Geodesic Necromancer (Featuring Anti-Wismod and new sprites!)


The Geodesic Necromancer Set

These items will drop from a future dungeon I’m making! It will be a combat/exploration dungeon with three bosses (chosen from random each run) themed around Eldritch mumbo jumbo, drawing inspiration primarily from the Colour Out of Space (and lots of names from the Color of Madness as placeholder) with an interesting dungeon structure mechanic…

Click here for the dungeon’s WIP thread!

Overall, this set is meant to take Necro’s useless WIS mod (seriously, 4 damage per point of WIS over 70 and .5 heal radius for every 10 above 50 is not great) and just grind it into the dust with a cool theme! The items are all powerful in unique ways, but are offset by the on hit proc that destroys all WIS and MP loss, making it a very risky pick for most classes…unless you have the skull.

Staff of the Shard

A simple staff with little ornamentation besides the single shard, yet constructed with an impeccable frame of unmistakable craftsmanship. You feel a strange vigor when you stare into the lights that flicker around it…

Tier: UT

On Equip: +10 HP, +2 SPD

Range: 8

Shots: 2

Damage: 60–70

Projectile Speed: 20 tiles/second

Lifetime: 0.4 seconds

Range: 8 tiles

Amplitude: .2 tiles

Frequency: 8 cycles/shot

Rate of Fire: 125%

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 1000

Shot pattern:

Drops From:

The Thing From the Stars


The staff lacks the Madness proc that I use later (I guess the shard is on a stick and not close enough to fuck your head?) and instead has reduced range and higher damage fall off in exchange for much tighter shot spread and consistency.

(I slightly lowered damage from 65-70 to 60-70 to make it not out DPS vital at 0)

DPS chart to compare to other staves:

XML if you want to test the shot pattern out yourself but stats may not be up to date (sprited from existing in game items since idk how to add sprites)

Skull of the Sleeper

Madmen whisper stories of a great power within the skull of the great calamity, yet any who have tried to use it became mad themselves. Perhaps that is not so bad?

Tier: UT

On Equip: +65 HP, +3 DEF, +3 SPD

Eldritch Volatility: On hit: 30% chance to gain Madness for 5 seconds

Can be charged for up to 3 seconds, increasing radius in exchange for healing and damage

Damage scales inversely with WIS

While Key Held:

  • MP Cost: 30 MP/second (2.5 seconds max effective charge)

When Key Released:

  • MP Cost: 100

  • Damage: 325 - WIS at no charge, 275 - WIS after full 2.5 seconds charge

  • Defense Ignored: 40

  • Radius: 2 with no charge, 4 after full 2.5 seconds charge

  • Heal: 130 at no charge, 95 after full 2.5 seconds charge

  • Heal Range: 4 (+0.25 tiles for every 5 WIS above 70) tiles

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 1000

Madness : Set WIS to 0 (similar to slow, daze, etc but WIS, can’t go negative)

Drops From:

The Sleeper


So this is the meat of the set. The skull is really neat in that it offers a ton of role compression, as it can act as a good single target skull, a good crowd clearing skull when charged, and it has decent healing for both. However, the skull is not the best at either and is beaten by tiered skulls and the Sealed Crystal Skull for healing and radius. It also has nice stats, but still much less HP compared to tiered skulls.

Assuming base 75 WIS, the skull does a decent 250 to a worse 200 damage after fully charging, with fully charged doing 5 less than the Sealed Crystal Skull with a much smaller area, and tiered doing 30 more damage with a much, much larger area.

However, if wearing the rest of the set, you have 65 WIS, and instead do 260 to 210 damage while Sealed does 175 max and tiered does 240 max.

The synergy between this skull and the set and the anti-synergy between using traditional items will hopefully encourage the use of the set in its entirety as it effectively turns all of its negatives into positives, especially the madness proc. The Madness effect that usually cripples inferior other classes and, to a lesser extent, Necro, turns into a great boost to damage.

There is the issue of people simply not maxing WIS to exploit the inverse scaling with WIS, but I would argue that never being 8/8 for 30 extra points of damage when you’re probably going to be under the effect of Madness often anyway would be enough to dissuade people from scumming it.

Alternatively, I considered making the skull scale with WIS much slower than tiered, rather than a strict inverse scaling. I ended up going with this scaling because it felt more unique and enabled the whole set more effectively.

