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Steel Dagger Short Bow Energy Staff Fire Wand Short Sword Rusty Katana
[Feed Power: 5]
Tier 0 (Starter Weapons)
Dirk Reinforced Bow Firebrand Staff Force Wand Broad Sword Kendo Stick
[Feed Power: 7]
Tier 1 Drops:
Bandit Leader
Blue Steel Dagger Crossbow Comet Staff Power Wand Saber Plain Katana
[Feed Power: 10]
Tier 2 Drops:
Elf Wizard
Hobbit Mage
Dreadstump the Pirate King
Silver Dagger Iron Wood Bow Meteor Staff Eldritch Wand Falchion Line Kutter Katana
[Feed Power: 22]
Tier 4 Drops:
Dwarf King
Deathmage Chest
Dreadstump the Pirate King

Untiered Weapons

Special Theme Set Weapons

Etherite Dagger Sentient Staff The Phylactery Scepter of Geb Sword of the Mad God Pixie-Enchanted Sword Indomptable

Limited Weapons

Sunshine Shiv Toy Knife Heartfind Dagger Dagger of the Terrible Talon An Icicle Dagger of the Amethyst Prism Chicken Leg of Doom
Precisely Calibrated Stringstick Robobow Cupid's Bow Bow of Eternal Frost Bow of Nightmares Bow of the Morning Star
KoalaPOW Barely Attuned Magic Thingy Staff of Adoration Anatis Staff Staff of Horrific Knowledge Staff of Yuletide Carols Staff of the Rising Sun
Spicy Wand of Spice Lethargic Sentience Wand of Budding Romance Present Dispensing Wand Wand of Ancient Terror Wand of Egg-cellence
Doctor Swordsworth Unstable Anomaly Vinesword Frostbite Skull-splitter Sword Sword of Illumination
Arbiters Wrath Useless Katana Diamond Bladed Katana Corrupted Cleaver Salju