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Untiered Armors

Snakeskin Armor Leaf Dragon Hide Armor Harlequin Armor Spectral Cloth Armor
Blue Beehemoth ArmorRed Beehemoth Armor Yellow Beehemoth Armor
Coral Silk Armor Armor of Nil Greaterhosen Fitted Protective Matrix
Robe of the Tlatoani Woodland Robe Chasuble of Holy Light Water Dragon Silk Robe
Robe of the Mad Scientist Ritual Robe Tlatoani's Shroud Magic Protective Matrix
Candy-Coated Armor Fire Dragon Battle Armor Resurrected Warrior's Armor
Breastplate of New Life Fungal Breastplate Heavy Protective Matrix

Special Themed Set Armors

Limited Availability Armors

Cheater Light Armor Frost Drake Hide Armor Cupid's Garments
Legacy Mantle of Skuld Withered Poncho Torso Tunic
Cheater RobeRobe of the Summer Solstice Frost Elementalist Robe
Legacy Robe of Twilight Robe of the Enchantress Immortal Mantle
Cheater Heavy Armor Almandine Armor of Anger Frost Citadel Armor
Eggre Battle Armor Legacy Fairy Plate Tormentor's Chainmail