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Skins148 (671st)
Fame186409 (328th)
Exp365837162 (332nd)
Account fame3742 (31698th)
Guild RankMember
Created~9 years and 46 days ago
Last seenhidden
Hit 100,000 total living fame on June 18, 2014

The pets White was seen with in the Nexus in RotMG.

NameRarityFamilyPlaceAbility 1LvlAbility 2LvlAbility 3LvlML
Blessed BladeDivine? ? ? ?369thMagic Heal100Heal100Electric92100
Snowy OwlLegendaryPenguinAttack Far70Decoy11Electric090
Snowy OwlRareAquaticHeal50Rising Fury22Decoy70
Snowy OwlRareAvianHeal50Attack Close5Rising Fury70
Snowy OwlRareReptileRising Fury50Magic Heal11Heal70
Snowy OwlRareReptileAttack Mid50Magic Heal17Savage70
Snowy OwlRareReptileHeal50Electric12Attack Mid70
Snowy OwlRareFelineAttack Far50Magic Heal19Savage70
Snowy OwlRarePenguinAttack Far50Rising Fury20Heal70
Snowy OwlRare? ? ? ?Magic Heal50Savage8Electric70
Snowy OwlLegendaryPenguinHeal70Attack Far7Decoy190
Snowy OwlRareFelineAttack Mid50Rising Fury23Electric70
Snowy OwlRareAvianDecoy50Electric19Attack Far70
Snowy OwlRareReptileRising Fury50Decoy21Attack Far70
Snowy OwlRareReptileRising Fury50Decoy11Magic Heal70
Snowy OwlRare? ? ? ?Electric50Magic Heal19Attack Far70
im a bat nowDivineSpookyHeal92Electric90Magic Heal77100
Snowy OwlRareSpookyAttack Close50Rising Fury24Heal70
Snowy OwlRareWoodlandElectric50Magic Heal23Attack Close70
Snowy OwlRareAutomatonElectric50Magic Heal6Attack Mid70
Snowy OwlRareWoodlandAttack Mid50Savage25Magic Heal70
Snowy OwlRareWoodlandMagic Heal70Heal70Attack Far70
Snowy OwlRareReptileRising Fury50Savage21Magic Heal70
Snowy OwlRareCanineAttack Far50Electric4Decoy70
Snowy OwlRareFelineAttack Far50Heal0Rising Fury70
Snowy OwlRareInsectAttack Close50Rising Fury11Electric70
Snowy OwlRarePenguinAttack Far50Rising Fury25Electric70
Snowy OwlRareFarmAttack Far50Rising Fury6Electric70
Snowy OwlRareWoodlandMagic Heal52Attack Mid31Savage70
Snowy OwlRareSpookyAttack Mid50Heal12Savage70
Snowy OwlRareCanineElectric50Heal12Attack Far70
Snowy OwlLegendaryFelineAttack Mid70Magic Heal6Decoy290