Daichi the Fallen

Last updated: Release 27.7.X13
Daichi the Fallen

Daichi the Fallen is the boss of the Mountain Temple. He is the High Monk of the Temple who is supposedly trying to summon his master, the Demon Lord Xil, into the Realm.

The Realm Eye says:
Daichi leads the monk clan dwelling among the realm’s mountain peaks. He sacrifices the souls of anyone who would dare trespass upon his temple to the demon lord Xil.
These demonic dealings got him exiled from the brotherhood he once belonged to, permanently marking him with his disgraced title.
He is now only served by his loyalists who renounced their former monasticism and pledged servitude to Xil.



HP: 85,000 (+20% [17,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 65
EXP: 5,000
Location: Mountain Temple

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Pink Orb
Pet Stasis for 5s
Gatling missile
Fire Elemental missiles
Armor Broken for 2s
Air Elemental missiles
Paralyzed for 1s
Water Elemental missiles
Slowed for 2s
Earth Elemental missiles
Bleeding for 2s
Medium Pink Bolt
Weak for 3s
Big Pink Bolt
Pink Wave
Petrify for 10s


Daichi stays at the top of the room. When first approached he will taunt:
“Ha ha fools, you are too late. Lord Xil will soon arrive in this realm.”
He then teleports around the room, placing four different Flames in the corners of the room before beginning his attack.

Phase 1

Daichi fires rings of Pink Orbs that inflict Pet Stasis along with four-armed spirals of Gatling Missiles that occasionally change direction while remaining intangible: he cannot be hit by any attacks, and no status effects can be inflicted on him. After firing his second wave of Pet Stasis shots, he will start teleporting to one of the Flames in the room and fire several rings of shots (about 3) with a small gap in them. The shot type depends on which Flame he teleported to.

  • If he teleports to the Air Flame (the black one), he will fire rings of paralyzing shots.
  • If he teleports to the Fire Flame (the red one), he will fire rings of armor-breaking shots.
  • If he teleports to the Water Flame (the blue one), he will fire rings of slowing shots.
  • If he teleports to the Earth Flame (the green one), he will fire rings of bleeding shots.

The teleport order is as follows: Water, Fire, Air, Earth.
After having teleported to each Flame once, if not forced into the next phase, he will go back to the middle of the room, taunt “Fear my wrath!”, and fire a ring of pink orbs; he will then flash white for a while, afterwards firing another ring, along with three shotguns of 3 large pink blasts before repeating the phase.
This shotgun is extremely dangerous: each bullet strikes for 280 damage.
The phase lasts until he reaches about 3/4 HP.

Phase 2

Taunt: “You think you can defeat me? Then let me show you the true power of Xil!”
Daichi will teleport back into the center of the room before saying “Fear the Elements!” The Flames will begin firing multi-directional attacks for a few seconds.

  • The Air Flame fires paralyzing shots
  • The Fire Flame shoots armor-breaking shots
  • The Earth Flame fires bleeding shots
  • The Water Flame fires slowing shots.

All the bullets shot by the flames share a base damage of 100 and a speed of 6 tiles/sec and pierce players.

After that is done, Daichi will taunt “Fear my wrath!” and fire a ring of Pink Orbs before flashing white; then, he will begin firing a total of four rings of Pink Orbs, but this time he also rapidly fires pairs of Weakening Pink Bolts in random directions, as well as aforementioned shotgun of giant Pink Bolts. After the third ring, he will become vulnerable.

If not enough damage is done, he begins teleporting to the Flames again, but will fire denser rings of shots before moving to another Flame. The order is different this time, being: Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Once he finishes with the last Flame, he will teleport back to the middle of the room, taunt “Fear my wrath!” and shoot a ring of pink orbs whilst flashing white; then, he will shoot his shotgun thrice, along with another ring of pink orbs with the second shotgun. After that, he will taunt “You are no match for my Powers!” before repeating the phase, starting from “Fear the Elements!”.
This phase continues until he hits about 1/2 HP.

Phase 3

Taunt: “You don’t lack skills! But you have underestimated the power lying within this Temple. Let me show you.”
Daichi shoots an omnidirectional, nearly unavoidable wave of Petrifying shots that do nearly no damage (10 base damage). He summons 4 skull-like Elementals and seemingly absorbs them (the actual skulls are harmless and invincible). He then taunts “Fear my wrath!” again and fires another ring of pink orbs before continuing the same pattern from Phase 2, but with a twist - he now constantly summons Soulblasts, skull-like spirits that fire themselves at players like Cursed Blasts in The Puppet Master’s Encore. They hit fairly hard at 90 armor-piercing and inflict Unstable, so be sure to dodge them!
After the second ring of pink orbs, Daichi will become vulnerable; after the third one, he will continue to teleport to the Flames as usual, this time in a different order than before: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. He will then repeat the last part of phase 2 before repeating this phase, and will move on to his final phase once he hits around 1/4 HP.

Phase 4

Taunt: “ENOUGH! You fought well but now it’s time for you to die.”
Daichi fires one ring of Pink Orbs while taunting “Unlimited power!” as the Flames fire their multidirectional attacks again. After this, he unleashes his final attack: a combination of all of his attack patterns from before, which includes his rings of Pink Orbs, spirals of Gatling Missiles, pairs of Pink Bolts, and his Soulblasts. He will not teleport to the Flames during this phase, which lasts until he is reduced to his last few hitpoints.


Taunt: “Nooo! What is happening? How can I lose with such great power? Xil, help me.”
Daichi grows in size and turns red. Daichi’s body is basically a Test Chest at low health at this point, so feel free to pile in your soulbound damage.




Note: A Potion of Defense is guaranteed for one player, and another random Stat Potion is guaranteed for one player as well.


If left alone for long enough, Daichi may amusingly say “You are no match for my powers! Execute order 66!”
Obviously this is a reference to Palpatine as his rage phase also says “Unlimited power!”

Before an unknown update, the following used to happen to Daichi during his death phase, after growing in size while glowing red.
His soul then leaves his body and taunts:
“Xil! Finally you arrived! Deal with these maggots!”
But Xil didn’t come to help him, and he has only this to say to his High Monk.
“Daichi, you failed me. I’m not here to save you. I’m here to call in your debt.”
Daichi’s soul is then grabbed by Xil’s disembodied hand and dragged to who-knows-where.
However, now, Daichi is simply slain; perhaps his soul will return in an upcoming wing.
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