🏝 Beach Zone is Recruiting! [USSW]



Many thanks to Solosen for creating this image!
Hello there! Beach Zone is now recruiting again! We are a guild looking for courteous, friendly, and active players to come join us. Here’s some information to get you started!
Requirements and Information
  • We are a USMW based guild
  • Be easy to get along with! Don’t be mean to others.
  • Have a discord! You’re expected to join the Beach Zone Channel if you make it in.
And don’t forget to fill out this form if you wish to join!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact officers (BLUbeans #4953, Laserquest #4068) or leaders (Brandon #8180) in-game/on discord or just ask down below. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you around! :beach_umbrella:

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Stalking realmeyers
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2 Year Anniversary! (Forums)

Did you kick those scum I mentioned earlier? RealmEye still shows them in the guild.


I’ve kicked most of the people not active within the past month or so, including Nero. My rank isn’t high enough to kick Stuy but I’ve asked the leaders to.


Could I ask what Stuy has done that deserves a ban?


The reason is personal, but he made me leave the guild from his actions. Let’s leave it at that…


Added your server in the title, tell me if you want me to change it back :grinning:


How the hell did you insert pictures into the title? Just with the link thingy?


They’re emojis :slight_smile:

@GBSlayer cool, thanks!


I would join, but I can only rarely use discord (as in nearly never). However, I can infer guild strategy from just watching you play.


I submitted the Google app a few days ago, whats the ETA on a reply?


I’ll try to PM you next time I’m on :+1:


This was posted 10 days ago, but can i join? or are you full
(i have 2 6/8s and one 3/8 btw)


You can join, me or other beach zoners will try to catch you next time you’re on


i’m on right now


I’m at school now (8 am here, so it’ll be a while before I’m online)

Will you be online tonight?


Yeah maybe, is the guild still active to this day tho?


this guild is active especially since we already recruited many members


I would love to join the guild, i have 1 7/8 1k base and 1 4/8 Knight.!


Is it true that @Ickabod’s claim that discord is not mandatory?

I cannot do discord but I am extremely active.
I can do dungeons with minimal in-chat orders.
I am extremely active.


I never directly said that. Not a lot of talking goes on, though the ability to listen in during important thingies is a must. :sunglasses: