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Steel DaggerShort BowEnergy StaffFire WandShort SwordRusty Katana
[Feed Power: 5]
Tier 0 (Starter Weapons)
DirkReinforced BowFirebrand StaffForce WandBroad SwordKendo Stick
[Feed Power: 7]
Tier 1 Drops:
Bandit Leader
Silver DaggerIron Wood BowMeteor StaffEldritch WandFalchionLine Kutter Katana
[Feed Power: 22]
Tier 4 Drops:
Dwarf King
Deathmage Chest
Dreadstump the Pirate King

Untiered Weapons

Poison Fang DaggerBone DaggerSpirit DaggerDirk of CronusQueen's Stinger Dagger
Leaf BowDoom BowCoral BowThousand Shot
Staff of the Crystal SerpentStaff of EsbenStaff of Extreme Prejudice
Sprite WandSt. Abraham's WandCrystal WandConducting WandWand of the FallenWand of the Bulwark
Crystal SwordPirate King's CutlassAncient Stone SwordDemon Blade
Ray KatanaSullen BladeDoku No KenVoid Blade

Special Theme Set Weapons

Etherite DaggerNectar CrossfireSentient StaffThe PhylacteryWand of GebSword of the Mad GodPixie-Enchanted SwordIndomptable

Limited Weapons