(-50 MP on equip was removed as per suggestion by @Nameness, moved +1 DEF and +1 SPD from robe to here to align with other UT skulls and balance robe)

Robe of the Visitor

A curious stonework robe that folds like fabric. A vein of crystal runs through it, filling the body with unearthly energy, and the soul with unearthly echoes…

Tier: UT

On Equip: +11 DEF, +90 HP, +5 ATK, -30 MP, -5 WIS

Eldritch Volatility: On hit: 20% chance to gain Madness for 5 seconds

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 1000

Drops From:

The Visitor from Beyond


A robe with great stats that include more HP than Soulless, a slightly above average attack boost, a touch of SPD, and ok DEF that is offset by a large opportunity cost for MP and WIS. -30 MP is bad, but when considering other robes’ boosts of around +55 MP, you’re essentially missing out on 85 total MP. The proc also threatens to randomly make your WIS abysmal if you’re getting hit a lot, which is exactly when you need it the most. Ouch. But considering the other boosts of the robe, and the fact that the skull encourages bursts instead of spam, the loss of MP shouldn’t be as painful with the skull.

The robe is still usable without the skull as long as you don’t spam your ability too often and want great durability with a little ATK.

(+25 HP and +2 SPD was moved to this robe from the staff as per suggested by @Platformz and in part by @HorusKane and +1 SPD extra because @Platformz likes his items with just a hint more of speed :slight_smile: then I increased proc chance from 10% to 20% to compensate, then I removed 10 HP and lowered MP to -30, moved +1 DEF and +1 SPD to skull and +2 SPD to staff to further balance robe )

Mesmerizing Geode

A hypnotically beautiful geode, cracked from the assault on the beast that was holding it. You feel powerful while holding it, but your thoughts seem to slip away from you…

Tier: UT

On Equip: +120 HP, +7 DEF, +7 ATK, -120 MP, -5 WIS

Eldritch Volatility: On hit: 20% chance to gain Madness for 5 seconds

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 1000

Drops From:

Mini bosses(?)


A fantastic ring that is essentially a “better” Bracer, but suffers a net loss of 160 MP and 6 WIS compared to Bracer. The Madness proc is just the cherry on top. But with the set, you won’t be spamming too much and thus won’t be as hurt by the MP loss, and the lack of WIS is a good thing. Other classes can make good use of this as long as they can bear the WIS and MP.

(Buffed from +120 HP, +6 DEF, +6 ATK, -100 MP, -5 WIS, per @Platformz ! Big thanks! I moved -10 MP to the robe and +10 HP to staff)

Set Comparison

Total set stats: +21 DEF, +11 ATK, -10 WIS, +285 HP, -150 MP, +7 SPD

Tops + Deca: +13 DEF, +4 ATK, +6 WIS, +280 HP, +75 MP

Cultist Necro: +17 DEF, +5 ATK, +20 WIS, +166 HP, +50 MP

ST Necro set: +17 DEF, +20 ATT, +2 DEX, +100 HP, +65 MP, +20 VIT

(T14 robe adds 1 DEF, 1 ATK, 1 WIS, and 10 MP compared to T13 robe)

Overall, you are trading huge amounts of WIS and MP (plus a hefty 70% total madness proc on hit) for more DEF, a good amount of ATK, and more SPD.

Without the skull (so other robe classes), you have a much lesser Madness chance of 40% that can still mess up WIS mod classes badly.

Final Thoughts

Well that’s it. I am still iffy on some parts, like the MP loss being a drawback, but overall I am just glad to get this down on paper/screen. I apologize for any weirdness, and I will probably revise these for my actual dungeon idea. This is also my first time making a set (besides my… unfortunate candyland assassin set that I wrote while waiting at a swimming pool more than 4 years ago…) so I’m especially looking for some feedback!

Apologies for the deluge of edits btw, I’m just fixing a lot of stuff that should’ve been drafted out lol and also feedback I’m getting from you guys and Discords

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Major Sprite Edits:

Thanks to the Ideas Discord for the suggestion to improve these!

Changed robe sprite from this:

to this:

Changed geode sprite from this:

to this:

Added Madness status sprite!
Changed to per @platformz’s suggestion

Thanks to @GammaGamer for the big push to put some effort into the sprites! I had to sit down and just work on this for almost two hours! I could barely sit still! (My 35th edit too, not sure if I’m proud of that though)

From this:

To this:

I still kinda like the old staff

I removed a shade of grey, a shade of black, two shades of blue, and completely redid the skull and robe thanks to the suggestions of @GammaGamer and @Aurum respectively!

I also stealthily just adjust the robe and skull sprites again a little

Thanks to Icky on the main discord for the feedback that pushed me to finally redo geode!

