Loot Containers

Last updated: Exalt Version (Oct 2023)

Loot Containers are objects that have eight slots for items. Loot Bags and Treasure Chests are dropped by enemies and naturally spawn in the realm, respectively.

Loot Bags

Loot Bags are the most common types of loot containers. There are twenty kinds of loot bags dropped from enemies, as shown below. Each contains a different type of loot when dropped from an enemy. All bags make the same sound when dropped, and all have a lifetime of 1 minute, except for orange and white bags, which have a lifespan of 2 minutes. The lifespan does not reset by adding/removing items to/from the bag.

High-end tiered equipment may be dropped in a soulbound bag regardless of whether the item itself is soulbound.

Higher-level bags may contain extra loot that would normally come in a lower-tiered bag (temporary consumables are an exception, only dropping in brown, pink, and boosted bags).

Bag progression is in terms of least priority to most priority:

Brown Bag < Pink Bag < Purple Bag < Egg Basket < Cyan Bag < Blue Bag < Golden Bag < Orange Bag < Red Bag < White Bag
Boosted bags, which are only seen when under the effects of Loot Boosters, follow a similar color progression:
Boosted Brown Bag < Boosted Pink Bag < Boosted Purple Bag < Boosted Egg Basket < Boosted Cyan Bag < Boosted Blue Bag < Boosted Golden Bag < Boosted Orange Bag < Boosted Red Bag < Boosted White Bag

Brown Bag Brown Bag: The brown or “public” bag is the least valuable, and its contents can be seen by anyone. Low tier tradable items dropped by players appear in these.
When dropped by enemies, brown bags only contain health potions, magic potions, Forgotten Log I and Forgotten Log II.
Pink Bag Pink Bag: Colored a bright pink, this bag contains only low-tiered equipment (tiers 1-6 for weapons and armors, 1-2 for abilities, and 1 for rings). As these are public like brown bags, any player can take the equipment found inside.
Purple Bag Purple Bag: This bag is colored a dark purple, and holds mid-tier loot (tiers 7-9 for weapons and armors, 3-4 for abilities, and 2-4 for rings). They may also contain temporary consumables: restoratives and boosters, as well as other consumables, cloths / dyes (as of Hotfix X.31.3.0), and marks (as of X.32.2.0). It also appears for untradable items dropped by players (such as a pet food or untiered equipment). Players that drop high tier weapons (T10+), armor (T11+), abilities and rings (T5+) will drop them in this bag. All bags of this rarity and higher are soulbound, which means only you can see them and their contents.
Egg Basket: The soulbound basket can contain pet eggs of all rarities, from common to legendary. It can be dropped by realm gods, events, and many dungeon bosses.
Legendary eggs are incredibly valuable and rare, so make sure to check these baskets if dropped from events or dungeon bosses or you might miss a legendary pet egg.
Cyan Bag Cyan Bag: A soulbound light blue bag sitting upright, with a crimson string wrapped around the top. Dropped by events and dungeon bosses, this bag contains high-tier equipment (tiers 10-12 for weapons, 10-13 for armors, 5-6 for abilities, and 5 for rings) as well as weaker untiered items and “key” items like Wine Cellar Incantations, Vials of Pure Darkness and the Oryx Runes.
Blue Bag Blue Bag: This full-looking dark blue bag is lined with a golden string and is soulbound. This bag contains stat-boosting consumables. Potions drop from gods and most bosses.
Golden Bag Golden Bag: A soulbound golden bag with a magenta string. This bag contains Blueprints, Tokens, and, as of Patch X.32.2.0 (Nov 2019), Keys, Character/Pet Skins, Pet Food.
Orange Bag Orange Bag: A soulbound orange bag with a violet string. This bag is dropped by many different enemies and bosses, and almost exclusively contains Set Tier (ST) items (the only non-ST item that is dropped in an orange bag is the UT Locked Reactor). Prior to the X.31.3.0 hotfix, dyes and cloths also dropped from these, and prior to X.32.2.0, so did character and pet skins, keys, and pet food. These items have since been moved to lower-tiered bags.
Red Bag Red Bag: A palette swap of the cyan bag, this soulbound red bag is lined with a yellow string and contains the highest-tiered equipment in the game (tiers 13-14 for weapons, 14-15 for armors, 7 for abilities, and 6 for rings). Fittingly, they only drop from very high-level dungeon bosses (with the exception of the Ring of Decades and The Forgotten Ring, which drop from entities found in endgame dungeons).
White Bag White Bag: Colored a majestic white and tied with a beautiful blue string, these contain some of the rarest untiered items and are considered the best type of bag. White bags drop from all events and many dungeon bosses, but at low rates; some are easier to find than others.
The untiered items that drop in these can often change the way that characters are played and are therefore highly sought after.
Boosted Bags Boosted Bags: These bags take the colors of the parent bags but are of a different shape. Boosted bags can only be found while under the effects of Loot Boosters. These take priority over all other bags. The normal bag color hierarchy applies for the contents of boosted bags.

