Weapons are equipment items that are the primary means of damaging monsters. There are six weapon types that are shared between the different character classes. For each type, there are currently 13 tiers of weapons and numerous untiered and special themed items.

For a list of attributes given to certain weapons/abilities go to Weapon Attributes.

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Steel DaggerShort BowEnergy StaffFire WandShort SwordRusty Katana
Tier 0 (Starter Weapons)
Feed Power: 5
DirkReinforced BowFirebrand StaffForce WandBroad SwordKendo Stick
Tier 1
Feed Power: 7
Drop Locations
Blue Steel DaggerCrossbowComet StaffPower WandSaberPlain Katana
Tier 2
Feed Power: 10
Drop Locations
Dusky Rose DaggerGreywood BowSerpentine StaffMissile WandLong SwordThunder Katana
Tier 3
Feed Power: 15
Drop Locations
Silver DaggerIron Wood BowMeteor StaffEldritch WandFalchionLine Kutter Katana
Tier 4
Feed Power: 22
Drop Locations
Golden DaggerFire BowSlayer StaffHell's Fire WandFire SwordNight Edge
Tier 5
Feed Power: 32
Drop Locations
Obsidian DaggerDouble BowAvenger StaffWand of Dark MagicGlass SwordSky Edge
Tier 6
Feed Power: 47
Drop Locations
Mithril DaggerHeavy CrossbowStaff of DestructionWand of Arcane FlameGolden SwordBuster Katana
Tier 7
Feed Power: 70
Drop Locations
Fire DaggerGolden BowStaff of HorrorWand of DeathRavenheart SwordDemon Edge
Tier 8
Fame Bonus: 1%
Feed Power: 100
Drop Locations
Ragetalon DaggerVerdant BowStaff of Necrotic ArcanaWand of Deep SorceryJewel Eye Katana
Tier 9
Fame Bonus: 1%
Feed Power: 145
Drop Locations
Emeraldshard DaggerBow of Fey MagicStaff of Diabolic SecretsWand of ShadowArchon SwordIchimonji
Tier 10
Fame Bonus: 2%
Feed Power: 212
Drop Locations
Agateclaw DaggerBow of Innocent BloodStaff of Astral KnowledgeWand of Ancient WarningSkysplitter SwordMuramasa
Tier 11
Fame Bonus: 3%
Feed Power: 310
Drop Locations
Dagger of Foul MalevolenceBow of Covert HavensStaff of the Cosmic WholeWand of RecompenseSword of AcclaimMasamune
Tier 12
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 450
Drop Locations
Dagger of Sinister DeedsBow of Mystical EnergyStaff of the Vital UnityWand of EvocationSword of SplendorSadamune
Tier 13
Fame Bonus: 5%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power: 650
Drop Locations

Untiered Weapons

Poison Fang DaggerMister MangoBone DaggerSpirit DaggerCorruption CutterDirk of CronusQueen's Stinger DaggerCorrosion CutterDueling Daggers
Butter BowLeaf BowDoom BowThousand ShotCoral BowBow of the VoidBlazon BowSun's Judgement
Staff of the Crystal SerpentK.I.D.D. ForceSpirit StaffTezcacoatl's TailStaff of Extreme PrejudiceStaff of EsbenStaff of Unholy SacrificeComet of CalamityForamite Staff
Sprite WandCaduceus of Current CrazinessSt. Abraham's WandCrystal WandConducting WandWand of the FallenSoul's GuidanceWand of the BulwarkSnowblind WandWarlord Wand
MMace MMurdererCrystal SwordAncient Stone SwordPirate King's CutlassDemon BladeSword of the ColossusAcidic SlasherGaseous Glaive
Blade of AgesRay KatanaDoku No KenCelestial BladeVoid BladeFire BladeMoonbeam Blade

Special Themed Set Weapons

Etherite DaggerSymbiotic RipperToxin ToothCarved Golem Remains
Deathless CrossbowNectar CrossfireBergenia Bow Brilliance Bow
Sentient StaffThe PhylacteryEdictum PraetorisStaff of Eruption
Abomination's WrathWand of GebTheurgy Wand
Oryx's GreatswordPixie-Enchanted SwordIndomptableSwashbuckler's Sickle
KazekiriReikokuQuartz Cutter

Limited Availability Weapons