Top Oldest Active Players by Fame

This list contains the 1000 oldest accounts seen in the past two weeks in RotMG, ordered by their fame.


NameGuildFameRCCreatedLast seenSrv.
5.CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCH7784649018~12y 119d ago
7.effect7078678216~13y 75d ago
8.Calvin Klein5713349018~12y 194d ago
9.Appellation5291259018~12y 194d ago
10.504924849018~12y 142d ago
11.Update Day4698467918~12y 113d agoUSMW
12.Dirkheads4339119018~12y 235d ago2024-02-26 23:06:54EUW
13.XjuNEARVxc4275189018~12y 334d agoEUSW
14.VirginCentral4007198818~12y 86d ago
15.HOODLUMS3895619018~12y 105d ago
16.3810539018~12y 240d ago2024-02-19 21:14:41
17.Traditional3528128918~12y 113d ago
18.HOODLUMS3363609018~12y 101d ago
19.TheeSaltySpitoon3347639018~12y 78d ago
20.503320039018~12y 200d ago
21.Celeste3264347514~12y 116d ago
22.effect3166478618~12y 162d ago
23.Lazy Storm3127679017~13y 155d ago
24.Tippy Tappy Toes2982079018~12y 134d ago
25.The Invisible Men2769398618~12y 101d ago
26.Aeolus2684598918~12y 70d ago
29.CheeseGoblins2587887318~12y 205d ago
30.Literal Goats2494637518~12y 182d ago
31.Dirkheads2468907213~12y 252d ago
32.Niko Niko Nii2421308218~12y 292d ago
33.Respect The Grind2369088416~12y 289d ago
34.CHIEFERS2317428218~12y 114d ago2024-02-24 22:10:50EUW
35.Mochi2229458318~12y 160d ago
36.Calvin Klein210424829~12y 153d ago
37.Sephiroth2065408318~12y 105d ago2024-02-27 20:23:00
38.TheSwordAndTheShield179372902~12y 118d ago2024-02-27 02:52:44USE2
39.lessQQmorePEWPEW1792847318~12y 245d ago
40.Apes Together Strong1778117514~12y 78d ago
41.Metallic1772356818~12y 217d ago
42.SpaceTravelDungeons174407818~12y 104d ago
43.h1628899010~12y 114d ago
44.OpioWraki1613577918~12y 214d ago
45.choofers1593648218~12y 179d ago
46.OpioWraki1575417118~12y 101d ago
48.Flush Force1509897317~12y 83d ago
49.Polstergeist150353628~12y 113d ago
50.FakeSomeGuild1498187215~12y 119d ago2024-02-28 05:29:22
52.LittleHeroes1431597218~12y 117d ago
53.The Waystone Inn141987723~12y 192d ago
54.Eureka141519896~12y 115d ago
55.Bisquizzy1287877416~12y 114d ago
56.Hurricane Tortilla1264548013~13y 152d ago
57.Cancer Survivors124299743~12y 251d ago
59.WhiteBagsMatter1211698818~12y 83d ago
60.Mochi119193732~12y 80d ago
61.DarkFood115125807~12y 235d ago
63.Two sorcs one cup1082946918~12y 167d ago
64.Mask1049317318~12y 119d ago
65.Blankface1043067016~12y 119d ago
67.need pots winky face1040577412~12y 229d ago
68.sakurapalmtrees101052546~12y 119d ago
69.Logical Nonsense100668518~12y 117d ago
70.WhiteBagsMatter1000247310~12y 147d ago
71.SquirtleSquad993166918~12y 119d ago
72.Wolves of wallstreet992366316~12y 114d ago
73.estonian camel pimp98483664~12y 110d ago
74.Trevor974235818~12y 295d ago
75.Popeyes96067687~12y 118d ago
76.94786557~12y 295d ago
77.Dirkheads93723823~12y 119d ago
78.930006917~12y 91d ago2024-02-27 22:30:20EUN
79.Fire Bomb929116010~12y 224d ago
80.OnlyUp927007218~12y 114d ago
82.Nocna Straz90950422~12y 202d ago
83.Da Capo90560734~12y 93d ago
84.Zippys899396210~12y 236d ago
85.Anti Furry Force873737214~12y 106d ago
86.WuTang Clan852008915~12y 78d ago
87.FakeSomeGuild83899437~12y 221d ago
88.820747814~12y 119d ago
89.Mask81566746~12y 117d ago
90.Max814507215~12y 119d ago2024-02-28 05:34:29USE2
91.JURRASIC BOYZ803946618~12y 232d ago
92.Death Poets802116612~12y 103d ago
93.OnlyUp756336713~12y 128d ago2024-02-27 16:07:50USE
94.MisleadEntities741985416~12y 89d ago
95.Nah Id Win739156318~12y 119d ago
97.Dirkheads734017218~12y 118d ago
98.ThatsTuff72871565~12y 205d ago
99.Dont Back Down707426817~12y 134d ago
100.Rising Sun682957612~12y 82d ago2024-02-28 04:21:39USE