Please refer to the following chart for pictures of what you may see for each type of bag:

Bag Drops
Brown Bag Ring of Minor Defense Health Potion Magic Potion Forgotten Log I Forgotten Log II
Pink Bag Tier 1 Weapons Tier 2 Weapons Tier 3 Weapons Tier 4 Weapons Tier 5 Weapons Tier 6 Weapons Tier 1 Abilities Tier 2 Abilities Tier 1 Armor Tier 2 Armor Tier 3 Armor Tier 4 Armor Tier 5 Armor Tier 6 Armor Tier 1 Rings
Purple Bag Tier 7 Weapons Tier 7 Alternate Weapons Tier 8 Weapons Tier 8 Alternate Weapons Tier 9 Weapons Tier 9 Alternate Weapons Tier 3 Abilities Tier 4 Abilities Tier 7 Armor Tier 8 Armor Tier 9 Armor Tier 2 Rings Tier 3 Rings Tier 4 Rings Heartfind Dagger Cupid's Bow Staff of Adoration Wand of Budding Romance Vinesword Diamond Bladed Katana Healing Ichor Pollen Powder Cactus Juice Snake Oil Holy Water Coral Juice Fire Water Cream Spirit Chardonnay Melon Liqueur Cabernet Vintage Port Sauvignon Blanc Muscat Rice Wine Shiraz Gumballs Sand Pail Ice Pail Saint Paddy's Brew Candy Corn Tincture of Life Effusion of Life Tincture of Mana Effusion of Mana Tincture of Attack Effusion of Attack Tincture of Defense Effusion of Defense Tincture of Speed Effusion of Speed Tincture of Dexterity Effusion of Dexterity Tincture of Vitality Effusion of Vitality Tincture of Wisdom Effusion of Wisdom Tincture of Fear Tincture of Courage Speed Sprout Bottled Honey Royal Jelly Cubic Jelly Fairy Dust Draconis Potion Mad God Ale Oryx Stout Realm-wheat Hefeweizen Cranberry Punch Gluhwein Grog Bahama Sunrise Blue Paradise Lime Jungle Bay Pink Passion Breeze Pirate Rum Ghost Pirate Rum Magic Mushroom Rock Candy Wooden Box Gravel Server Heart White Drake Egg Blue Drake Egg Orange Drake Egg Green Drake Egg Yellow Drake Egg Purple Drake Egg Totally a White Bag Snowball Delightful Snowflake Christmas Stat Boosters Halloween Bottles Clothing Dyes Accessory Dyes Large Cloths Small Cloths Marks
Egg Basket Pet Eggs
Golden Bag Character Skins Pet Skins Blueprints Dungeon Keys Tokens Pet Food Loot Boosters Potion of Max Level Moss Bag Stone Bag Mad God Bag
Cyan Bag Tier 10 Weapons Tier 10 Alternate Weapons Tier 11 Weapons Tier 11 Alternate Weapons Tier 12 Weapons Tier 12 Alternate Weapons Tier 5 Abilities Tier 6 Abilities Tier 10 Armor Tier 11 Armor Tier 12 Armor Tier 13 Armor Tier 5 Rings Poison Fang Dagger Bone Dagger Toy Knife Dagger of the Terrible Talon An Icicle Dagger of the Hasteful Rabbit Dagger of the Amethyst Prism Frost Lich's Finger Heart Jewel Blades Bramble Bow Precisely Calibrated String Stick Bow of Nightmares Bow of Eternal Frost Icicle Launcher Anteros Longbow Staff of the Crystal Serpent Barely Attuned Magic Thingy Staff of Horrific Knowledge Staff of Yuletide Carols Staff of the Rising Sun Frosty's Walking Stick Love Heart Spellblade Sprite Wand St. Abraham's Wand Lethargic Sentience Wand of Ancient Terror Present Dispensing Wand Wand of Egg-Cellence Winter's Breath Wand Morning Star of Sweet Miracles Unstable Anomaly Skull-splitter Sword Frostbite Saint Nicolas' Blade Lovestruck Yoyo Corrupted Cleaver Salju Yuki Sweetheart Taichi Christmas Abilities Cocoon Quiver Freezing Quiver Sulfuric Stone Thousand Suns Spell Amber Encrusted Helmet Snakeskin Shield Sandstone Seal Cracked Crystal Skull Orb of Sweet Demise Honey Scepter Spider Shuriken Ronin's Wakizashi Snakeskin Armor Spectral Cloth Armor Blue Beehemoth Armor Red Beehemoth Armor Yellow Beehemoth Armor Green Beehemoth Armor Coral Silk Armor Frost Drake Hide Armor Robe of the Tlatoani Woodland Robe Chasuble of Holy Light Tlatoani's Shroud Robe of the Summer Solstice Frost Elementalist Robe Frost Citadel Armor Spider's Eye Ring Snake Eye Ring Crystal Bone Ring Candy Ring Fairy Ring Coral Ring Captain's Ring Ring of Divine Faith Amulet of Dispersion Experimental Ring Ring of the Burning Sun Wine Cellar Incantation Vial of Pure Darkness Shield Rune Sword Rune Helmet Rune
Blue Bag Potion of Attack Potion of Defense Potion of Speed Potion of Dexterity Potion of Vitality Potion of Wisdom Potion of Life Potion of Mana Greater Potion of Attack Greater Potion of Defense Greater Potion of Speed Greater Potion of Dexterity Greater Potion of Vitality Greater Potion of Wisdom Greater Potion of Life Greater Potion of Mana Mystery Stat Pot Killbilly Warrior Set Token Resurrected Huntress Set Token Alchemist Assassin Set Token Shaman Necromancer Set Token Onmyoji Ninja Set Token Plague Doctor Priest Set Token Onmyoji Ninja Set Token Kogbold Pyrotechnician Wizard Set Token Candy of Ominous Spells
