Lost Halls

Last updated: X16.0.0
Lost Halls
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5
Teleportation Disabled

The Lost Halls is an endgame dungeon designed by Toastrz and Kiddforce. The original design document was made by Toastrz but the final version contained some noticeable differences and was “grander in scope.” The Records of the Lost Halls are a series of official lore entries that give backstory into the dungeon and hint at dungeon mechanics. The dungeon was released on August 1, 2017, coinciding with Month of the Mad God.

In addition to the main dungeon, there are 2 secret areas, each with their own boss. The bosses here are the only sources of the new T13 Weapons and T14 Armor, as well as a number of powerful Untiered items.

The portal has a chance of dropping from the Lost Sentry event boss, which spawns once per realm.


Lost Halls Key The Lost Halls Key is available in the Nexus for 300 Realm Gold.


See the Lost Halls Guide for a walkthrough on the dungeon.



Main Area

The Lost Halls is composed of a large “grid” of nearly-identical rooms with hallways connecting them. Enemies are found in these rooms, and uniquely respawn when nobody is in them.

Lost halls minimap

The dungeon is massive, with only one indicator of where the boss is, making it very hard to navigate. To add an element of dread and suspense, an invincible, lethal enemy called the Spectral Sentry aimlessly roams the halls, attacking anyone that approaches with unstoppable force.

Enemies in the main dungeon are lumped into 4 categories: Lost Crusaders, Oryx Infantry, Grotto Beasts, and Lost Golems. Enemies will always be found in these groups, which are detailed below.

Certain enemies have favorite targets, and will prioritize certain groups of characters. This does not mean they won’t attack other classes, though. The groups are as follows.

  • Group A - Heavy Melees: Knight, Warrior
  • Group B - Ranged Attackers: Wizard, Archer, Assassin
  • Group C - Healers: Priest, Necromancer, Paladin
  • Group D - Ranged Support: Huntress, Sorcerer, Mystic, Trickster
  • Group E - Rushers: Rogue, Ninja

In addition, there are several notable rooms that are different from the others.

Starting Room

The Starting Room is a small square surrounded by destructible blocks.

Pot Rooms

There are several rooms that have no enemies in them, and have a multitude of Treasure Pots that can drop bonus loot such as Tinctures, Effusions, and Stat Pots. A number of the Pots will spawn Evil Spirits, but one of them will have a passive pink flame that follows players around. These flames are essential for accessing the secret area of the dungeon.

Treasure Room

The Treasure Room is a large room identical to the ones normally found. It is completely empty except for the Treasure Room Boss in the middle and a locked portal to the Cultist Hideout.

Boss Room

The Boss Room is a large square room, much larger than the normal rooms found in the dungeon. The Boss resides in the middle of the room. This room has one entrance which is blocked off by destructible blocks, and the entrance seals off after the boss is activated.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

Pot Room Marble Colossus

Agonized Titan Cultist Hideout

Malus Void Entity

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Note: Most the enemies here give abnormally high amounts of XP. Since said enemies come in large groups and respawn, Lost Halls runs are a highly efficient (albeit dangerous) method for quickly gaining fame.

Lost Crusaders

Oryx Infantry

Grotto Beasts

Lost Golems

Miscellaneous Enemies

Dungeon Boss

Marble Colossus

Marble Colossus


Treasure Room Boss

Agonized Titan
Agonized Titan

The Agonized Titan is activated by gathering 5 pink flames from the Treasure Pot Rooms and bringing them to the Titan. After defeating it, the Cultist Hideout will open.

Cultist Hideout

Last updated: X16.0.0
Locked Cultist HideoutCultist Hideout Portal
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5

Note that once you enter the Cultist Hideout, you can not go back to the Lost Halls.


Cultist Layout

The Cultist Hideout consists of a series of hallways made of brown bricks. The enemies are found in small groups throughout the dungon. Malus and his cultists are found in a large square room with a pentagram in the middle.


Malus, Argus, Gaius, Basaran, and Dirge serve as the bosses of this dungeon. Malus is the leader and main boss.


Molek Molek

The Void

Last updated: X16.0.0
The Void
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5
Teleportation Disabled

The Void can be accessed by consuming a Vial of Pure Darkness once you defeat the Marble Colossus.


Void Layout

The Void consists of a large circular platform of wooden tiles, similar to those found in The Shatters, in an expanse of Pure Evil. As time goes by, the platform will slowly get smaller as it is swallowed up by Pure Evil, and as the boss takes damage he will split the platform in two, and later in four.


Void Entity

Void Entity

Void Shades

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Tips and Strategies

A very high degree of teamwork and coordination is required to finish this dungeon. The layout is very confusing and the enemies require a large amount of combined DPS to take down. Stick together: spiltting up only makes it harder to take down the clusters of enemies.

3 consecutive rooms (without a split) in a row means it has to be the right way towards the boss.

It is important to remember that every enemy group has a different role to play in the dungeon.

  • The Lost Crusaders focus on brute force, with little disabling abilities but overwhelming offensive power.
  • The Oryx Infantry focus on coordination in groups. The Swordsmen and Armorbearers make approaching the Champion very difficult, while the Admirals dive in to disrupt players.
  • The Grotto Beasts focus on disruption, having abilities to lock down or hinder players’ progress. They rely on speed to ambush enemies (except the Slimes), and their disabling abilities easily shut down anyone that strays from the group.
  • The Lost Golems exist to inflict status effects and weaken players.

Always stay on guard in case the Spectral Sentry appears. In case it does, make sure you have a clear path to escape the Sentry.

Because the enemies respawn, there is a tactic where groups leave a “trail” of players, 1 player every other hallway (preferably the weaker ones that may not survive direct combat). This ensures that the enemies will not respawn, but comes at the price of weakening the group’s DPS. This technique is often referred to as “breadcrumbing”.

This dungeon has 2 different true objectives:

  • Gathering 5 pink flames to kill the Agonized Titan to reach the Cultist Hideout to obtain the Vial of Pure Darkness.

  • Killing the Marble Colossus and then using the Vial of Pure Darkness to reach the Void and defeat the Void Entity.

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Drops of Interest


  • The dungeon is meant to be the most challenging one in the game.
  • The dungeon started development in October 2016, meaning that it will have the longest development time of any dungeon when released, surpassing even The Nest.
  • The dungeon has a trailer, released on July 25, 2017.
  • There are only 5 cultists but there are 7 Cultist Shots. One of the two that do not have an owner is green and Sickens, and the other is black and inflicts Darkness. This is referencing the 2 cultists (named Phaedra and Valus) that were killed in Malus’ lore.
  • There are a number of references in this dungeon.
    • The 5 Cultists (Malus, Gaius, Argus, Basran, Dirge) are named after Colossi in the video game Shadow of the Colossus, including the 2 deceased onces (Phaedra and Valus)
    • The Void Entity’s lines “Ah, heroes, blessed souls…I shall destroy you with the power of darkness!” and “As your existence fades, remember that it is an honor to have it ended at my hands!” are both references to Super Paper Mario.
    • The Void Entity’s dying phrases were said to have been inspired by the opening lines of the Negativitron from LittleBigPlanet 2.
  • The Void has a portal sprite in the game files, shown below. However, this is not actually used in the game. The portal is designated by a swirl of purple particles but does not have an actual portal sprite.
    Void Portal

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