Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.


Last updated: Exalt Version (Oct 2020)

Null is the boss of The Machine.

The Realm Eye says:



HP: 90,000 (+10.8% [9,720] to 111.6% [100,440] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 30
EXP: 10,101
Location: The Machine

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze
Counts towards God Kills
Quest Boss

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Error Spike
Paralyzed for 0.8s
Boomerang Shots boomerang
Pierces Players
Faces Direction
Error Star
Unstable for 1s
Boomerang Shots boomerang
Error Shield
Slowed for 1.2s
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
Error Shield
Slowed for 1s
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
Error Shield
Slowed for 0.8s
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
Error Shield
Slowed for 0.6s
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
Error Shield
Slowed for 0.4s
Pierces Players
Passes Cover
Error Orb
Confused for 0.4s
Passes Cover
Error Spinner
Blind for 2s
Pierces Players
Red Bomb
Unstable for 2s
Pierces Armor
Radius: 3
Molek Shockwave
Pierces Players
Pierces Armor
From Firewalls


Null begins the fight located at the center of the room. Like the Puppet Master (Encore), it attacks the players and is vulnerable on odd numbered phases, and becomes invulnerable and activates minions to attack on even numbered phases.
Each minion phase has different possible options. All minions have 15,000 base HP.

Phase 1:

Taunt: “A breach? This can’t be right. You must leave this place at once!”
During the first phase, Null will shoot out bursts of omnidirectional boomerang shots which cause unstable. After a while, Null will teleport to one of the four cardinal corners of the room and shoot two rotating spreads of Paralyzing bullets that return to it, before teleporting back to the center of the room and repeating the pattern. After enough damage is taken, Null will become invisible and spawn the first minion group.

Phase 2:

There are three variations of this phase, depending on which group of servers Null activates. Killing all minions will begin the next phase.

USNorthWest and USSouthWest:

One minion will run to the left side of the room and the other will run to the right. They will then proceed to rotate clockwise around the edge of the chamber, leaving stationary paralysis bullet trails behind them and shooting a stream of slow shots towards the center of the room. These minions are vulnerable to being stunned, and move fast enough that a 60 speed player can comfortably keep up with them.

USSouth, USSouth2, and USSouth3:

The minions move to the center of the room before spreading out and orbit the center at various distances. The outermost minion is the only one vulnerable, and must be killed to damage the next minion. The minions can be paralyzed and stunned.

  • USSouth is the outermost minion, and shoots a stream of bullets.
  • USSouth2 is the middle minion, and shoots a small shotgun of bullets.
  • USSouth3 is the innermost minion, and shoots a burst of boomerang confusion bullets.
USWest, USWest2, and USWest3:

The three minions move into a triangular alignment and each fires a stream of projectiles clockwise forming the three sides of the triangle. Each minion also fires slowing shots at the nearest player. After a short time stationary at the triangle corners, any surviving minions then simultaneously move clockwise along the triangle to the next corner point, and repeat the same attack pattern.

Phase 3:

Taunt: “Enable the firewalls!”
Null will reappear in the center of the room and become vulnerable to attack again. The edges of the room will be replaced by Exposed Code for the phase, which deals rapid damage if stood in. Meanwhile, Null circles the center of the room clockwise and doesn’t shoot any projectiles outside of Armor-Piercing Unstable bombs, but Firewalls will move horizontally along the top and bottom of the square, shooting armor piercing firewaves towards the center of the room.

Phase 4:

There are three variations of this phase, depending on which group of servers Null activates. Killing all minions will begin the next phase.

EUWest and EUWest2:

(info TBC)

USMidWest and USMidWest2:

The two minions will move to a horizontal line along the center of the room and shoot rotating bursts of shots. The minions can be stunned and paralyzed in this phase.

USEast, USEast2, and USEast3:

The three minions evenly space themselves from the center, then rotate clockwise, shooting bursts of silent shots. The minions are all armored this phase.

Phase 5:

Taunt: “Prepare to feel the DISCONNECT between our realities!”
Null reappears in the center of the room and chases players with shotguns or radial blasts of sequential “shockwaves” that Slow. One quadrant of the room will flash white twice and turn into black terrain that doesn’t block projectiles or enemy movement, but disconnects players who don’t move off it in time (like bridges in The Shatters). Once a quadrant has gone back to normal, another will begin flashing and the process will repeat until Null takes enough damage to trigger the next phase.

Phase 6:

There are two variations of this phase, depending on which group of servers Null activates. Killing all minions will begin the next phase.

EUEast, EUSouth, and EUSouthWest:

The three minions form a line before chasing the nearest player. The minions remain in a snake-like formation (like the Rock Dragon), but only the tail minion is vulnerable, and must be killed to make the next minion in the snake vulnerable to attack. In order of vulnerability they appear as follows:

  • The back minion is EUSouthWest, and leaves behind a trail of stationary slowing shots. This is the only minion this phase that is vulnerable to being stunned.
  • The middle minion is EUSouth, and shoots two paralyzing shots to the sides of the snake. These bullets can leave you vulnerable to being sat on by EUEast.
  • The front minion is EUEast, which shoots a cone of armor piercing stunning shots. This minion is responsible for the majority of the deaths in this dungeon, so keeping one’s distance (especially while the paralyzing ??? is still alive) is crucial.
EUNorth and EUNorth2:

One minion moves to the center of the room, while the other moves a few tiles north of it. The center minion will remain stationary and shoot rotating waves of bullets, while the other will move around the room shooting parabolic stars.

Phase 7:

Taunt: “I hope you’re ready to crash and burn!”
This phase is a combination of phases 3 and 5. Null will rotate around the center of the room clockwise shooting slow moving confusion balls, while the edges of the map will be filled with Exposed Code patrolled by bullet shooting Firewalls. Like in phase 5, Null will make a quadrant of the map flash white twice before disconnecting any players still standing in it. When enough damage is dealt, the final minion groups will spawn.

Phase 8:

There are two variations of this phase, depending on which group of servers Null activates. Killing all minions will begin the next phase. The minions in this phase can drop parts of the Golden Archer ST set.

AsiaEast and AsiaSouthEast:

The minions move to the east and west sides of the room before chasing players, leaving trails of stationary quiet bullets behind them. They can be stunned.


This minion moves to center of the room before shooting short-range bursts of shots. It will lob a grenade that can repeatedly bounce between players, inflicting unstable. It can be stunned.

Final Phase:

Taunt: “The system is crashing!”
Null reappears at the center of the room and shoots 6 rotating streams of slow moving blind stars. The streams start by rotating clockwise, but can switch directions.

Once brought to critical HP, Null says “These dimensions were not meant to meet! What have you done?!”. Various (non-attacking) enemy sprites will appear from the edges of the room and move around randomly, and Null will shout “REBOOT!”, making the room flash whie. After this, every enemy in the room vanishes, the floor returns to being black, Null disintegrates, and your loot (if you got any) will drop by the exit portal.


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