Orange Bag Toxin Tooth Etherite Dagger Soulcursed Scythe Carved Golem Remains Symbiotic Ripper Archangel's Judgement Brilliance Bow Nectar Crossfire Resplendent Bow Bergenia Bow Deathless Crossbow Harmonious Harp Hailstorm The Phylactery Edictum Praetoris Squaroid Staff Staff of Eruption Tideturner Trident Corruption Tether Stygian Torch Supernatural Staff Gravekeeper's Scythe Wand of Geb Abomination's Wrath Magic Wand Theurgy Wand C.L.A.W. Earthen Ward Pixie-Enchanted Sword Fallen One's Blade Oryx's Greatsword Indomptable Swashbuckler's Sickle Dalvar's Battle Axe Reikoku Kazekiri Kiritsukeru Quartz Cutter Fiery Katana Ghastly Drape Vampiric Cape Quiver of Shrieking Specters Embellished Quiver Quintessential Quiver Slurpian Sea Scroll Ancient Eminence Spectral Spell Book of Geb Ceremonial Merlot Helm of Draconic Dominance Tricorne of the High Seas Sunken Buckler Champion's Bastion Seal of the Enchanted Forest Abyssal Insignia Parasitic Concoction Virulent Venom Cubic Frame Memento Mori Hooded Skull Honeytomb Snare Lifebringing Lotus Soul of the Bearer Scorchium Stone Orb of the Sabbath Brain of the Golem Daevite Progenitor Grotesque Scepter Lightshow Scepter Daybreak Chakram Crystalline Kunai Ryu's Blade Watarimono Thundering Chorus Angel's Fanfare B.O.O.M. Stonemould Mace Loch Sheath Pyro Sheath Luxurious Leather Apiary Armor Hollyhock Hide Hirejou Tenne Wraith's Brigandine Rags of the Host Acidic Armor Golem Garments Ornate Armor Mantle of Skuld Hallowed Hide Luminous Armor Seraphim's Guard Wind Dancer Robe Rocky Robe Garment of the Beast Shendyt of Geb Soulless Robe Polygonal Garbs Toga Picta Anointed Robe Molten Mantle Magician's Robe Oceanic Apparel Twilight Shroud A.R.M.O.R. Wings of Sanctity Immortal Mantle Robe of the Enchantress Executioner's Garb Fairy Plate Zaarvox's Heart Kamishimo Naval Uniform Mercy's Bane Reinforced Root Armor Chainmail Body Armor Vortex Plating Flame Guard Locked Reactor First Mate's Hook Ring of the Covetous Heart Geb's Ring of Wisdom Akuma's Tear Spectral Ring of Horrors Ring of Pure Wishes Honey Circlet Ring of Pagan Favor Heavenly Magatama Ruthven's Rosary Amulet of Drakefyre Horrific Claws Revenant Ring Chrysanthemum Corsage Pernicious Peridot Aquamarine Amulet Flames of Genesis Interregnum Hivemind Circlet Bloodstone Ring Traveler's Trinket Eye of the Void Rusty Cuffs Ring of the Inferno Radiant Heart Imperial Keepsake Performer's Hat C.O.N.T.R.O.L.L.E.R. Heavenly Halo Regal Ring Omni-Impotence Ring Cuband Augur of the Tempest Defiled Equilibrium Steadfast Glyph Alien Core: Corrosion Alien Core: Dark Matter Alien Core: Power Alien Core: Warp Gjallarhorn Witch's Brooch Phtantom Pendant Grim Goblet Firelight Necklace
Red Bag Tier 13 Weapons Tier 13 Alternate Weapons Tier 14 Weapons Tier 14 Alternate Weapons Tier 7 Abilities Tier 14 Armor Tier 15 Armor Tier 6 Rings Ring of Decades The Forgotten Ring
White Bag Mister Mango Spirit Dagger Corruption Cutter The Right Hook Chain Dagger Queen's Stinger Dueling Daggers Corrosion Cutter Dirk of Cronus Avarice Sunshine Shiv Prismatic Slasher Chicken Leg of Doom Evergreen Dagger Phantasm Dirk Fractal Blades Butter Bow Coral Bow Doom Bow Leaf Bow Thousand Shot B.O.W. Sun's Judgement Blazon Bow Bow of the Void Warmonger Makakoyumi Robobow Clover Bow Arctic Bow Bow of the Morning Star Garland Bow Sunny Side Bow Hama Yumi K.I.D.D. Force Spirit Staff Staff of Extreme Prejudice Staff of Esben Tezcacoatl's Tail S.T.A.F.F. Foramite Staff Comet of Calamity Bogwood Crook Staff of Unholy Sacrifice Superior KoalaPOW Anatis Staff Staff of the Saint Staff of Iceblast Sleigh Bell Staff Steam Pipe Crystallized Worm Spellblade Caduceus of Current Craziness Crystal Wand Wand of the Bulwark Wand of the Fallen Conducting Wand Soul's Guidance Warlord Wand Snowblind Wand Laser Pointer Dusky Catalyst Lumiaire Spicy Wand of Spice Rainbow Rod Frozen Wand Eternal Snowflake Wand Brass