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Dungeons consist of a network of rooms, containing various types of monsters based on the theme of the dungeon. The last room will contain one or more boss enemies, which may drop special items. These items may be considered as inferior, or extremely useful.

To reach a dungeon, it is necessary to kill certain enemies, which will randomly or systematically open the entrance to that dungeon. Any player can enter to fight the monsters inside, usually by clicking “Enter” or using the interact key when standing on an entrance.

All portals stay open for 30 seconds, except for the Locked Wine Cellar Portal (open for two minutes) and the The Shatters Portal (open for 70 seconds).


  • Dungeons were added to the game in Build 74, representing the largest addition of content to the game since the extra Classes were first introduced.
  • When the first dungeons were added, monsters dropped Dungeon Keys, which were then used to open the portal.
  • Monsters no longer drop Keys as of build 110 (with the exception of the Beach Bum).
  • Since build 111, Keys are available in the Nexus for Realm Gold.
  • Epic Dungeons were added in Release 16.0 as more advanced versions of existing dungeons. Many new features were implemented in these new dungeons, making them capable of killing 8/8 characters.

Realm Dungeons

Oryx’s Castle

Two minutes after the realm closes, all players within the realm (not in dungeons) will be transported to Oryx’s Castle, which consists of multiple areas. None of these are required for the Tunnel Rat fame bonus.

Name Portal Dropped Difficulty
Oryx’s Castle No portal 2 minutes after realm closes 4
Oryx’s Chamber Oryx's Chamber Stone Guardians Stone Guardians
Guaranteed drop
Wine Cellar Wine Cellar Wine Cellar Oryx the Mad God
Guaranteed drop
Must be opened with a Wine Cellar Incantation
Court of Oryx Court of Oryx Oryx the Mad God
Guaranteed drop

Mini Dungeons

Mini dungeons are are accessible from Court of Oryx by defeating Janus the Doorwarden in Oryx Castle. None of these are required for the Tunnel Rat fame bonus.

Event Dungeons

Events Dungeons are dungeons that are only available for the course of an event. The following have been introduced, respectively:

  • During the introduction of the ninja class
  • A week after the hacking of RotMG by SwatSec
  • During the Player Appreciation Event
  • During Halloween 2016

With the exception of the Halloween Haunted Cemetery, which can drop from the Headless Horseman, these dungeons do not drop from enemies, so they can only be opened by keys. None are required for the Tunnel Rat fame bonus.

The Cave of a Thousand Treasures can still be obtained by making a new account on Kongregate and reaching level 20 on a Ninja. This only works once per account, but the Treasure Map will appear in your gift chest upon reaching level 20.

Other Dungeons

These dungeons are neither dropped by enemies nor opened by keys.

Name Portal Found Difficulty
Tutorial Tutorial Spawn point for new players (/tutorial) 0
Oryx’s Kitchen Oryx's Kitchen At the end of the tutorial (/nexustutorial) 0
The Arena The Arena Northwest Nexus Raises each wave