Trivial Issues Thread


Good catch, added to our backlog.


if you say “in” in chat without quotes, it will say “{0} in {1}” in chat
very interesting


Passed it on to our Unity devs, interesting bug indeed!


What about the bug of the cosmetic effects of Qot, jugg etc not showing in daily quest room and in the pet yard ? I need to show that to my only friends !


This is more an issue of ability usage being disabled in Pet Yard/Daily Quest Room but the client still allowing you to “use” a few abilities, which I believe the effect itself isn’t affected by this bug creating this more specific issue.

Since those areas are single player only and mostly cause problem if you spam (most likely resulting in disconnection) those issues are basically at the very bottom of the priority list but I’ll make sure we have it somewhere in our backlog.


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It’s a dang haiku
In poems, after a line
You capitalize


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Fungal Cave with no wall (it’s only like this in that one spot)


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The Tomb Snake Skin Unlocker hasn’t been switched from orange bag into golden yet.


are you sure?

got one of those skins in a gold bag yesterday…



i’m not talking about his picture…

i’m talking about myself. I got one in a golden bag yesterday. I’m pretty sure i made that clear.




no pic of the bag, but here’s a pic of the skin.

and i’m pretty sure i know a gold bag when i see one.


You still got less proof than skyslurp/nevov


look, i don’t want to argue. i admit i’m probably wrong.

(how does skyslurp have more proof then me? all he did was draw arrows)