Wiki Improvements


Doesn’t this just encourage the use of the shit ones in combination with one or two good ones?

So you can get a partial boost?
I’m sure most people would rather wear pixie + fairy + ring than the whole set w/ the seal.

So this partial set stat thing encourages the use of the less-viable set pieces


The Rogue class page needs updating, since with an Etherite and Mantle, you get 1 more speed than with just a Planewalker.
I already updated the Highest Stats page for this instance.
Couldn’t find any other outclassing combinations, though.


I think we need a new column for “ST bonus” stats to be honest


Omni stats bonuses need to be changed. I don’t have an omni so I can’t do it but I know its not 80 80 4 4 4 4 4 4



I guess this can go here, as you could consider it general advice.

First up, go to static drips.
There, inside the xml folder, try to locate where whatever you want the sprite of might be located. CTRL+F inside the file for its name - this doesn’t always correspond with the object’s actual ID, but the DIsplayID does.
Inside the Object part, there’s a part named Texture or AnimatedTexture, which contains a part named File.
Now, return to the home page and locate the sheets folder.
Inside it, go to the corresponding sheet - in this case, we’re looking for lofiObjBig.
Open this in a new tab, then copy and paste it inside Paint dot net.
Select the sprite - it should be either 8x8 or 16x16 - and isolate it with Ctrl-Shift-X.

Now, ensure that your secondary color is set to full transparency, and resize the canvas to 10x10 (from 8x8) / 20x20 (from 16x16). Then, resize the picture with 500%, so it becomes either 50x50 or 100x100.
The last two steps can be done either via a script, or manually. You’ll need to install a plugin by BoltBait to perform them - see this post. The order doesn’t matter.
Outline the object with a radius of 1 and a strength of 10, in the RGB color 12 12 12 (hex 0C0C0C).
Give the object a shadow with a radius of 4, a strength of 0,40, and in the RGB color 0 0 0 (hex 000000).
And there you go, a sprite fit for the wiki ^u^


Haha nice explanation, sometimes you can be really helpful


I need some help with this, I think, I can’t quite figure it out. Here’s what I’ve gotten to so far (I picked Malphas just to test it out):

I can’t find the shadow effect either (which is weird, since certainly it should have that somewhere). Do you think it might be a problem with the paint dot net version I have? I’m unsure if I should uninstall and reinstall.


I just inspected my version and as it turns out, both of those options are included in BoltBait’s plugin pack. Darnit >_<

Here’s the download for just Objects effects. Just place it inside > Effects.
There should then be this option in the Effects dropdown menu:
Which then contains the two options I mentioned earlier, if I’m not mistaken.
I can’t screencap it because it just goes away after I try to tab away from the program >:C


Ok, I think I got it working now, thanks! Hopefully this makes it easier for people to help out with the wiki. I hope to try and contribute as much as I can when I have time, as well.

Some additional questions I have:
Should I be changing the offset at all each time? It defaults to 0.03 for both x and y offset which seems like it would make the shadow not evenly go around the object.
0.4 shadow strength seems too light when I use it and compare to an older image on the wiki but I don’t know if this is to be expected and that it’ll look better once on the wiki. I tried it at 0.5 and it felt like it fit more, but I also wouldn’t want it turning out to be too dark. I’ll still keep using 0.4 for now though.


I think it simply defaults to the 0.03 offset, but I might be wrong.
Here’s a couple comparisons on the matter:
image || image
No offset; .40 vs .50 strength.

image || image
With offset; .40 vs .50 strength

You can fairly cleary see that the offset makes the shadow lean to the bottom left, whereas no offset makes it round the sprite out much more.


is it just me, or can i not see any difference in those pictures?


That’s not just you - they’re…really small details =w="


@Buttyours I’ve moved the Necronomicon to its original page.
See here for confirmation that the name is indeed Necronomicon.


I was bothered so I decided to do something about the fact there was nothing on Avalon’s wiki page. So I compared and contrasted and made the page actually somewhat helpful with phases and tips along with Corruption Phantom’s page. I had no idea what I was doing. But I did something. If someone knows how to do the bag drop coding that would be cool. Definitely need more of the specifics but happy reading and learning in The Library! :slight_smile: I know I learned for a couple hours…


If somebody wants to fix this, I couldn’t figure out how to change the image.

The April fools day sprite is still being used on this page for a couple items.

also, a couple of the LH tops still have their old sprites shown.

Also couldn’t figure out how to remove the blue colouring of this text on The Machine page.
It doesn’t seem to have a use and isn’t hyperlinked to anything.


Sprites’re fixed!
I also added the CCutter, for good measure.
Turns out the old Acclaim sprite was also being used…can you believe it?

Edit: I found the error for the Machine page as well!
There was still an open link!


The Ninja and Archer ST armors are listed here (, but they aren’t listed at the bottom of each specific leather armor page (,,, and so on).

IDK how to fix it, but I hope someone can fix it.


Done. :+1:


dont know if this is where i should go but you should change the info for the xp boosters. it says they are being sold in the nexus but im pretty sure this is not the case anymore. went to like 8 servers and they are not being sold. :frowning: