Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.

Loot Containers

Loot Containers are objects that have eight slots for items. Loot Bags and Treasure Chests are dropped by enemies and naturally spawn in the realm, respectively. Vault Chests are permanent loot containers found in the player’s Vault.

Loot Bags

Loot Bags are the most common types of loot containers. There are twenty kinds of loot bags dropped from enemies, as shown below. Each contains a different type of loot when dropped from an enemy. All bags make the same sound when dropped, and all have a lifetime of 1 minute, except for orange and white bags, which have a lifespan of 2 minutes. The lifespan does not reset by adding/removing items to/from the bag.

High-end tiered equipment may be dropped in a soulbound bag regardless of whether the item itself is soulbound.

Higher-level bags may contain extra loot that would normally come in a lower-tiered bag. (Temporary consumables are an exception, only dropping in brown, pink, and boosted bags.)

Bag progression is in terms of least priority to most priority:

Brown Bag < Pink Bag < Purple Bag < Egg Basket < Golden Bag < Cyan Bag < Blue Bag < Orange Bag < Red Bag < White Bag
Boosted bags, which are only seen when under the effects of Loot Boosters, follow a similar color progression:
Boosted Brown Bag < Boosted Pink Bag < Boosted Purple Bag < Boosted Egg Basket < Boosted Golden Bag < Boosted Cyan Bag < Boosted Blue Bag < Boosted Orange Bag < Boosted Red Bag < Boosted White Bag

Brown Bag Brown Bag: The brown or “public” bag is the least valuable, and its contents can be seen by anyone. Low tier tradable items dropped by players appear in these.
When dropped by enemies, brown bags only contain health and magic potions.
Pink Bag Pink Bag: Colored a bright pink, this bag contains only low-tiered equipment (tiers 1-6 for weapons and armors, 1-2 for abilities, and 1 for rings). As these are public like brown bags, any player can take the equipment found inside.
Purple Bag Purple Bag: This bag is colored a dark purple, and holds mid-tier loot (tiers 7-9 for weapons and armors, 3-4 for abilities, and 2-4 for rings). They may also contain temporary consumables: restoratives and boosters, as well as other consumables, cloths / dyes (as of Hotfix X.31.3.0), and marks (as of X.32.2.0). It also appears for untradable items dropped by players (such as a pet food or untiered equipment). Players that drop high tier weapons (T10+), armor (T11+), abilities and rings (T5+) will drop them in this bag. All bags of this rarity and higher are soulbound, which means only you can see them and their contents.
Egg Basket: The soulbound basket can contain pet eggs of all rarities, from common to legendary. It can be dropped by realm gods, events, and many dungeon bosses.
Legendary eggs are incredibly valuable and rare, so make sure to check these baskets if dropped from events or dungeon bosses or you might miss a legendary pet egg.
Golden Bag Golden Bag: A soulbound golden bag with a magenta string. Dropped by dungeon bosses, this bag contains dungeon treasures, tokens, and, as of X.32.2.0, keys, character/pet skins, and pet food. Prior to said update, marks used to drop in these bags, making them a common sight from dungeon bosses due to their extremely low soulbound threshold.
Cyan Bag Cyan Bag: A soulbound light blue bag sitting upright, with a crimson string wrapped around the top. Dropped by events and dungeon bosses, this bag contains high-tier equipment (tiers 10-12 for weapons, 10-13 for armors, 5-6 for abilities, and 5 for rings) as well as weaker untiered items and “key” items like Wine Cellar Incantations, Vials of Pure Darkness, and the Oryx Runes.
Blue Bag Blue Bag: This full-looking dark blue bag is lined with a golden string and is soulbound. This bag contains stat-boosting consumables. Potions drop from gods and most bosses.
Orange Bag Orange Bag: A soulbound orange bag with a violet string. This bag is dropped by many different enemies and bosses, and almost exclusively contains Set Tier (ST) items (the only non-ST item that is dropped in an orange bag is the UT Locked Reactor). Prior to the X.31.3.0 hotfix, dyes and cloths also dropped from these, and prior to X.32.2.0, so did character and pet skins, keys, and pet food. These items have since been moved to lower-tiered bags.
Red Bag Red Bag: A palette swap of the cyan bag, this soulbound red bag is lined with a yellow string and contains the highest-tiered equipment in the game (tiers 13-14 for weapons, 14-15 for armors, 7 for abilities, and 6 for rings). Fittingly, they only drop from very high-level dungeon bosses (with the exception of the Ring of Decades, which nonetheless drops from an enemy found in two endgame dungeons).
 White Bag White Bag: Colored a majestic white and tied with a beautiful blue string, these contain some of the rarest untiered items and are considered the best type of bag. White bags drop from all events and many dungeon bosses, but at low rates; some are easier to find than others.
The untiered items that drop in these can often change the way that characters are played and are therefore highly sought after.
Boosted Bags Boosted Bags: These bags take the colors of the parent bags but are of a different shape. Boosted bags can only be found while under the effects of Loot Boosters. These take priority over all other bags. The normal bag color hierarchy applies for the contents of boosted bags.

