Obsidian Dagger

Obsidian Dagger Blade
Obsidian Dagger: A dagger with a blade made of volcanic glass.

Tier: 6
Damage: 35-65 (Average: 50)
Projectile Speed: 14
Range: 5.6
Rate of Fire: 150%
Feed Power: 47

Individual Chance of Tier Grouped Drops:
Realm Gods
Deathmage Chest
Ent Ancient
Cyclops God Chest
Ghost King
Oasis Giant Chest
Phoenix Lord Chest
Demon Warrior
Brute of the Abyss


  • Added in Build 65.
  • The Obsidian Dagger was the only weapon to have an increased fire rate until build 122, when the Staff of the Crystal Serpent was added.
  • Obsidian Dagger falls short to Golden Dagger at around 40 def. Why anyone would use these daggers though remain to be answered.