Wyrmhide Armor

Wyrmhide Armor
Wyrmhide Armor: Outstanding leather armor made from the virtually impregnable hide of a great desert wyrm.

Tier: 14
Stat Bonuses: +18 DEF, +5 DEX
Fame Bonus: 5%
Feed Power: 650
Soulbound Soulbound

Has the second-highest DEF stat of all leather armors, only bettered by the untiered Armor of Nil.

This item was in the game code for several years but unobtainable by players. It was planned to drop in the, at the time new, Lair of Draconis, however, the item was hacked into the game via an exploit of the HP/MP pot purchase interface. This hacking indirectly caused the Lair of Draconis’ planned drops to change, and the item ended up not being released. Following the hack being fixed and all existing items being removed from player’s inventories, the leather armor was kept unreleased in the game code until 1st of August 2017 whereupon it was released as a drop in the Lost Halls, alongside the other new top tier armors and weapons.

There does exist a higher tier leather armor, the Leviathan Armor, which also featured in the aforementioned hacking incident. To date that item remains unreleased.

The item previously had a different sprite before its official release:
Old Wyrmhide Armor