New Type Of Clover


The White Clover


The luckiest shamrock that will make bosses drop a guaranteed white bag. Lasts 7.77 minutes.

Effect: 100% chance of untiered loot dropping.
Duration: 7 min, 46 seconds

Consumed with use

Feed Power: 30000

Loot Bag 0tcOp00

Obtained Through

Other Notes

I thought this idea was worth sharing with the community. I have seen too many people in chat brag (or complain) about playing the game for nearly a decade without getting a single event white. In my opinion, that is the beauty of what makes those items very desirable, but if you actually ever used a Helm of the Juggernaut, it is not all that great. In fact, it does not meet DPS requirements in most raid lead runs - you know, where they require you to be “2/4” or something like that. I have also used the Helm of the Juggernaut for a few days and noticed it was not even that good for defensive play. The Marble Colossus had a black arrow attack that does 112 damage on my warrior. I use my ability and the same attack went down to 108 damage.

Enough about the jugg though, in general with common UTs losing soulbound status and being able to be traded in the upcoming update, there should be an item that just gives the player the white bag they want. It will give an incentive for new players when they finally get that shiny white bag their friends have been talking about and it will open a whole new list of strategies for the community to get the best UTs possible in the highest of quantities.

I think it would be cool if this item was given for free as a daily login reward only one time a year. It would have 30k feed power in case the player would rather not use the clover and instead focus on their pet. I chose 7 minutes and 46 seconds as the duration because that is roughly 7.77 minutes which is a very lucky set as 7 is considered a lucky number throughout the world.

Maybe this item would have a rare occurrence in certain event chests to incentivize people to buy more keys and pop more chains. I think it would be hilarious if the beach bum could drop this item since the enemy is so rare. And obviously this should be legendary loot from mystery boxes. I see some of the mystery boxes and I ask myself, “Why would anybody spend money on this garbage?” This would make it more worth while.

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While I do think there needs to be some better loot forgiveness in the game, I don’t think this would be the best way to go about it. For 1, 7.77 minutes is quite long. Just clearing some events would give several event whites, and buffing and clearing ents would give piles of qots.

What I think could be more interesting would be either a large boost to blueprint drops, at the cost of all being individual, or a temporary boost to a different form of loot forgiveness, like for example getting a single ensured white after beating an enemy enough times, perhaps increasing the # of “kills” you get from it temporarily.


I think a better way would be boosting the white bag droprates by 2x instead of guaranteed. I would make it obtainable once per month from the log in reward. Making it once a year is just makes it not ideal despite of souped up droprate to 100%.

Also, I would crank up the boost last 60 minutes to be on par with GClover.

That should be a separate clover IMO but good concept.

Also, the Loot Tier potion need some kind of change as it’s obsolete on certain places (like O3 himself). I think that if the maximum tier that an enemy can drop is not affected, it should increase droprate boost’s potency (insignificantly) or the duration itself.


Honestly I am not entirely opposed to the idea of a guaranteed drop opportunity. In my opinion, it would be best if it came from a few pack available once per year instead of the login seer, but the biggest issue is the duration. 7 minutes is an insanely long time! Especially if you purposely do an efficient realm clearing, it would be possible to get literally a full inventory + backpack of event whites in that time. Even more if you had a small and well-organized group.

I would say make it last until you receive a single white bag, then end. Similar to how the exp boosters let you get to level 20, but don’t let you do fame farming.

My original thought was to lower it to 7.77 seconds instead to keep the theme, but even that would run into issues with an Ents and Pentaracts giving piles of whites.

It would be cool to have this opportunity once per year. Obviously, though, if it ever got introduced people would immediately demand more access to it and it would cause far more frustration than it is worth. IMO, the Keyper event is as close as you will ever see to this idea being implemented in the game.


Seen this idea here on the forums before. It was not well received.

Main reason: no matter how rare you make it, it’s always way too OP.


7.77 minutes is kind of REALLY long for something that can guarantee white bags and be dropped through a beach bum, bought in a mystery box, and be handed out for free.

It should give a white bag only by your last hit enemy (with available white drop). This guarantees a white but does not make you accidentally lose it if you hit something else.

Should solve this problem as it only gives a white from your previously hit enemy so only one greater nature sprite will drop qot.

As for the rarity, I think it should be a permanent free fame package in shop, but only once per account. It should be made clear to everyone that it is once per account. If DECA does this with an iron hand, people would demand more, but most players would understand that it’s a one time thing and there should be no problems. Also, it should be made clear in the item description how valuable and rare the item is. If some new player were to use it on a wlab or whatever the fuck, it’s on them really.


What if it lasted 7 seconds, so that you use it for a white you really want just before the boss dies.




Too long?
OK what about 1 sec.


Not practical, that’s the reason.


I think it would be best if it applied to the first boss that received soulbound damage. Keep the same time. That way, you can’t cheese it by opening 100 quest chests with 100 white bags. Lol. Instead the first quest chest that opens will be a white bag and the rest won’t be affected by the clover.


Not going to happen. a 100% boost maybe, so 2x instead of 1.5x that existing clovers have. But I can’t imagine them ever giving you a way of forcing an enemy to drop a white, so you can get e.g. a Jugg or Ormur guaranteed. As that’s likely how most people would use them to rare event whites, which would become instantly much more common.


Free conflict! Free tablet! Free cdirk!

Great idea to completely break this game apart


I thought this was a joke idea when I took a closer look at it. turns out, I was wrong.

also, why did no one consider the fact that the number of players is somewhere between 6m and 75k?
(well, it seems like that’s what happening)


As long as duping is still widely practiced this would just make for maxing out accounts to sell thru RWT even easier for the ill parties. Would ultimately just damage the game more than it would do good. Decent idea if you replace the guaranteed chance with a percentage increase, however I guess normal loot drop already does that to an extent.


yeah no lmao


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