Chamberstick Beekeeper's Flamethrower MMace MMurderer Crystal Sword Arcane Rapier Demon Blade Ancient Stone Sword Pirate King's Cutlass Acidic Slasher Gaseous Glaive Sword of the Colossus Divinity Doctor Swordsworth Sword of the Rainbow's End Enchanted Ice Blade Silex's Hammer Sword of Illumination Cheerful Chipper Apocalypse Feather Keychain Cutlass Barnacle Basher Spooky Smasher Blade of Ages Void Blade Doku No Ken Celestial Blade Moonbeam Blade Fire Blade Ray Katana Valor Enforcer Arbiter's Wrath Useless Katana Katana of Good Fortune Krathana Candy Katana Brambletooth Tachi Burial Blades Mirror Cloak Cloak of the Planewalker Cloak of Cubic Enigma Cloak of the Mad God Cloak of Refraction Cloak of Bloody Surprises Cloak of Eerie Trepidation Archerang Double Vision Darts Q.U.I.V.E.R. Blue Beehemoth Quiver Red Beehemoth Quiver Yellow Beehemoth Quiver Green Beehemoth Quiver Quiver of Thunder Quiver of the Shadows Spelling Spell Penetrating Blast Spell Jade Storm Sporous Spray Spell Recurring Terror Spell Tablet of the King's Avatar Genesis Spell Random Spell Extraction Device Vitamine Buster Tome of Moral Support Necronomicon Tome of Pain Tome of the Mushroom Tribes Tome of Purification Tome of Holy Furor Tome of Holy Protection Chaotic Scripture Tome of Frigid Protection Botany Book Challenger Helm Tipsy Topper Hivemaster Helm Vanguard's Visage Helm of the Juggernaut Helm of the Swift Bunny Helm of the Jack-o'-naut Shield of Pogmur Spiteful Scutum Shield of Flowing Clarity Kogbold Cower Shield Crystal Shield Shield of Ogmur Oryx's Escutcheon Seal of Eternal Life Scholar's Seal Seal of Cubic Conundra Seal of Blasphemous Prayer Marble Seal Lightning in a Bottle Mighty Stein Murky Toxin Bottled Medusozoan Plague Poison Crystallised Fang's Venom Polarity Poison Epiphany Skull Sealed Crystal Skull Skullish Remains of Esben Perennial Cranium Brain Cube Skull of Endless Torment Skull of Corrupted Souls Helium Trap Coral Venom Trap Cave Dweller Trap Rain Maker Trap of the Vile Spirit Painbow Mimicry Trap Trap of the Blood Spirit Karma Orb Enchantment Orb Orb of Aether Orb of Conflict Primal Arcana Orb of Terror Fool's Prism Prism of Dancing Swords Echoes Prism Prism of Dire Instability Ghostly Prism Gambler's Fate Heart of Gold Prism Prismimic Honey Scepter Supreme Scepter of Rust Scepter of Fulmination Cnidaria Rod Scepter of Devastation Tezutsu Hanabi Unshuriken Midnight Star Hanagasaku Star of Enlightenment Kageboshi Ballistic Star Clover Star NSFWakizashi Shadow Serpent Sidearm Wakizashi of Eastern Winds Wakizashi of Crossing Fires Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi Sentinel's Sidearm Sakura Wakizashi Lullaby Snake Charmer Pungi Wavecrest Concertina Pharaoh's Requiem Noble Mandolin Recursion Mace Mace of the Celestial Forest Crystal Mace Mace of the Depths Hivemind Mace Peacekeeper Paper Machete Volcanic Sheath Quartermaster Scabbard Kaiken Labyrinth Dweller’s Sheath Elegant Parasol Irradiance Sheath Cheater Light Armor Greaterhosen Harlequin Armor Leaf Dragon Hide Armor Fitted Protective Matrix Ethereal Happi Armor of Nil Vest of Abandoned Shadows Turncoat Cape Centaur's Shielding Cheater Robe Robe of the Mad Scientist Water Dragon Silk Robe Magic Protective Matrix Esben's Shaman Attire Flowering Kimono Ritual Robe Mantle of the Monarchy Diplomatic Robe Vesture of Duality Cheater Heavy Armor Warped Mantle Fire Dragon Battle Armor Heavy Protective Matrix Fungal Breastplate Resurrected Warrior's Armor Cask Corslet Candy-Coated Armor Sage's Wakibiki Breastplate of New Life Royal Guard's Cuirass Gladiator Guard Esben's Wedding Ring Ring of the Sphinx Ring of the Nile Ring of the Pyramid Enchanted Ice Shard Ring of the Northern Light Frimarra Thistleleaf Necklace Brewer's Bangle Crystallised Mist E.Y.E. Token of Happiness Token of Warmth Overclocking Amulet Magical Lodestone Bloodshed Ring Sourcestone Bracer of the Guardian The Twilight Gemstone The Forgotten Crown Kagenohikari Chancellor's Cranium Collector's Monocle Divine Coronation Battalion Banner Exalted God's Horn Omnipotence Ring Gem of Tenderness Gem of Adoration Soulful Affection Chrysalis of Eternity Ice Crown Kogbold Enhancement Core Concentrated Soul Fire

