Trivial Issues Thread


I’m starting to realize that. Could be an issue.


Book is an issue that must be removed. gonna get flamed


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Just a little tile’s stuck at red, might be caused by my laggy computer


I seen that happen many times, most of mine is the whole room is red lmao


should be “exclusive skins”


Does it not say exclusive skins?


It says “Exclusive Skins”, whereas it should be “exclusive Skins”. The E oughtn’t be capitalized.
Mynamerr’s lazy typing style made it odd to understand.


… then why not “bone tokens” and “mystery skins” as well?

If they consider it a specific term within the game, they can capitalize whatever they want.

I swear, at least a third of this thread is just people trying to figure out what the latest Mynamerr post meant.


Don’t know if this was intentional or not, but the Wand of Terror is the only wand that points to the northwestern direction.


I don’t know, lethargic sentience looks pretty northwestern facing

Either way, it’s simply another way to cause terror, it will haunt the nightmares of every living OCD human being


did /c as i was entering a portal


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happened to mee too


Was reminded of this from @Seelpit recent beework pun & posting the portal graphix in this post.

Maybe the Nest rework will also see a reworked portal? (hopes whoever is doing that is listening)

The Hive: Hive The Nest: Nest
To go alongside: PcaveDdocks - FmazeWlab - SpidCDepths

Don't mention the Thicket

Thicket and Jungle are so different dungeon designs it’s not really an epic version - they fit into more like the Puppet Theatre/Encore scenario.


Not sure why those portals have a slight shade going on with them, or how they made it that way, but here.
Shamelessly copied the entrance part from the Woodland Laby, cause full-on colouring it with just RGB(194,194,194) isn’t…quite as pretty.

Additionally, the sprite you provided (from the wiki) doesn’t quite match up to the sprite I stole got from static drips. Some extra shenanigans going on there…
Additionally, how come the Nest has its portal in its 8x8 objects sheets folder?


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Yeah I made one of those too, then noticed the door surround to the silver had extra shading on the other epics, eg. Wlab, and the stripes running straight into it IDK I didn’t like it, so deleted it, I can copy/paste but not so good when comes to actual creativity…

Edit @Seelpit: it’s strange with the static.drips but then I’ve never known how the game handles its border and shadow when it scales up from the 8x8 in the sheets, you get the same with the Docks if trying to do it manually, left is wiki image, right is the 8x8 enlarged. Whether that’s because the wiki images originate from screenshots rather than the files, or whether the graphix were edited at some point :man_shrugging: :


Anyone notice that if you change dyes/cloths, it will now render properly in your loading screen without restarting your client? Previously, if you used a new dye, the loading screen would display your old dyes unless you restarted client.