nexus in RotMG.

NameRarityFamilyPlaceAbility 1LvlAbility 2LvlAbility 3LvlML
Existential c...DivineHumanoidHeal100Magic Heal100Electric90100
Gold BulldogRareCanineHeal50Electric17Rising Fury70
Blue SnailUncommonAquaticElectric30Rising Fury7Attack Far50
Rainbow Rocke...DivineHumanoidMagic Heal45Attack Mid12Heal155
Tandem CobraDivineReptileHeal39Decoy16Savage149
Tandem CobraDivineReptileAttack Close35Decoy4Savage145
ShroomDivine? ? ? ?Heal40Electric13Decoy150
Lil' OryxDivine? ? ? ?Magic Heal40Electric6Heal150
UFO’s Egg Ble...DivineFarmMagic Heal70Attack Close9Electric380
Lil' OryxDivine? ? ? ?Heal40Attack Close5Magic Heal150
My parents ar...DivineWoodlandElectric40Heal21Magic Heal150
Lil' OryxDivine? ? ? ?Electric45Attack Far9Heal155
penta egg2RarePenguinHeal50Magic Heal0Attack Close70
RobobuddyUncommonAutomatonHeal30Rising Fury8Attack Close50
ManorEventEggLegendaryFelineAttack Mid70Decoy3Heal090
magic woods b...LegendaryAvianHeal70Electric11Decoy090
LionRareFelineAttack Mid50Heal10Electric70
BeeRareInsectDecoy50Savage24Attack Far70
penta egg1RareInsectDecoy50Magic Heal22Rising Fury70