Ability Items

Ability Items are equipment that is specific for each class and can be used to activate a unique ability for the class. Abilities require magic points (MP) to use. There are currently six tiers of ability items and numerous untiered and special themed items.

Hover over the item’s image for its name, click for detailed information and additional drop locations.

Cloak of Shadows Magic Quiver Fire Spray Spell Healing Tome Combat Helm
Wooden Shield Seal of the Initiate Centipede Poison Necrotic Skull Hunting Trap
Stasis Orb Decoy Prism Lightning Scepter Basic Star Simple Wakizashi
Tier 0 (Starter Ability Items)
Feed Power: 5
Cloak of Darkness Reinforced Quiver Flame Burst Spell Remedy Tome Bronze Helm
Iron Shield Seal of the Pilgrim Spider Venom Breathtaker Skull Wilderlands Trap
Suspension Orb Deception Prism Discharge Scepter Four Point Star Steel Wakizashi
Tier 1
Feed Power: 10
Drop Locations
Cloak of Speed Iron Quiver Fire Nova Spell Spirit Salve Tome Black Iron Helm
Steel Shield Seal of the Seeker Pit Viper Poison Heartstealer Skull Deepforest Trap
Imprisonment Orb Illusion Prism Thunderclap Scepter Spiral Shuriken Crimson Wakizashi
Tier 2
Feed Power: 20
Drop Locations
Cloak of the Night Thief Elvencraft Quiver Scorching Blast Spell Tome of Rejuvenation Red Iron Helm
Reinforced Shield Seal of the Aspirant Stingray Poison Soul Siphon Skull Savage Trap
Neutralization Orb Hallucination Prism Arcblast Scepter Silver Star Enforced Wakizashi
Tier 3
Fame Bonus: 1%
Feed Power: 45
Drop Locations
Cloak of the Red Agent Magesteel Quiver Destruction Sphere Spell Tome of Renewing Steel Helm
Golden Shield Seal of the Divine Felwasp Toxin Essence Tap Skull Demonhunter Trap
Timelock Orb Prism of Figments Cloudflash Scepter Wind Circle Turquoise Wakizashi
Tier 4
Fame Bonus: 2%
Feed Power: 90
Drop Locations
Cloak of Endless Twilight Golden Quiver Magic Nova Spell Tome of Divine Favor Golden Helm
Mithril Shield Seal of the Holy Warrior Nightwing Venom Lifedrinker Skull Dragonstalker Trap
Banishment Orb Prism of Phantoms Scepter of Skybolts Ice Star Jade-Imbued Wakizashi
Tier 5
Fame Bonus: 3%
Feed Power: 185
Drop Locations
Cloak of Ghostly Concealment Quiver of Elvish Mastery Elemental Detonation Spell Tome of Holy Guidance Helm of the Great General
Colossus Shield Seal of the Blessed Champion Baneserpant Poison Bloodsucker Skull Giantcatcher Trap
Planefetter Orb Prism of Apparitions Scepter of Storms Doom Circle Royal Wakizashi
Tier 6
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 380
Drop Locations

Untiered Ability Items

Mirror cloakCloak of the PlanewalkerCloak of RefractionCloak of Bloody Surprises
ArcherangBlue Beehemoth Quiver Red Beehemoth QuiverYellow Beehemoth QuiverQuiver of ThunderQuiver of the Shadows
Spelling Spell Sporous Spray Spell Penetrating Blast Spell Tablet of the King Avatar Recurring Terror Spell
Tome of Moral SupportNecronomiconTome of the Mushroom TribesTome of PurificationTome of PainTome of Holy Protection
Challenger HelmHivemaster HelmHelm of the Juggernaut
Snakeskin ShieldShield of PogmurSpiteful ScutumCrystal ShieldShield of Ogmur
Seal of Eternal LifeScholar's SealSeal of Blasphemous PrayerMarble Seal
Mighty SteinLightning in a BottleMurky ToxinCrystallised Fang's VenomBottled MedusozoanPlague Poison
Cracked Crystal SkullSkullish Remains of EsbenEpiphany SkullSealed Crystal SkullPerennial CraniumSkull of Endless TormentSkull of Corrupted Souls
Helium TrapCoral Venom TrapCave Dweller TrapTrap of the Vile Spirit
Orb of Sweet DemiseOrb of AetherKarma OrbEnchantment OrbOrb of Conflict
Fool's PrismPrism of Dancing SwordsEchoes PrismPrism of Dire InstabilityGhostly Prism
Honey ScepterScepter of FulminationHoney Scepter SupremeCnicaria RodScepter of Devastation
UnshurikenKageboshiMidnight StarHanagasakuStar of Enlightenment
Ronin's WakizashiNSFWakizashiWakizashi of Eastern WindsWakizashi of Crossing FiresFractured Gemstone Wakizashi

Special Themed Set Ability Items

Ghastly Drape
Quiver of Shrieking Scepters
Ancient Spell: Pierce
Book of GebCeremonial Merlot
Helm of Draconic DominanceTricorne of the High Seas
Champion's Bastion
Seal of the Enchanted Forest
Parasitic ConcoctionVirulent Venom
Memento Mori
Honeytomb SnareLifebringing Lotus
Soul of the BearerScorchium Stone
Brain of the Golem
Grotesque Scepter
Daybreak ChakramCrystalline Kunai
Ryu's Blade

Limited Availability Ability Items

Cloak of Winter Cloak of the Mad God Legacy Ghastly Drape
Coalbearing QuiverFreezing QuiverQuiver of Dazing Love Quintessential Quiver Spinal Quiver
Thousand Suns Spell Vigil Spell Vitamine Buster Random Spell Extraction Device Jade Storm Legacy Ancient Spell: Pierce Spectral Spell
Nativity TomeTome of Frigid ProtectionTome of Holy Furor
Pathfinder's HelmHelmHelm
Resounding ShieldSpriteful ShieldShield of Flowing ClarityOnyx Shield of the Mad God
Advent Seal Legacy Seal of the Enchanted Forest Sacrilege Seal
Holly Poison
Skull of Krampus
PainbowGreedsnatcher TrapMimicry TrapTrap of the Blood Spirit
Snowbound Orb Orb of Terror Orb of the Sabbath
Prismimic (Prism) Ornamental Prism Heart of Gold Prism Pumpkin Prism
Scepter of Sainthood
Ilex Star Clover Star
Peppermint Wakizashi Sakura Wakizashi