Ability Items

Last updated: Exalt Version (Oct 2021)

Ability Items are equipment that is specific for each class and can be used to activate a unique ability for the class. Abilities require magic points (MP) to use. There are currently eight tiers of ability items (T0-T7) and numerous untiered and set tiered items.

Hover over the item’s image for its name, click for detailed information and additional drop locations.

Cloak of Shadows Magic Quiver Fire Spray Spell Healing Tome
Combat Helm Wooden Shield Seal of the Initiate Centipede Poison
Necrotic Skull Hunting Trap Stasis Orb Decoy Prism
Lightning Scepter Basic Star Simple Wakizashi Novice's Lute
Summoning Mace
Tier 0 (Starter Ability Items)
Feed Power: 4

Cloak of Darkness Reinforced Quiver Flame Burst Spell Remedy Tome
Bronze Helm Iron Shield Seal of the Pilgrim Spider Venom
Breathtaker Skull Wilderlands Trap Suspension Orb Deception Prism
Discharge Scepter Four Point Star Steel Wakizashi Oakwood Lute
Ritual Mace
Tier 1
Feed Power: 8
Drop Locations
Cloak of Speed Iron Quiver Fire Nova Spell Spirit Salve Tome
Black Iron Helm Steel Shield Seal of the Seeker Pit Viper Poison
Heartstealer Skull Deepforest Trap Imprisonment Orb Illusion Prism
Thunderclap Scepter Spiral Shuriken Crimson Wakizashi Iron Lute
Disciple Mace
Tier 2
Feed Power: 15
Drop Locations

Tier 3
XP Bonus: 1%
Feed Power: 34
Drop Locations

Cloak of the Red Agent Magesteel Quiver Destruction Sphere Spell Tome of Renewing
Steel Helm Golden Shield Seal of the Divine Felwasp Toxin
Essence Tap Skull Demonhunter Trap Timelock Orb Prism of Figments
Cloudflash Scepter Wind Circle Turquoise Wakizashi Battle Lute
Adept Mace
Tier 4
XP Bonus: 2%
Feed Power: 68
Drop Locations

Cloak of Endless Twilight Golden Quiver Magic Nova Spell Tome of Divine Favor
Golden Helm Mithril Shield Seal of the Holy Warrior Nightwing Venom
Lifedrinker Skull Dragonstalker Trap Banishment Orb Prism of Phantoms
Scepter of Skybolts Ice Star Jade-Imbued Wakizashi Regal Lute
Monarch Mace
Tier 5
XP Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 139
Drop Locations
Cloak of Ghostly Concealment Quiver of Elvish Mastery Elemental Detonation Spell Tome of Holy Guidance
Helm of the Great General Colossus Shield Seal of the Blessed Champion Baneserpant Poison
Bloodsucker Skull Giantcatcher Trap Planefetter Orb Prism of Apparitions
Scepter of Storms Doom Circle Royal Wakizashi Skyward Lute
Sovereign Mace
Tier 6
XP Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 380
Drop Locations

Cloak of Nightmares Quiver of the Autumn King Burning Retribution Spell Tome of Hallowed Language
Helm of the Tribune Shield of Orcish Regalia Seal of Invocation Necrofish Poison
Mindwaster Skull Depthchaser Trap Dimensiongate Orb Prism of Reveries
Scepter of the Firmament Dynastic Star Virtuous Wakizashi Nebular Lute
Grandmaster Mace
Tier 7
XP Bonus: 8%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power: 570
Drop Locations