Please refer to the following chart for pictures of what you may see for each type of bag:

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest Treasure Chests are located near certain Quest Monsters in the realm and can contain different items depending on the associated monster. These are separate from the normal tier progression of bags. They last indefinitely but disappear when all items are removed. Players can place items in chests. However, once all items are removed from a chest, it will disappear. Occasionally, more than 8 items will spawn in a chest, causing a second chest to appear, which contains the remaining items.
Enemy Location Possible loot
Graveyard Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 4 Weapons Tier 5 Weapons Tier 6 Weapons Tier 1 Abilities Tier 2 Abilities Tier 3 Abilities Tier 3 Armor Tier 4 Armor Tier 1 Rings Tier 2 Rings
Ruins Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 4 Weapons Tier 5 Weapons Tier 1 Abilities Tier 2 Abilities Tier 4 Armor Tier 5 Armor Tier 2 Rings Tier 3 Rings
Oasis Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 5 Weapons Tier 6 Weapons Tier 7 Weapons Tier 2 Abilities Tier 3 Abilities Tier 4 Armor Tier 5 Armor Tier 6 Armor Tier 1 Rings Tier 2 Rings
Pyre Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 5 Weapons Tier 6 Weapons Tier 7 Weapons Tier 2 Abilities Tier 3 Abilities Tier 4 Armor Tier 5 Armor Tier 6 Armor Tier 1 Rings Tier 2 Rings
Castle Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 6 Weapons Tier 7 Weapons Tier 8 Weapons Tier 2 Abilities Tier 3 Abilities Tier 4 Abilities Tier 5 Armor Tier 6 Armor Tier 7 Armor Tier 2 Rings Tier 3 Rings
Lava Fissure Health Potion Magic Potion Tier 7 Weapons Tier 8 Weapons Tier 9 Weapons Tier 2 Abilities Tier 3 Abilities Tier 4 Abilities Tier 5 Armor Tier 6 Armor Tier 7 Armor Tier 8 Armor Tier 2 Rings Tier 3 Rings


  • Items dropped in Pink Bags used to appear in Public (Brown) Bags, except for T6 weapons and armors, which dropped in Purple Bags.
  • Eggs first appeared in Dark Blue ‘Pot’ Bags, often annoying players with their high drop rates in the Godlands and from Dungeon Bosses.
  • Cursed Amulets of Zombification (now Amulets of Dispersion), and Dungeon Treasures used to drop in White Bags.
  • Coral Venom Trap, Conducting Wand, Scepter of Fulmination, Robe of the Mad Scientist, Resurrected Warrior’s Armor, Plague Poison, and Tier 4 Rings used to drop in Cyan Bags.
  • T13 weapons, T14 armors and T6 rings used to drop in Cyan Bags.
  • ST items used to drop in Cyan and White Bags.
  • Marks used to drop in Golden Bags.
  • Red bags previously only dropped when a loot booster was active. This was changed so that boosters now drop larger bags of the original color which no longer makes the loot’s content unknown.
  • Character Skins, Pet Skins, Cloths and Dyes used to drop in Orange Bags.
  • Wine Cellar Incantations originally dropped in White Bags before being moved to Orange Bags. It then got moved to the Cyan Bag.