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Skins115 (891st)
Fame29134 (1614th)
Exp54604198 (1633rd)
Account fame380116 (28th)
Created~7 years and 332 days ago
Last seen2020-02-24 12:13:51 at USEast as Warrior
I do not want to join the guild
I like to die alone )))
Two things I hate: 1. rushers 2. and esp. stupid rushers in the MadLab
ClassLCQCFameExpPl.EquipmentStatsLast seenSrv.
Warrior205/52198172392610/82020-02-24 12:13:51USE
Huntress205/5451216662850/82020-02-24 11:57:42USW2
Knight205/526216338487881/82020-02-23 11:48:23USE
Assassin205/5892137378925108/82020-02-22 13:49:18USW2
Wizard205/57777151428766128/82020-02-21 00:20:56USW2
Paladin205/55555106990589748/82020-02-21 00:11:49USW2
Necromancer205/51672293286119450/82020-02-18 17:35:13EUN2
Sorcerer205/5333362550616206/82020-02-14 09:09:39EUSW
Priest205/549157814047536/82020-02-12 00:48:02USW2
Archer205/58888173651404268/82020-02-11 00:43:13EUSW