Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
5.Update Day8114398018~12y 250d agoUSNW
6.Sample Text7798729018~12y 255d ago
9.Calvin Klein6008529018~12y 331d ago
10.Appellation5479769018~12y 331d ago
12.Dirkheads4478459018~13y 7d ago2024-07-07 21:42:17EUW
13.effect4288619014~12y 230d ago
14.HOODLUMS4270949018~12y 238d ago
15.Girthtrude4086989018~12y 251d ago
16.Zippys4004689018~13y 11d ago2024-07-01 02:33:01
17.HOODLUMS3907289018~12y 242d ago
18.Traditional3677179018~12y 250d ago
19.afk stroking3638128817~12y 299d ago
20.Calvin Klein3490138616~12y 290d ago
22.TheeSaltySpitoon3440229018~12y 215d ago
23.503414239018~12y 337d ago
24.WhiteBagsMatter3298648716~12y 213d ago
25.Dirkheads312277827~12y 256d ago
26.Early Loc307425809~12y 237d ago
27.The Chosen Few3043517511~12y 291d ago
28.Vessel2941479018~12y 237d ago
29.Order of Pixel Arms2861539018~13y 212d ago
30.OpioWraki2798238918~12y 238d ago
31.Decrepitude2789568318~12y 361d ago2024-07-07 08:48:53
32.SHEEEEESH2727318918~12y 325d ago
33.2722807512~12y 319d ago
35.Celeste2583828114~12y 253d agoEUW2
36.Mercia233013905~12y 254d ago
37.PremiumQuality2305488218~12y 251d ago2024-07-06 15:21:05EUE
38.ShadowWizardMoneyGng2151559016~12y 220d ago
39.RememberMeThanks2103486518~12y 254d ago
40.Appellation2077566710~12y 265d ago
41.Nah Id Win2017147118~12y 256d ago
42.Cutie Patoties1952618615~12y 221d ago
43.Create Story195122907~13y 253d ago
44.Zero Percentile1808238610~12y 301d ago
45.Appellation166455902~13y 206d ago
46.EPIC Gamer Gang1617426312~12y 247d ago
47.WhiteBagsMatter1602277817~12y 233d ago
48.Destined Death155916759~13y 23d ago
49.Calvin Klein1517528315~12y 291d ago
50.Polstergeist149393648~12y 250d ago
51.Nah Id Win1406746716~13y 297d ago2024-07-13 17:36:27USS
52.TheIsrelics140298588~12y 271d ago
53.DemonRace1399247818~13y 274d ago
55.zkOUurgSiw134213676~12y 289d ago
56.Golden Wind1301246711~13y 67d ago2024-07-13 23:02:03
57.Crackheads1285686618~12y 219d ago
58.Yem1280298511~12y 212d ago
59.SPED126060719~13y 5d ago
61.Sluts1207947010~12y 255d ago
62.Mochi119261731~12y 216d ago
63.Phantom Artists117910596~12y 230d ago
64.IWontJoinYourGuild1152717417~12y 326d ago
65.112391657~12y 251d ago2024-07-04 22:04:41USE
66.DeathRow1107907711~12y 231d ago2024-07-12 06:31:39EUN
67.Obamamen1066916913~12y 255d ago
68.Angry Africans1063966916~12y 250d ago
70.OnlyUp976287314~12y 265d ago2024-07-12 14:44:10EUN
73.Resurgentes93809784~12y 242d ago
74.feel the burns931797313~12y 249d ago2024-07-14 01:05:47USW
75.Celeste92852869~12y 255d ago
76.Wolves of wallstreet925457218~12y 233d ago
77.Wolves of wallstreet919276818~12y 234d ago
78.WelcomeToRotmg909437218~13y 31d ago2024-07-12 21:19:42USE2
79.LosCracks866858311~12y 255d ago
80.travisscott85635519~12y 345d ago
81.TheEpsilonProgram850286316~13y 74d ago
82.FriendsAndCompany84159728~12y 232d ago
83.Wipe or Let it Crust838145612~12y 241d ago
84.833276518~12y 240d ago2024-07-13 02:00:13USS
85.The Mad Robes831735811~13y 9d ago
86.Trinity82456735~12y 288d ago
87.OneHundred818906811~12y 222d ago
88.Administration81679486~12y 215d ago
89.812845716~12y 246d ago
90.Just for HpPots80508903~12y 217d ago
91.Bloodscale778145910~13y 114d ago2024-07-13 10:35:43USE
92.Moon Bunny74567783~13y 19d ago
93.Dirkheads744387318~12y 255d ago
94.Oida74245625~12y 233d ago
95.72176674~12y 255d ago
97.Glowing702725811~12y 262d ago
98.OverReqs700736317~12y 210d ago
99.691456414~13y 45d ago
100.Wild Shadow Studio67852745~12y 275d ago