Last updated: Exalt Version (Oct 2022)

Weapons are equipment items that are the primary means of damaging monsters. There are twelve weapon types that are shared between the different character classes, along with weapon subtypes. For each type, there are currently 15 tiers of weapons (T0 - T14), and for each subtype, there are currently 8 tiers of weapons (T7 - T14). There are also numerous untiered and set tiered items.

For a list of attributes given to certain weapons/abilities go to Weapon Attributes.

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Tiered Weapons

Steel Dagger Short Bow Energy Staff Fire Wand Short Sword Rusty Katana
Tier 0 (Starter Weapons)
Feed Power: 4

Dirk Reinforced Bow Firebrand Staff Force Wand Broad Sword Kendo Stick
Tier 1
Feed Power: 5
Drop Locations

Blue Steel Dagger Hardwood-bow Comet Staff Power Wand Saber Plain Katana
Tier 2
Feed Power: 8
Drop Locations

Dusky Rose Dagger Greywood Bow Serpentine Staff Missile Wand Long Sword Thunder Katana
Tier 3
Feed Power: 11
Drop Locations

Silver Dagger Iron Wood Bow Meteor Staff Eldritch Wand Falchion Line Kutter Katana
Tier 4
Feed Power: 17
Drop Locations

Golden Dagger Fire Bow Slayer Staff Hell's Fire Wand Fire Sword Night Edge
Tier 5
Feed Power: 24
Drop Locations

Obsidian Dagger Sharpshooter Bow Avenger Staff Wand of Dark Magic Glass Sword Sky Edge
Tier 6
Feed Power: 35
Drop Locations

Mithril Dagger Redwood Bow Staff of Destruction Wand of Arcane Flame Golden Sword Buster Katana
Royal Blades Hunter's Longbow Spellblade of Decimation Morning Star of Mystic Light Gilded Flail Cloudstrike Tachi
Tier 7
XP Bonus: 1%
Feed Power: 53
Drop Locations

Fire Dagger Golden Bow Staff of Horror Wand of Death Ravenheart Sword Demon Edge
Blazing Blades Gilded Longbow Spellblade of Nightmares Morning Star of Silent Mourning Champion's Flail Devilbane Tachi
Tier 8
XP Bonus: 2%
Feed Power: 75
Drop Locations

Ragetalon Dagger Verdant Bow Staff of Necrotic Arcana Wand of Deep Sorcery Dragonsoul Sword Jewel Eye Katana
Garnet Blades Emerald Longbow Spellblade of Arcane Magic Morning Star of Hidden Secrets Drakerider's Flail Darksteel Tachi
Tier 9
XP Bonus: 3%
Feed Power: 109
Drop Locations

Emeraldshard Dagger Bow of Fey Magic Staff of Diabolic Secrets Wand of Shadow Archon Sword Ichimonji
Verdant Blades Mystic Longbow Spellblade of Corrupt Premonitions Morning Star of the Night Infernal Flail Dragonbone Tachi
Tier 10
XP Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 159
Drop Locations

Agateclaw Dagger Bow of Innocent Blood Staff of Astral Knowledge Wand of Ancient Warning Skysplitter Sword Muramasa
Occult Blades Crimson Longbow Spellblade of Starry Insight Morning Star of Harrowing Memories Mithril Flail Accursed Tachi
Tier 11
XP Bonus: 5%
Feed Power: 233
Drop Locations
Dagger of Foul Malevolence Bow of Covert Havens Staff of the Cosmic Whole Wand of Recompense Sword of Acclaim Masamune
Bloodshed Blades Longbow of the Endless Sky Spellblade of the Sun Morning Star of Repentance Celebrant Flail Skyslash Tachi
Tier 12
XP Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 450
Drop Locations

Dagger of Sinister Deeds Bow of Mystical Energy Staff of the Vital Unity Wand of Evocation Sword of Splendor Sadamune
Moonstone Blades Longbow of the Morning Spirit Spellblade of the Heavens Light Morning Star of Conjuration Divine Flail Sunset Tachi
Tier 13
XP Bonus: 7%
Feed Power: 650
Drop Locations

Dagger of Dire Hatred Bow of Deep Enchantment Staff of the Fundamental Core Wand of Retribution Sword of Majesty Kusanagi
Soulforged Blades Longbow of the Midnight Diamond Spellblade of the Everlasting Death Morning Star of Reckoning Gravelord's Flail Godslayer Tachi
Tier 14
XP Bonus: 8%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power: 950
Drop Locations

