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Wolfskin ArmorRobe of the NeophyteIron Mail
[Feed Power: 7]
Tier 1 Drops:
Bandit Leader
Dreadstump the Pirate King
Leather ArmorRobe of the ApprenticeChainmail
[Feed Power: 9]
Tier 2 Drops:
Elf Wizard
Hobbit Mage
Dreadstump the Pirate King
Bearskin ArmorRobe of the ConjurerGolden Chainmail
[Feed Power: 27]
Tier 5 Drops:
Deathmage Chest
Oasis Giant Chest
Phoenix Lord
Wyrmhide ArmorRobe of the Star MotherDominion Armor
[Feed Power: 650]
Soulbound Soulbound"
Tier 14 Drops:
Marble Colossus
Void Entity

Untiered Armors

Snakeskin ArmorLeaf Dragon Hide ArmorHarlequin ArmorSpectral Cloth Armor
Beehemoth ArmorCoral Silk ArmorArmor of Nil
Robe of the TlatoaniWoodland RobeChasuble of Holy Light
Water Dragon Silk RobeRobe of the Mad ScientistRitual Robe
Candy-Coated ArmorFire Dragon Battle ArmorResurrected Warrior's ArmorBreastplate of New Life

Special Theme Set Armors

Golem GarmentsApiary ArmorMantle of Skuld
Shendyt of GebSoulless RobeGarment of the BeastThe Robe of TwilightToga Picta
Fairy PlateAlmandine Armor of AngerZaarvox's Heart

Limited Armors

Cheater Light ArmorFrost Drake Hide ArmorCupid's Garments
Cheater RobeFrost Elementalist RobeRobe of the Summer Solstice
Cheater Heavy ArmorFrost Citadel ArmorEggre Battle Armor