(New Spell) Arcane Fire Spell



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A spell past down to demon lords as ancient knowledge, it allows the user to fire a concentrated magic blast.


Tier UT
MP Cost: 65 MP
On Equip: +20 MP, +4 WIS
On Ability Use: Fire an Arcane Fireball, passing through targets and will explode on impact after travelling 7 tiles.
Shots: 20 (arc gap: 18°)
Damage: 90 – 100 (average: 95)
Total Damage: 1800 – 2000 (average: 1900)
Effect(s): Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
XP Bonus: 3%
Soulbound: Soulbound
Feed Power: 100

Drops From:

More info:

From the stats alone, its better than a tier 4 spell but worse than a tier 5 spell, catered towards newer players, specifically wizards, rewarding them for exploring the godlands. Hopefully it would encourage exploration in this way as it drops from an iconic mob in the godlands, the red demon (the unique monster standing nearby godland lava pits).

It would drop fairly commonly from the red demons as well, and could be a relatively decent swap-out or replacement for the spell the newer wizard is carrying. However, for them to use it effectively, they must learn to keep their distance (around as far as their staff range).

The way the item would work is that the wizard fires out a high speed projectile (roughly 25-30 tiles/second) which would be the ‘Arcane Fireball’. This projectile on its own does not deal any damage and passes through targets and obstacles, however after travelling 7 tiles, it will explode like a normal spell bomb upon hitting an enemy or reaching the end of its range (8 tiles).

This spell also essentially guarantees good spell bomb hits, however it would teach or hone the skill of the player to also keep their distance from enemy mobs as a staff class and utilize their range.

Small trivia but the shot sprites were taken from Daichi the fallen, as most of his attacks seem to resemble something akin to spell bombs and alludes his mastery or training over this spell and his relation to demons (Demon Lord Xil).

Let me know what you think of the ability in the comments or what you think about the idea in the poll! I’m generally open to suggestions and thoughts to edit this idea so about this so feel free to comment what you think about it!

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  • Changed sprite to give it more theme. Added additional description.

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Is it possible to forge it?

Stats are not bad. Also, I really want to see cyan UT’s from Septavius and Malphas.


the game needs much more of these early to mid game UTs. the super early game UTs are complete shit and there’s a big gap between that and relative endgame (not to mention rarity of obtaining those items).

but with more items to build that gap, there’d be more things to look forward to getting, especially with enemies inside the realm itself.


I saw the sprites and thought “hmm, looks like something that would drop from MT lol.” Just read the bottom though. Maybe make the spell sprite have a bit more of a highlight? seems a bit too tier zero-y for me


Haha yeah was a tad bit worried about that, also on the fact I’m basically declaring Daichi is a wizard and would constantly just spam this spell to oblivion XD Good point though! I might give the sprite a more arcane-infernal shade.

Edit: Also added a bit more to the bottom to show more relation to Dachi to Xil the Demon Lord. Thanks again for bringing this up!


Ah jeez, speaking of forging I never really specified the forge materials on my item ideas huh. I might need to go back on them >_<

To address the question though, I imagine it would be forgeable but would be a low-tier forge but unspecified for now. I really like @PomfersFaded Cuirass for Malphas as specifically there is a large lack of mid-game UT Armors (Especially for Heavy Armors).

Septavius though… UDL is a good place to start so I’ll try to put this in consideration! Thanks for the comment!


Definitely agreed! There’s a lot of potential to make this game more friendly to people who want to try it out or are still learning the ropes.

Personally I’m trying to make some of my friends be able to play this game too as a chill way to spend time. This is also what partially inspired me to make the item as I found some of them standing wayyy too close to enemies when they could be using their range to be able to fire shots at a safer distance.


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