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest Treasure Chests are located near certain Quest Monsters in the realm and can contain different items depending on the associated monster. These are separate from the normal tier progression of bags. They last indefinitely but disappear when all items are removed. Players can place items in chests. However, once all items are removed from a chest, it will disappear. Occasionally, more than 8 items will spawn in a chest, causing a second chest to appear, which contains the remaining items.
Enemy Location Possible loot
Deathmage Graveyard Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 4 Weapons Tier 5 Weapons Tier 6 Weapons Tier 1 Abilities Tier 2 Abilities Tier 3 Abilities Tier 3 Armor Tier 4 Armor Tier 1 Rings Tier 2 Rings
Great Coil Snake Ruins Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 4 Weapons Tier 5 Weapons Tier 1 Abilities Tier 2 Abilities Tier 4 Armor Tier 5 Armor Tier 2 Rings Tier 3 Rings
Oasis Giant Oasis Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 5 Weapons Tier 6 Weapons Tier 7 Weapons Tier 2 Abilities Tier 3 Abilities Tier 4 Armor Tier 5 Armor Tier 6 Armor Tier 1 Rings Tier 2 Rings
Phoenix Lord Pyre Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 5 Weapons Tier 6 Weapons Tier 7 Weapons Tier 2 Abilities Tier 3 Abilities Tier 4 Armor Tier 5 Armor Tier 6 Armor Tier 1 Rings Tier 2 Rings
Cyclops God Castle Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 6 Weapons Tier 7 Weapons Tier 8 Weapons Tier 2 Abilities Tier 3 Abilities Tier 4 Abilities Tier 5 Armor Tier 6 Armor Tier 7 Armor Tier 2 Rings Tier 3 Rings
Red Demon Lava Fissure Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 7 Weapons Tier 8 Weapons Tier 9 Weapons Tier 2 Abilities Tier 3 Abilities Tier 4 Abilities Tier 5 Armor Tier 6 Armor Tier 7 Armor Tier 8 Armor Tier 2 Rings Tier 3 Rings


