Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
1.Appellation15264999018~12y 100d ago
2.Optionz6233288617~11y 261d ago
3.FULCRUM COME IN6190849018~11y 149d ago2023-03-30 20:31:25
5.Mercia5591469018~11y 148d ago
9.GodlikeFoxes4786829018~11y 149d ago
10.Optionz4693329018~11y 269d ago
11.egirls4649528418~11y 148d ago
12.Appellation4566909018~11y 224d ago
13.Degeneraos crew3883689018~11y 224d ago
14.Dirkheads3782969018~11y 266d ago2023-03-29 20:56:10EUW
15.WelcomeToRotmg3659559018~11y 270d ago2023-03-26 22:52:32
16.Girthtrude3644189018~11y 145d ago
17.Bricked Up3538228918~11y 144d ago
18.Sewage3001018218~11y 265d ago
20.Bricked Up2930507518~11y 144d agoEUN
21.egirls260120459~11y 239d ago
22.nya meow2595978718~11y 231d ago
23.egirls2500328518~11y 149d ago
24.Sparrow2486398518~11y 326d ago
25.HOODLUMS2478719017~11y 131d ago
26.Lana Del Rey2375577718~11y 348d ago
27.Optionz2333498315~11y 134d ago
29.Derivation2050997217~11y 219d ago
30.Peace and Serenity198010737~11y 169d ago
31.01951727818~11y 173d ago
32.Moon Bunny1869979017~11y 132d ago
33.bleeding1768725511~11y 361d ago
34.Weeb1756186417~11y 281d ago
35.lessQQmorePEWPEW1754587318~11y 275d ago
36.Quality1740508216~11y 165d ago
37.Celeste1734127211~11y 147d ago2023-03-30 13:19:14USS3
38.LeetAcademy1633687214~11y 139d ago
39.Rulers1586646118~11y 126d ago
40.Kai156034775~11y 193d ago
41.Elite sXe1556366716~11y 223d ago
42.Pleasantville1475156213>12y 191d ago
43.Create Story140098906~12y 146d ago
44.pusbal1395737411~11y 130d ago
45.The Dark Army1370357510~11y 123d ago
46.Moon Bunny1313867718~11y 278d ago
47.Animal Star Rangers1307277418~11y 141d ago
48.TheSwordAndTheShield1303779010~11y 148d ago2023-03-30 18:01:22USMW2
49.Polstergeist128195626~11y 143d ago
50.NuevoTestamento1165098010~11y 184d ago
51.Moon Bunny113808846~11y 133d ago
52.Truckathon1137044810~11y 144d ago
53.CellarDoors111712723~11y 282d ago
54.111532696~11y 149d ago
55.Resurgentes107977786~11y 136d ago
56.Noobdownpro1078216918~11y 144d ago2023-03-30 16:59:07EUW2
57.CROWN1060987312~11y 129d ago2023-03-30 19:21:48
58.Mochi1032597910~11y 191d ago
59.Max999746210~11y 124d ago
60.MIB Homens De Preto982366614~11y 300d ago
61.Black Bullet967737013~12y 79d ago
62.Enigma93621903~11y 234d ago
63.ForgottenSaints93561582~11y 149d ago
64.DarkFood915626612~11y 266d ago
65.dreamy90957722~11y 147d ago
66.Dirkheads900825617~11y 283d ago
67.Sparrow88843907~11y 220d ago
68.88356326~12y 174d ago2023-03-26 22:53:35
69.Infinite Loading87879568~11y 253d ago
70.Order of Pixel Arms86648908~12y 106d ago
71.Blankface859086712~11y 149d ago
72.Crows85132658~11y 197d ago
73.TheApes85075567~11y 144d ago
74.Trevor843835718~11y 325d ago
75.Caminhoes Tunados83717609~11y 274d ago
77.The Fraternity819635714~11y 316d ago
78.Mainery804325818~11y 325d ago
79.Appellation78847613~11y 159d ago
80.Da Capo77002668~11y 211d ago
81.WelcomeToRotmg766676418~11y 290d ago
82.76376865~11y 195d ago
83.Elite sXe759998311~11y 149d ago
84.Sleepy Hollows719945611~11y 289d ago
85.Hatsa716336111~11y 135d ago
86.F U G SQUAD71231405~11y 149d ago
87.The Mandem71022446~11y 227d ago
88.noreply698347511~11y 142d ago
89.Polstergeist67527712~11y 278d ago
90.RealmOfTheCalmGod67237597~11y 149d ago
91.umu661815918~11y 167d ago
92.Fantasy65464818~11y 149d ago
93.CanisMajor647587818~11y 330d ago
94.MRKM64334736~11y 255d ago2023-03-30 01:55:15USNW
95.622986411~11y 150d ago
96.Mafia do JoJo61390631~11y 142d ago
97.Gator Grease609045818~11y 142d ago
98.WeLoveFlexing602137312~11y 208d ago
99.The Winged Ones601549010~11y 162d ago
100.The Winged Ones600507613~11y 319d ago