Fame128495 (650th)
Exp256439436 (650th)
Most active onUSWest3 (169th)
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The most recent deaths from the past two weeks.

NameDied onBFTFEquipmentStatsKilled by
PaperWings2022-01-15T22:40:01Z7002151408/8Oryx the Mad God 3
Zichron2022-01-15T02:13:41Z209253882/8O3B Boss
PaperWings2022-01-14T22:58:21Z18919348/8Oryx the Mad God 3
PaperWings2022-01-14T22:13:15Z228260408/8O2 Bullet Split
PaperWings2022-01-11T05:17:02Z61728558/8shtrs Blobomb
PaperWings2022-01-11T02:19:11Z8207163158/8LH Crusade Soldier
PaperWings2022-01-10T16:34:24Z4889118228/8LH Marble Defender
PaperWings2022-01-10T16:06:59Z81327218/8shtrs Twilight Archmage
PaperWings2022-01-09T22:52:16Z19332399158/8Crystal Wall