Ability Items

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Untiered Ability Items

Cloak of the PlanewalkerCloak of Bloody Surprises
Beehemoth QuiverQuiver of ThunderQuiver of the Shadows
Tablet of the King AvatarRecurring Terror Spell
Tome of PurificationTome of PainTome of Holy Protection
Hivemaster HelmHelm of the Juggernaut
Snakeskin ShieldSpiteful ScutumShield of Ogmur
Seal of Blasphemous PrayerMarble Seal
Murky ToxinPlague Poison
Cracked Crystal SkullSkullish Remains of EsbenSkull of Endless TormentSkull of Corrupted Souls
Coral Venom TrapTrap of the Vile Spirit
Orb of Sweet DemiseOrb of AetherEnchantment OrbOrb of Conflict
Prism of Dancing SwordsPrism of Dire InstabilityGhostly Prism
Honey ScepterScepter of FulminationScepter of Devastation
KageboshiMidnight Star

Special Theme Set Ability Items

Ghastly DrapeAncient Spell: PierceBook of GebHelm of Draconic DominanceOnyx Shield of the Mad GodSeal of the Enchanted ForestMemento MoriHoneytomb SnareSoul of the BearerBrain of the GolemGrotesque Scepter

Limited Ability Items

Cloak of Winter
Coalbearing QuiverFreezing QuiverQuiver of Dazing Love
Thousand Suns SpellVigil SpellVitamine Buster
Nativity TomeTome of Frigid Protection
Pathfinder's HelmHelmHelm
Resounding ShieldSpriteful Shield
Advent Seal
Holly Poison
Skull of Krampus
Greedsnatcher Trap
Snowbound Orb
Ornamental PrismHeart of Gold Prism
Scepter of Sainthood
Ilex Star