To this:

adjusted single pixel on staff

IMPORTANT: Best of the Best nominations [finished]
STory of War II Feedback
The Blasted Heath: Stone Warrior and Rogue UTs + something else
The Blasted Heath: Updated 7/2 (gargoyle)

The MP loss makes it not worth it IMO, -170 total is too much


I agree and I’ve been really caught on that too, but the MP loss is necessary to balance the set for peeps not using the skull

I’ve taken off the -50 MP from the skull to try to fix that

How’s the rest


I really like the anti-wismod, feels really creative, original and thematically apposite!
Excited for the promised dungeon - very much enjoy me some ‘eldritch mumbo jumbo’ ;D


Thanks! I’m glad you like it, your own dungeon ideas were a big inspiration!


it cool

except that ring is god tier on rogue/warrior (because wis and mp dont mean anything on them).


Is bracer god tier on warrior/rogue? The ring is literally a bracer with 60 HP for -160 MP and -5 WIS

Honestly, crown is way better on warrior and rogue since you don’t need the def and you only lose 10 HP for 6 DEX


I actually like the idea a bit

I’d love to see an actual usable UT staff added to the game, this one seems alright

bad. weapons generally shouldn’t give stat boosts, add this to either the robes or ring

alright, but I think this would be much better being made into a more damage or DPS oriented skull by either upping the damage by a bit and reducing the heal, or even adding damaging or a straight attack buff to it (maybe having the buff amount or duration be affected by wis also)

basically just a reverse ritual robe, pretty decent.

pretty decent, although I only see it being good on warrior, rogue, and Mseal paladins.

I think this was left from a previous edit of the ring, the current only says -100 MP.


I actually like the idea a bit


I’d love to see an actual usable UT staff added to the game, this one seems alright

Exactly my idea (although ttail is already great, but I get what you mean)

bad. weapons generally shouldn’t give stat boosts, add this to either the robes or ring

The problem is that I feel adding these to those items would tip them over the edge of balance without having to make the ring and robe stat loss even harsher and more min maxed. I guess I could move it to the skull, but I feel the skull already has enough going on

alright, but I think this would be much better being made into a more damage or DPS oriented skull by either upping the damage by a bit and reducing the heal, or even adding damaging or a straight attack buff to it (maybe having the buff amount or duration be affected by wis also)

Memento Mori already exists and has no heal for damaging and big damage! And this set isn’t really meant to be DPS-oriented at all, it’s meant to sacrifice MP and WIS for DEF, HP, and ATK for a balanced set that still keeps the core mechanic of lifesteal.

basically just a reverse ritual robe, pretty decent.

Thanks! (But when you say decent, does that mean I have room for improvement? If so, I’d like to hear how!)

pretty decent, although I only see it being good on warrior, rogue, and Mseal paladins.

…and the Geodesic Necromancer right? :slight_smile:

I think this was left from a previous edit of the ring, the current only says -100 MP.

Nope, I was comparing it to the bracer that has +60 MP and so I said that it was a net loss of 160 MP
I’ve edited the post to make it more clear

(And how are the sprites? I changed the robe recently)


Using the robe, you sacrifice your ability to spam (in the case for Wizard) or your Wismod (all other robe classes). The net loss of MP and Wisdom is rather large. Sorc will barely even take advantage of his Wismod (Has a base of 60 wis and Wismod threshold of 50).

I’d move the stats HP and Spd to the robe making it more similar to soulless, arguably better in terms of survivability, but with a fair cost. Forgot to mention the big risk you’re taking by having a debuff proc on it.


Fair enough, the robe is definitely class-restrictive enough for a small buff

Thanks for the suggestion!


This should be the end of the many (as of now 17!!) edits! (besides content changes)

I’ve fixed up the formatting to what I believe is an acceptable level and changed up the sprites I wasn’t too happy with



I think it’s better to compare this ring with Pyra;

Current Geode VS Pyra

Pyra: +100 HP, +4 Def, +4 Atk.
Geode: +120 HP, +6 Def, +6 Atk with -100 MP and -5 Wis, and 20% Madness chance.

(I’m framing the geode this way because the focus of the set seems to be the -MP, -Wis, and Madness)

So here we’re sacrificing the 1~2 ability uses, Wismod, and non-pet MP regen-- for survivability and weapon DPS. Currently, the trade-off seems way to large for a measly +20* HP, +2 Def, +2 Atk compared to Pyra.

With how the geode is designed, it sees the most use in classes that use their abilities sparingly. But it also seems like it can even be used on any other class if players are willing to forego their ability. Also, since it’s an accessory, I think it would be natural for a broader range of characters to be able to use it. How about we make it a bit more rewarding for those Mundane players as well?

Here’s what I suggest its stats should be:

  • Geode: +200 HP, +15 Def, +12 Atk, +6 Spd -150 MP -5 Wis and 20% Madness chance.

Adding +6 Spd and +6 (more) Atk to follow the trend of other items. +80 HP and +9 Def too. Also giving -50 MP to justify the increase in weapon DPS and Survivability.

