Skull of Endless Torment

Skull of Endless Torment This skull glows with the stolen soul of a phoenix trapped in the skull many years ago by Shaitan.

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 110
Radius: 2.75
Damage: \begin{cases}280&\text{wis}<50\\280+(\text{wis}-50)*5&50\le\text{wis}\end{cases}
Effect: Removes status effects on self when hitting two enemies at once, removes status effects on group when hitting 4 enemies at once
Heal: 80
Heal Range: 5 (+0.5 tiles for every 10 WIS above 50)
Stat Bonus: +50 HP, +3 DEF, +3 DEX
Defense Ignored: 20
Fame Bonus: 6%
Soulbound: Soulbound
Feed Power: 1000

This is a very interesting untiered item. What it offers over the Bloodsucker is better MP cost and the ability to remove status effects. However, it has the second smallest area of effect of any skull, making it mostly effective against tight clusters of enemies to activate the status effect removal. Additionally, it heals less than the Bloodsucker, does less damage, and ignores less defense.

Before Patch X.31.8.0, this item’s description was “This skull glows with the stolen life force of Shaitan.” Patch X.31.8.0 increased this item’s HP stat bonus from 40 to 50, increased the radius from 1.75 to 2.75, decreased the base damage from 280 to 120, decreased the heal from 90 to 80, decreased the defense ignored from 60 to 20, and gave it the ability to remove status effects from yourself and allies, making this item more similar to a Tome of Purification rather than a damage-dealing skull.