Last updated: Exalt Version (Sep 2020)

Armor is a category of equipment items that primarily increase the defense of player characters but often provide other stat increases and other effects as well. There are three armor types that are shared between the different character classes. For each type, there are currently 15 tiers (T1-T15) of armor and numerous untiered and set tiered items.

Unlike weapons and ability items, characters do not start with an equipped armor when created, i.e. there is no “T0” armor.

Hover over the item’s image for its name and click for detailed information.

Wolfskin ArmorRobe of the NeophyteIron Mail
Tier 1
Feed Power: 7
Drop Locations

Leather ArmorRobe of the ApprenticeChainmail
Tier 2
Feed Power: 9
Drop Locations

Basilisk Hide ArmorRobe of the AcolyteBlue Steel Mail
Tier 3
Feed Power: 14
Drop Locations

Minotaur Hide ArmorRobe of the StudentSilver Chainmail
Tier 4
Feed Power: 20
Drop Locations

Bearskin ArmorRobe of the ConjurerGolden Chainmail
Tier 5
Feed Power: 27
Drop Locations

Chimera Hide ArmorRobe of the AdeptPlate Mail
Tier 6
Feed Power: 39
Drop Locations

Wyvern Skin ArmorRobe of the InvokerMithril Chainmail
Tier 7
Feed Power: 55
Drop Locations

Studded Leather ArmorRobe of the IllusionistMithril Armor
Tier 8
Fame Bonus: 1%
Feed Power: 77
Drop Locations

Drake Hide ArmorRobe of the MasterDragonscale Armor
Tier 9
Fame Bonus: 1%
Feed Power: 110
Drop Locations

Roc Leather ArmorRobe of the Shadow MagusDesolation Armor
Tier 10
Fame Bonus: 2%
Feed Power: 155
Drop Locations

Hippogriff Hide ArmorRobe of the Moon WizardVengeance Armor
Tier 11
Fame Bonus: 3%
Feed Power: 218
Drop Locations

Griffon Hide ArmorRobe of the Elder WarlockAbyssal Armor
Tier 12
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 308
Drop Locations
Hydra Skin ArmorRobe of the Grand SorcererAcropolis Armor
Tier 13
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 435
Drop Locations

Wyrmhide ArmorRobe of the Star MotherDominion Armor
Tier 14
Fame Bonus: 5%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power: 650
Drop Locations

Leviathan ArmorRobe of the Ancient IntellectAnnihilation Armor
Tier 15
Fame Bonus: 6%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power: 950
Drop Locations

Untiered Armors

Cheater Light Armor Snakeskin Armor Greaterhosen
Spectral Cloth Armor Blue Beehemoth Armor Red Beehemoth Armor Yellow Beehemoth Armor
Harlequin Armor Leaf Dragon Hide Armor Coral Silk Armor Armor of Nil
Fitted Protective Matrix Turncoat Cape Centaur's Shielding
Cheater Robe Robe Of The Tlatoani Woodland Robe Chasuble of Holy Light
Tlatoani's Shroud Robe of the Mad Scientist Water Dragon Silk Robe Esben's Shaman Attire
Ritual Robe Magic Protective Matrix Diplomatic Robe Vesture of Duality
Cheater Heavy Armor Candy-Coated Armor Fire Dragon Battle Armor Fungal Breastplate
Resurrected Warrior's Armor Breastplate of New Life Heavy Protective Matrix Gladiator Guard

Set Tiered Armors

Apiary Armor Hollyhock Hide Hirejou Tenne Wraith's Brigandine
Rags of the Host Golem Garments Ornate Armor Mantle of Skuld
Hallowed Hide Acidic Armor Luminous Armor Luxurious Leather
The Robe of Twilight Garment of the Beast Shendyt of Geb
Soulless Robe Toga Picta Anointed Robe Molten Mantle
Magician's Robe Oceanic Apparel Wings of Sanctity
Fairy Plate Zaarvox's Heart Kamishimo
Naval Uniform Mercy's Bane Reinforced Root Armor

Limited Availability Armors

Frost Drake Hide Armor Squadron Sheathing Legacy Mantle of Skuld
Torso Tunic Withered Poncho Cupid's Garments
Robe of the Summer Solstice Frost Elementalist Robe Judge's Robe
Legacy Robe of Twilight Immortal Mantle Robe of the Enchantress
Frost Citadel Armor Aegis Armor Almandine Armor of Anger
Legacy Fairy Plate Tormentor's Chainmail Eggre Battle Armor