Untiered Ability Items

Mirror cloak Cloak of the Planewalker Cloak of Cubic Enigma Cloak of Refraction Cloak of Bloody Surprises Cocoon Quiver Archerang Q.I.U.V.E.R. Quiver of the Shadows Blue Beehemoth Quiver Red Beehemoth Quiver Yellow Beehemoth Quiver Quiver of Thunder Spelling Spell Recurring Terror Spell Penetrating Blast Spell Sporous Spray Spell Tablet of the King's Avatar Genesis Spell Tome of Moral Support Necronomicon Tome of Pain Tome of the Mushroom Tribes Tome of Purification Tome of Holy Protection Chaotic Scripture
Challenger Helm Amber Encrusted Helmet Hivemaster Helm Vanguard's Visage Helm of the Juggernaut Snakeskin Shield Shield of Pogmur Spiteful Scutum Crystal Shield Shield of Ogmur Oryx's Escutcheon Seal of Eternal Life Sandstone Seal Seal of Cubic Conundra Scholar's Seal Seal of Blasphemous Prayer Marble Seal Lightning in a Bottle Mighty Stein Murky Toxin Bottled Medusozoan Plague Poison Crystallised Fang's Venom
Cracked Crystal Skull Epiphany Skull Sealed Crystal Skull Skullish Remains of Esben Perennial Cranium Skull of Endless Torment Skull of Corrupted Souls Helium Trap Coral Venom Trap Cave Dweller Trap Trap of the Vile Spirit Orb of Sweet Demise Karma Orb Enchantment Orb Orb of Aether Orb of Conflict Primal Arcana Fool's Prism Prism of Dancing Swords Prism of Dire Instability Echoes Prism Ghostly Prism Gambler's Fate
Honey Scepter Honey Scepter Supreme Scepter of Fulmination Cnicaria Rod Scepter of Devastation Spider Shuriken Unshuriken Midnight Star Hanagasaku Star of Enlightenment Kageboshi Ballistic Star NSFWakizashi Ronin's Wakizashi Shadow Serpent Sidearm Wakizashi of Eastern Winds Wakizashi of Crossing Fires Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi Sentinel's Sidearm Lullaby Snake Charmer Pungi Wavecrest Concertina Pharaoh's Requiem Noble Mandolin
Recursion Mace Mace of the Celestial Forest Crystal Mace Mace of the Depths Hivemind Mace Peacekeeper

Set Tiered Ability Items

Ghastly Drape Vampiric Cape
Quiver of Shrieking Scepters Embellished Quiver
Slurpian Sea Scroll Ancient Spell Book of Geb Ceremonial Merlot
Helm of Draconic Dominance Tricorne of the High Seas Sunken Buckler Champion's Bastion Abyssal Insignia Seal of the Enchanted Forest Parasitic Concoction Virulent Venom
Cubic Frame Memento Mori Honeytomb Snare Lifebringing Lotus Soul of the Bearer Scorchium Stone Brain of the Golem Daevite Progenitor
Grotesque ScepterLightshow Scepter Daybreak Chakram Crystalline Kunai Ryu's Blade Watarimono Angel's Fanfare

Limited Availability Ability Items

Cloak of the Mad God Cloak of Winter Cloak of the Darkened Sun Legacy Ghastly Drape Coalbearing Quiver Mad Javelin Freezing Quiver Quintessential Quiver Spinal Quiver Quiver of Dazing Love Random Spell Extraction Device Thousand Suns Spell Vitamine Buster Jade Storm Vigil Spell Cursed Spire Spell Legacy Ancient Spell: Pierce Spectral Spell Tome of Holy Furor Tome of Frigid Protection Nativity Tome Tome of the Tarnished Gods Botany Book
Helm of the Swift Bunny Pathfinder's Helm Helm of Exalted Might Helm of the Jack-o'-naut Shield of Flowing Clarity Resounding Shield Brutal Buckler Onyx Shield of the Mad God Spriteful Shield Advent Seal Seal of the Battle God Legacy Seal of the Enchanted Forest Sacrilege Seal Holly Poison Tyrant's Toxin
Skull of Krampus Demon Lord's Skull Hooded Skull Painbow Greedsnatcher Trap Blacklight Artifice Mimicry Trap Trap of the Blood Spirit Snowbound Orb Orb of Conquest Orb of Terror Orb of the Sabbath Heart of Gold Prism Ornamental Prism Prism of Shattered Light Prismimic Pumpkin Prism
Scepter of Sainthood Siege Scepter Clover Star Ilex Star Rage Claws Sakura Wakizashi Peppermint Wakizashi Amaterasu Oryxmas Carol Chief's War Horn
Mace of the North Pole Mechanical Mace Incubation Mace