Here’s what it would look like compared to other rings

Geode VS some UT rings

Compared to;
Pyra: +120 HP, +11 Def, +6 Atk, +6 Spd. (-MP, -Wis, Madness)
Crown: +90 HP, +4 Atk, -6 Dex, +15 Def +6 Spd. (-MP, -Wis, Madness)
Bracer: +140 HP, +11 Def, +2 Atk, +6 Spd. (-Mp, -Wis, Madness)

Comparing the full set including this version of the geode we get:

Full set vs Tops/Deca

Tops + Deca: +13 DEF, + 4 ATK, +6 WIS, +280 HP, +75 MP
Total set stats: +29 DEF, +17 ATK, -10 WIS, +355 HP, -170 MP, +10 SPD

Set VS Tops/Deca:
+29 Def +11 Atk, +10 Spd, +75 HP -195 MP -17 Wis, 60% Madness chance

I’m assuming the set doesn’t have bonuses…


  • The ring pairs very well with Resu for heavy armor classes because Resu perfectly negates all the rings debuffs and the ring provides the lacking Def and provides +HP, +Atk, and +Spd. A bit risky on Paladin because of the 20% Madness Proc unless he uses MSeal. A bit stronger for Warrior due to his ability’s cooldown, though we may see changes with the upcoming IC/OOC system.

  • The ring also pairs well with Harlequin (lots of Def, Spd, HP, and Atk at the cost of -80 MP) and Tlatoani’s Shroud (Provides lacking Def and HP, as well as a nice Spd bonus at the cost of -35 MP and -2 Wis). Of course, these all come at a cost of 20% chance of Madness!

  • Using this ring to replace Deca will provide greater HP, Def, Atk, and Spd to all classes (when using tops), but will only be able to use their ability once, unless they’re a Robe class in which case they’ll have two or three uses.

  • Some abilities cost too much to be used thus pairing them with MP boosting armors becomes more appealing in order to take full advantage of the ring, armor previously mentioned may become more sought after. The ring completely changes the player’s playstyle in a very broad sense of limiting ability usage.

  • Some issues are negated if you have a strong MHeal pet, but they can’t affect WisMod. (Surprisingly, no tops or UT’s have a cost too high to be rendered useless)

  • The MP cost change may affect the entire set more than intended

I get that sets are supposed to be strong when used together, but I believe that doesn’t mean that each part has to be sub-par. They can just be like other UT’s but you’d be missing out on the set’s strong synergy when equipping each piece.

Anyways, your ideas are lovely, hope to hear an update regarding your dungeon! :heart:



i’ve been writing for 4 hours straight what the heck, i need to take a break



Fr, thanks for all the feedback! I’m reading through it right now, the thought you put in is much appreciated!

Was wondering what was taking you so long to reply for lol


Real quick, you mean +20 HP right?


Yeah, I was so caught up with the different sections and not knowing how to properly format that i got confused whenever i kept changing the numbers and cross-checking it with the ability costs in the wiki. My brain is melting!


Hm yeah that does seem pretty bad when you put it that way

That was the intention! These items are meant to be strong with big downsides that either have to be dealt with or flipped around using the skull

That’s a big jump imo, the difference between using the ability sparingly ad straight up full mundane is huge

Yeesh that’s big, but I guess it’ll-

Holy shit batman that’s a UBDEF and a superior HP ring on top of the ATK and SPD!

That does not seem like a fair trade at all imo, +6 ATK, +6 SPD, +80 HP, and a whopping +9 DEF is basically another ring, all for the price of -50 MP? That is not reasonable for classes that depend on ability spam, much less the classes that don’t care about abilities at all!

I understand that you intend for the ring to be used with low stat, high MP/WIS armors to have them work together, but many players will simply not care!

The majority of people would use this with a normal endgame set and reach levels of absurdity due to pets making WIS a non-factor, and their abilities not stacking. I intended the WIS to balance using the WIS mod classes and so tried to stack the robe a bit as they were more hurt, but I still think the ring should not be nearly as strong since non-WISmod classes have access.

I will concede that the ring may need a bit of a buff, so maybe we could push it to

On Equip: +130 HP, +7 DEF, +7 ATK, -130 MP, -5 WIS?

It leans a little harder into the lack of MP that impacts non-WISmod classes and gains a stat bonus that makes it a beautiful ring with almost twice the DEF and ATK of Pyra and 30% more HP

And don’t worry, this is definitely a UT set, not an ST one (not a fan of STs since they encourage less mix and match that I love and encourage set synergy artifically)

I really really appreciate the hours of work you put into your feedback btw! Don’t take this as a shutdown


I know that feeling! I had so many tabs of just skulls when making this idea! I redid the formatting over 15 times! That’s why there are so many edits

PS: How did you do the collapsible portions those are sick



If you haven’t read this already, you should!