Untiered Weapons

Poison Fang Dagger Heartfind Dagger Bone Dagger Mister Mango Spirit Dagger Corruption Cutter Queen's Stinger Dueling Daggers Corrosion Cutter Dirk of Cronus Chain Dagger Avarice Fractal Blades Bramble Bow Cupid's Bow Butter Bow Coral Bow Doom Bow Leaf Bow Thousand Shot B.O.W. Sun's Judgement Blazon Bow Bow of the Void Warmonger
Staff of Adoration Staff of the Crystal Serpent K.I.D.D. Force Spirit Staff Staff of Extreme Prejudice Staff of Esben Tezcacoatl's Tail S.T.A.F.F. Foramite Staff Comet of Calamity Steam Pipe Staff of Unholy Sacrifice Superior Crystallized Worm Spellblade Sprite Wand Wand of Budding Romance Caduceus of Current Craziness St. Abraham's Wand Crystal Wand Wand of the Bulwark Wand of the Fallen Conducting Wand Soul's Guidance Warlord Wand Snowblind Wand Laser Pointer Dusky Catalyst Lumiaire Beekeeper's Flamethrower
Vinesword MMace MMurderer Crystal Sword Arcane Rapier Demon Blade Ancient Stone Sword Pirate King's Cutlass Acidic Slasher Gaseous Glaive Sword of the Colossus Divinity Barnacle Basher Diamond Bladed Katana Blade of Ages Void Blade Doku No Ken Celestial Blade Fire Blade Moonbeam Blade Ray Katana Valor Enforcer Burial Blades

Set Tiered Weapons

Archangel's Judgement Toxin Tooth Etherite Dagger Soulcursed Scythe Carved Golem Remains Symbiotic Ripper Toxic Toad Brilliance Bow Nectar Crossfire Resplendent Bow Bergenia Bow Deathless Crossbow Harmonious Harp Hailstorm Bolt Thrower
The Phylactery Edictum Praetoris Squaroid Staff Staff of Eruption Tideturner Trident Corruption Tether Shaman's Staff Wand of Geb Abomination's Wrath Magic Wand Theurgy Wand C.L.A.W. Earthen Ward
Pixie-Enchanted Sword Fallen One's Blade Oryx's Greatsword Indomptable Swashbuckler's Sickle Dalvar's Battle Axe Jagged Hatchet Fiery Katana Reikoku Saif of the Deep Kazekiri Kiritsukeru Quartz Cutter

Limited Availability Weapons

Toy Knife Sunshine Shiv Prismatic Slasher Dagger of the Terrible Talon An Icicle Dagger of the Hasteful Rabbit Dagger of the Amethyst Prism Frost Lich's Finger Spatula Dagger Dagger of Eternal Chaos Bounty Hunter's Dagger Chicken Leg of Doom Evergreen Dagger Phantasm Dirk Legacy Etherite Dagger Maize Machete Pirate's Sidearms Boomerang Blades Robobow Precisely Calibrated Stringstick Bow of Nightmares Bow of Eternal Frost Clover Bow Icicle Launcher Nail Gun Bow Bow of the Sky's Glory Predator Bow Arctic Bow Bow of the Morning Star Garland Bow Sunny Side Bow Silver Revolvers Bone Bow Heartstruck Bow Warmonger (Rehearsal) Frangible Longbow Harpoon Longbow
KoalaPOW Barely Attuned Magic Thingy Anatis Staff Staff of the Saint Staff of Horrific Knowledge Staff of Yuletide Carols Staff of the Rising Sun Frosty's Walking Stick Screwdriver Staff Staff of Silver Wings Oppressor's Staff Staff of Iceblast Sleigh Bell Staff Legacy Sentient Staff Stygian Torch Supernatural Staff Gravekeeper's Scythe Royal Sekhem Hovering Spellblade Spicy Wand of Spice Lethargic Sentience Rainbow Rod Wand of Ancient Terror Present Dispensing Wand Wand of Egg-cellence Winter's Breath Wand Frozen Wand Measuring Wand Wand of the Summoned One Tyrant's Wand Eternal Snowflake Wand Brass Chamberstick Holy Artifact Tormented Shriek Dusky Catalyst (Rehearsal) Obsidian Macuahuitl Acidic Aspergillum
Doctor Swordsworth Unstable Anomaly Skull-splitter Sword Frostbite Sword of the Rainbow's End Enchanted Ice Blade Saint Nicolas' Blade Silex's Hammer Hammer Sword Sword of the Unending Chaos Henchman's Claymore Sword of Illumination Cheerful Chipper Apocalypse Feather Keychain Cutlass Sword of the Mad God Legacy Pixie-Enchanted Sword Hellfire Broadsword Savage Claws Eternal Graved Great Sword Gilded Chain Scythe Seismic Flail Arbiter's Wrath Useless Katana Corrupted Cleaver Salju Katana of Good Fortune Yuki Krathana Sawblade Katana Skybound Blade Blade of the Assailant Candy Katana Valor (Rehearsal) Ritual Khopesh Hookblade Tachi