Legacy Tier Explanation


So a few of you may have seen a few Legacy Tiered items made as a post by me and @ItsGrandma. We are currently working on a google Document to adapt the items and change some of the functions based of feedsback.
However, a recurring question I keep receiving is:

To be honest, I was quite successful in sparking up a bit of debate and managed to draw attention to the idea, allbeit drawing in a mixed response.
However, I am still adapting the idea of a new tier and I’ve realised that if items of a new tier were to be any different to UT’s and ST’s they’d have to drop and do something irregular to earn their own place.
So, here is my proposal:

Currently Dungeon Treasures are quite rare and are sadly only used as feedpower at most, where it had been speculated that they were originally planned to have a function once all of the treasures from a specific dungeon were collected.

There are currently 16 Dungeon Treasures in the game as of now. The way to obtain Legacy Tiered items would be to collect specific Dungeon Treasures and an inactive “Stone” version of the item dropping.

The Stone/inactive version of the items will have only 1 50 feedpower and will only inherit the full feedpower and stats when fused with the specific Dungeon Treasure.

[Update: Or fused with Tarot Cards too.]

When the item drops and the stated treasure is collected, they can both be brought to the Tinkerer and fused to activate the weapon.

The will be a total of 25 LT items initially:

  • 2 Rings
  • 3 Armor (1 Robe/1 Leather Armor/1 Heavy Armor)
  • 6 weapons (1 for each class type)
  • 14 Abilites (1 for each class)

If you have any further enquiries, suggestions for changes or would like to help me develop some if the items feel free to leave a comment.

PM me on realmeye if you would like to join me and @ItsGrandma in developing and balancing the items.

Criticism of any type is always appreciated as long as it’s descriptive enough.

Thank you for reading.


Okay, it makes a lot more sense then


UTs are (mostly) more situational than tiered items and have different stats.
STs are made to be used together to gain additional bonuses.
I don’t see the purpose of new tiers.


Don’t want to criticize, but you might want to start working on 15 abilities because of the new class which is terrible.(I’ve just heard this new class (samurai) is terrible from other players because I never got time to go on testing servers.)


I was thinking that, but as I am developing these before the Samurai has been released I will not be considering it.


They stray from UT’s. If you’ve seen my Ample Crossbow and Sword of the Pre-Eminent ideas you’ll notice that status effects are incorporated into weapons which is quite unique and adds quirks to it.

A different way of obtaining the weapons also makes them different from UT’s and ST’s.
Originally the Crossbow and the Sword were UT’s but due to some heavy criticism on how “main weapons shouldn’t have status effects” I decided to make them another tier of item and then decided to branch out and add more items which would be more specialized than UT’s themselves.


Are you sure?


OK, didnt’ know you were already starting it. Sorry if I was being harsh, just didn’t know you have already started


Maybe, but it’s op.

Farming all required items probably would be a pain. (Yes, treasures are tradable but after adding this tier it’s very likely to change)
It fits more for tinkerer event quests for ut reskins.

UTs are very varied.


LT needs to offer something new when fully “activated”- what does it offer?!


Really and truly I can’t add past the limits of realm, so sll the main weapons do is add status effects.
I feel I’d be heavily criticisedif I were to add my own twist to it. And really there isn’t much else you can do with this.
UT’s are situational and ST’s add a bonus for wearing the entire set, however there isn’t much that you can do with a new tier past those.

I’m up for suggestions if you’d like to pitch an idea. :smile:


You weren’t being harsh at all, don’t worry. :v:t5::relieved:


A new specialised NPC could always be added…:man_shrugging:t5:

I know. Really looking for a unique way to make these different besides a different way of obtaining them. As always, I’m open for suggstions if you’d like to contribute.
There’s also a Google Document that I’m developing it on if you’d like to be part of it. :slightly_smiling_face:


My idea: They would drop as cursed version. Cursed LTs cannot be unequipped once equipped and their stats are lowered. To remove the curse, player must kill specified boss using this item (deal the killing blow).
If cursed LT is in your inventory (not equipped), you can’t enter dungeon of the specified boss.

Ghost Ripper (Sword)
(Some stats)
This item was cursed by: Septavius the Ghost God
Drops from: Lord Ruthven


:thinking: …Idea…

If I were to add this, killing blow may be a bit hard to pull off. The only way I’d see it fit is to keep it dropping from fairly common dungeons.

Then opens up another problem, players may simply equip the weapon thinking that it looks cool to use and then end up not being able to remove them.
This may make using them unfavourable.

I do appreciate your contribution and I do plan on adapting and incorporating it into the resultant idea.


A use for treasures?
owo whats this


Dude this is a truly magnificent idea!


Why not give them 100 feedpower instead? That way they are still just as useless feedpower-wise without having an anti-aesthetic number.


New class is coming out


I don’t know what ability the new class would use, so I cannot include it.