Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
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Twilight Archmage

Last updated: X.15.0.0
Twilight Archmage

The Twilight Archmage is the second boss of The Shatters, located in an ornate room deep within the dungeon.

The Realm Eye says:
The Twilight Archmage is the chief alchemist of the Shatters. Being extremely adept in both fire and ice magic, he trained the kingdom’s mages for combat application.
When he heard of his king’s aspirations for conquest, the archmage suggested that he commune with an entity from the dimension of lost souls to grant him otherworldly power.
I know not what the archmage intended with this recommendation, but his dealings in the dark arts indicate that he may have had more sinister motives for leading the king down this path.



HP: 77,500 (Boss HP Scaling)
DEF: 70
EXP: 4,000
Location: The Shatters

Counts toward God Kills
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze
Quest Monster

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Large Blue Shuriken
Unstable for 2s
Directed Explosion
Archmage Shield
Quiet for 3.5s
Pierces Armor
Armor Pierce Bullet
Pierces Armor
Paralyze Bullet
Paralyzed for 1.5s
Confuse Shuriken
Confused for 1.5s
Ball Of Hurt


The Twilight Archmage will awaken once the two Archmages of Flame and two Glacier Archmages in the room are killed. The eight Magi-Generators in the room will attack players by shooting their Balls of Hurt during this time and during the fight. The Archmage will then say:

“Ha… ha… hahahahahaha! You will make a fine sacrifice!”
“You will find that it was… unwise… to wake me.”

Next, the Archmage will say one of the following:
“How best to kill you…”
“Let us see what I can conjure up!”

“What shall I use to sacrifice you?”
“Ahh…let’s see…”

Phase 1

The Archmage will either use fire or ice attacks.

Fire attacks
The Archmage will say one of the following:
“Firos Xifls’TOh Gantsualo Quantinoftus!”
“The fire I command will consume you!”
“Burning. This will suffice.”
The Archmage will throw numerous Fire Bombs across the arena, which will explode after a few seconds. The Archmage will also spawn a Fire Portal, in addition to firing a conical stream of Directed Explosion projectiles at the nearest player. The boss will be vulnerable after a few seconds, after which it will use fire attacks again or ice attacks if it has not taken enough damage.

Ice attacks
The Archmage will say one of the following:
“Toahc Xifls’TOh Merilmeril Qualtinoc!”
“I will freeze the life from you!”
“Ahh…Ice should do the trick.”
The Archmage will spawn a large Ice Sphere. Unlike the Ice Spheres spawned by Forgotten Ice Mages, this sphere moves at a slower speed and shoots slower moving Ice Bullets (although it will still explode after some time has passed). The Archmage will also spawn an Ice Portal, but otherwise does not directly attack during this phase. The boss will be vulnerable after a few seconds, after which it will use ice attacks again or fire attacks if it has not taken enough damage.

Phase 2

Taunt: “You leave me no choice… Inferno! Blizzard!”
The Twilight Archmage will go invulnerable and spawn two birds, Inferno on his left and Blizzard on his right. The Magi Generators will deactivate and Inferno will start circling Blizzard, while Blizzard chases after you. The Archmage himself does not attack during this phase.
The most dangerous part of this phase is at the beginning, especially in smaller groups, where you are trying to get your bearings in the room and might unwittingly get cornered by the two birds. It is important that you plan your movements so that you never get trapped and spammed with sick/unstable. This is sometimes made even worse if the Archmage starts to begin a fire/ice phase when he reaches the HP threshold for this phase, resulting in a Fire or Ice Portal and Fire Bombs/Ice Sphere cluttering the room at the beginning.
When Inferno and Blizzard have been killed, he proceeds to the next phase.

Phase 3

Taunt: “Your souls will feed my King.”
While moving: “Darkness give me strength!”
The Archmage increases in size and temporarily turns blue, running down towards the nearest Magi Generator. When he reaches it he will taunt “THE POWER… IT CONSUMES ME!” and explode with four massive novas of bullets, de-spawning the Magi Generator in the process. It is critical that you not touch any of these blasts because they do huge damage and can kill you immediately. After he has shot four shotguns, he will pause for a couple seconds and fire a radial Quieting shockwave before moving to the next Magi Generator. If the generator he is currently standing on is destroyed, he will simply move to the next one.

This will repeat as many times as needed until the Archmage dies. However, if the group’s DPS is not very high, or if you are soloing/duoing, it might end up that the Archmage exhausts all eight Generators, in which case he will go to his rage phase, which is extremely challenging and has a very high chance of making you nexus or die. If you are in a small group is it extremely important that you do NOT destroy any Magi Generators that the Archmage is not standing on, since it wastes potential time to damage him by reducing the number of times he goes vulnerable before rage.

Also, take note that one of the Magi Generators on the top row begins to go into “overdrive”, shooting its 250-damage Balls of Hurt quickly. Always watch to make sure you don’t get caught by the stream, as it can kill you very fast.

Phase 4 (Optional)

Taunt: “The Generators may be gone… but I shall DESTROY YOU!”
In the case that the Archmage has no more generators to use, he will become permanently vulnerable. But, he will begin to move around erratically while rapidly and constantly spawning Ice Spheres and Fire Portals. Note that while the Portals are spawned from a golden bomb he throws, the Spheres are spawned directly from him. However, he does not directly attack during this phase.

If you are duoing, it’s a good idea for the one to press onto the Archmage while the other cleans up the mess the Archmage makes.


The Archmage stops and flashes for a few seconds before exploding into a ring of shurikens, leaving your loot behind while the barrier to the final part of the Shatters opens.

I… will… retuuurrnnnn…”


Protected by:

Fire BombFire Bomb
Ice SphereIce Sphere
Fire PortalFire Portal
Ice PortalIce Portal

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Tips and Strategies

When Inferno and Blizzard are spawned, kill Inferno first because his shots deal more damage than Blizzard’s. In addition, keep in mind that Inferno is always vulnerable and is immune to Stasis and Paralyze, whereas Blizzard has invicibility phases and is immune to Stun and Paralyze.

Do not kill the Magi-Generators; the boss will hop to them and be vulnerable the whole time. Once they are all destroyed, he will go into a new buffed phase and become a whole lot more difficult. Kill the Birds, get him to start hopping around, and kill him quickly before all the generators are consumed.
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Until Release X32.4.1, the Twilight Archmage spawned a Test Chest which, when destroyed, provided a chance at loot. The chest has since been removed and any loot will drop directly from the boss upon its death.