  • Items dropped in Pink Bags used to appear in Public (Brown) Bags, except for T6 weapons and armors, which dropped in Purple Bags.
  • Eggs first appeared in Dark Blue ‘Pot’ Bags, often annoying players with their high drop rates in the Godlands and from Dungeon Bosses.
  • Cursed Amulets of Zombification (now Amulets of Dispersion), and Dungeon Treasures used to drop in White Bags.
  • Coral Venom Trap, Conducting Wand, Scepter of Fulmination, Robe of the Mad Scientist, Resurrected Warrior’s Armor, Plague Poison, and Tier 4 Rings used to drop in Cyan Bags.
  • T13 weapons, T14 armors and T6 rings used to drop in Cyan Bags.
  • ST items used to drop in Cyan and White Bags.
  • Marks used to drop in Golden Bags.
  • Red bags previously only dropped when a loot booster was active. This was changed so that boosters now drop larger bags of the original color which no longer makes the loot’s content unknown.
  • Character Skins, Pet Skins, Cloths and Dyes used to drop in Orange Bags.
  • Wine Cellar Incantations originally dropped in White Bags before being moved to Orange Bags. It then got moved to the Cyan Bag.
  • There are only miniscule differences (if any) between the damage thresholds required to get different types of soulbound bags for each drop. That means that, as long as the likely singular soulbound threshold is met, any type of soulbound bag could drop and there’s no loot benefit to having pushed further damage. (Source)